Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


10. The honeymoon part 2

I woke up, turned around to see if jaden was still here but he wasn't so I just got up and put on some panties bra pj short shorts and a tee I walked downstairs and got some food than I say a note on the fridge saying 

"I knew you would come to get food right away so I put the note here, but I'm sorry I wasn't there when you woke up I went into town to get food and more stuff well need, I'm be back soon than we can go do something fun, good morning and I love you Ms. Smith(:❤" love ja 

I put the note down and started to cook pancakes eggs and bacon, while eating that I was drinking a hole gallon of juice and eating jelepenios. I finally got down cooking after 10-15 minutes and than made a plate for me and jaden and started to eat it all within a minute.(what is wrong with me?)  jaden came in with lots of bags filled with food and I could smell all the chocolate he got me."hey babygirl, how is your morning" he asked kissing my head "good ja it's good" I said with a little bit of lieng in my voice "what's wrong?" He asked "nothing what do you mean" "i know when your lieng" he said with a smirk looking cute. 

But than as soon as he pulled out all the food from every bag and put it away I say him take out some Talkis and so I grabbed them out his hand and started to eat them in lest than 5 minutes they were all gone "wow someone was hungry, but didn't you just eat breakfast tho" he asked worriedly "yea I did just eat but I'm still hungry tho" "why are you so hungry babe" he said cuddling with me and hugging me tight I suddenly felt something come up so I ran to the bathroom and I started to puke in the toliet. "Babe are you okay" he said coming up to me and grabbing my hair and rubbing my back "yea I'm fine I think it was just eating to much or to fast or something" I said and laughed a little "okay well what do you want to do today?" "Um go swimming?" "Of course babe did you lack our swimsuits" "yea there in the bags" "okay imma go get ready" "okay ja love you" "I love you too" he said this kissed me on the cheek and than left. I suddenly felt something in my stomach and than I felt pain so I went to my emerjacny stuff and grabbed through everything than found a pregnancy test I took it out read it than tried it than I went to wit ti I had to get ready to go swimming. (Ill cheek it later)

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