Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


15. the ex girlfriend again

I woke up took a shower got on one of my baggy shirts because my stomach is getting bigger now than I put on some jeans than went downstairs to see jaden already almost done with breakfast "good morning beautiful" he said to me with a big smirk on his face "good morning handsome"

I went over to the cabinet to get me and jaden plates for breakfast I set tem down at the table after putting them at the table I got cups and put juice in them that brought the cups to the table where the plates were filled with food an jaden was standing next to my chair ready to set me down. I walked over to him an sat down than he pushed my chair in a little bit than he kissed my forehead than I my lips than went over next to me in his chair an we eat our breakfast.

*ding dong*

Who is that?

An why are they here?

Jaden got up an headed for the door as I grabbed all the plates an cups and put them in the kitchen sink. When I was done cleaning I went over to were jaden was an when I got over to the front door I saw... HER... Jadens ex girlfriend. What the fuck is she doing here? How does she know that were here? I walked over to jaden who was just standing there an I grabbed his hand than held onto my baby bump "hey honey who is this" she looked at me with her piercing blue eyes with a look on her face of jealousy than looked at my baby bump an back at jaden. "This is my ex girlfriend.. what are you doing here an how did you even know I was here" She was a little taller than me an had blue eyes blonde hair with brown high lights in them an she was super skinny like those models, she looked up at jaden "I am here because I heard that you got a new girlfriend an I came to apologize an ask for you back an I found out that you were here by my friend that knows another friend that knows another friend that knows Selena so yeah"

How could she be doing this like what the she sees me with a baby bump this bitch. "Oh so nice to meet you I'm jadens wife an mother of his child my name is taj" I said with me and my mothers signature smile an held out my hand with the ring on it for her to sake she looked at me with evil an sad eyes than took my hand an shook it "nice to meet you too taj.... Well I'm sorry to have bothered you both I hope you two are very happy together" than she left an I shut the door and locked it. I went to walk into the living room to watch some scary movies(when I'm really angry I always watch a couple scary movies than I feel better it's better than me getting mad an taking it out on people anyway because if I take it out on people a lot of them would be died) but jaden caught my arm before I was fully in the living room I looked at him an that's when the fight started. "What was that taj" what the hell is his problem "what are you talking about" "you didn't have to be so mean to her taj" you have got to be kidding me "are you serous she saw me next to you holding you hand an saw my baby bump I mean are you kidding me an on top of that she was trying to get you back while I was right there" "still you didn't have to be that rude" "well what were you going to do about it all because as I recall you were quit pretty much the hole time just staring at her, I have a right to say those things to her. Last time I checked I am not your girlfriend anymore I am your wife an I am carrying our baby" "I was going to tell her that an you still didn't have to be that mean to her I mean she has gone through a lot of trouble already" what the does he want her back "well than if you think I was so mean why don't you go after her an be with her an marry her an get her pregnant than an just leave me to be alone with a baby" I was done now I don't want anything to do with him right now forget scary movies I went upstairs an packed a bunch of clothes an other stuff in a suit case and doufle bag put some slip on shoes grabbed my purse keys phone than grabbed my suit case an doufle bag an went downstairs out the front door an put all my stuff in the backseat put my phone an purse in the passenger seat than I was about to get into the car an leave jaden came running out "taj please don't leave I didn't mean all of those things I was bieng stupid I don't know why I said all that please stay we can fix this" "look jaden we obviously need time apart. An you obviously still have something for her I saw the way looked at her you looked hurt an something else but I don't know what it was an you were defending her too so I'm just going to leave you alone for a while so you can figure out what you want" "I already know what I want I want you it's always been you an always will be you" I got I to the car put the key in and started it than drove off I turned up the music so I couldn't hear my phone go off an Justin's new song 'roller coaster' came on so I turned it up more an started dance an sing a bit. By the time it was over I had made it to none other than jen an Justin's house I got out the car got my suit case doufle bag and purse with my phone and keys walked over to the door an jen answered when she saw me with all the bags she grabbed them faster than she can hug someone an told me to come inside while carrying the bags and putting them in the living room she went and closed the door than came back "what are you doing here and what's all the bags for" that's when I started to cry a little an she came over to me and gave me one of her famous hugs "what happened, what's wrong" she said to me I got out the hug an took a seat on the couch an wiped my tears away she took a seat next to me an handed me some tissues "me an jaden are taking a break his ex found out where we live and that he had a new girlfriend by Selena an her friends an came by begging for him to back to her an that's when I started to be the bitch that I am an say all this stuff about how I'm his wife and mother of his child an show of my ring an stuff an when she left he got mad at me and we fought than I told him I need a break because he looked at her with so much hurt and something else an was defending her so much than he started his normal I'm sort let's work this out thing so I got into the car with some of my stuff than I came here" I looked an Jen an she has so much anger in her eyes "well he's an asshole an he doesn't deserve you how could he do that to you not only are you his wife but you are having his child what is wrong with him yes I admit I though you to wee perfect for each other and would always be together an a part of me still thinks that but he has messed up on that an he needs to be in the dog house for a while again" "wow who needs to be in the dog house again" me and jen looked over to the other side of the living room to see justin "jaden needs to be in the dog house again that's who" "wow jen calm down okay if anyone should me boiling right now it should be me" "now is should taj you are pregnant you can't have stress at all" "well atleast calm down a little bit" she took a couple deep breathes an looked calm "okay I'm good now" jaden came an sat in the chair across from us "what did jaden do this time". When jen was done telling Justin what happened to me and jaden he looked just as mad but also confused he got up an went to grab his keys than headed to the door "I'll be back I'm going to go talk to jaden, you two girls do whatever you want I'll be back soon" than he left.

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