Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


13. The big news

Last night was interesting all the fighting and everything but it got better when Selina came over. I mean I don't really like Selina very much she seems kinda rude but justin kinda likes her but he says nomatter how hurt he is he's not dating for a long time wich is good cause I don't want my bestfriend hurt agian. But even tho everything was bad with Jen I still went to go see her today in secret I mean is us like my sister she has been my bestfriend since 7th grade. I am going to meet her at my and her old tree house in the park me and her had called that ours since 7th grade and since than no one has touched it but us two. I got up off the couch ran upstairs took a shower and than got on some galaxy jeans and my old black veil brides shirt that my cuzin gave me on and than put my hair in a pony and put on lip gloss and mascara and eyeliner on than grabbed my keys and phone and left. When I got there jen was already there in the tree house so I climbed up and she turned around came over to me with puffy eyes and gave me a big hug. 

Jen: omg thank you so much for coming taj I thought you weren't going to come for what I did or because jaden or justin caught you or found out something. 

Taj: no it's fine they don't know and they didn't care where I was going, and I would of course come nomatter how wrong you are of doing something I'm still here your my bestfriend/sister 

jen: oh thank you. But what happened last night after all that how is he and everyone else?

taj: um me jaden and justin are fine we had watched movies and played games all night and Selina was there for some reason. 

Jen: Selina was there? Why? 

Taj: idk jaden wants justin to move on and not be hurt anymore or something but justin told me nomatter how many people come into his life he's not moving on. I think it's because he's still not over you and than when I went in his room he had nothin but pictures or you and him and than I found a ring next to one of the pictures, I think he was going to ask you the big question. 

Jen: omg I feel so stupid for what I did do you think you can take me to him so I can talk to him he won't answer my texts or calls. Pleasetaj can you please take me to him before its to late.

taj: I can't takeyou to him right now but maybe we can make it look like an accident today I am going to the doctor so I cansee about the baby how about you come while me jaden and justin are there and than come in and than say mom called and told you to come cause mom won'tbe there cause mom dad and the boys and na are out camping so just saymom wanted you to come and send pictures and stuff that way you have a way to talk to justin while he'sthere with me and jaden. 

Jen: okay thanks so much taj 

taj: your welcome well I gotta go ill see you at the doctor 

jen: bye taj see you tthere's 

i climbed down went to the car drove and got some coffee for jaden and justin an I got a juice than I drove off and went home. When I got home I unlocked the door came in took my shoes off went into the kitchen put the coffee down and than started making breakfast for everyone. While I was making the bacon someone wrapped there arms around me "morning beautiful" the voice said and than I relized it was jaden "morning ja" "where were you this morning baby " "oh I went to go get coffe and than I had some more places to go" "what places baby" "oh just to my moms house cause she wanted me to find some paperwork for her and than water her plantsand stuff" "baby you know your a bad lier you know that right" "I wasn't lieng" I gulped down the lump in my throught "baby jut tell me please" "okay but don't tell justin, I was with Jen at the tree house she wanted to talk to me and than she asked me about everyone and everything and than she started to say sorry for what she did and if she could take it back she would and how she wants to talk to justin and if he still doesn't want anything to do with her she will leave just ease dont get mad baby""I'm not mad at you baby I'd never be mad at you for talking to your sister I'd do the same thin if it was me an justin" "okay babe, but she wants to come with us all to see the baby tho, I mean she is it's godmother" "Kay baby lets just hope nothing bad happens there"  

After everyone eat breakfast jaden and justin went upstairs and got ready, jaden was wearing his black baggy jeans(not too baggy) and his red and black v-tank top and his jersey with the js on it for his name. And justin was wearing really baggy pants a white tank top and his red hoody and his red beanie hat we all grabbed our phone and than jaden grabbed his keys and we all took his car. We drove off to the doctor when we got there we got into the room and than the doctor came in and behind was Jen justin looked kinda mad but happy and sad and everything else jaden told him it was okay and she is only here for taj and than to talk to you if you want to talk than the doctor out some cold liquid on my stomach and than the thing to see and hear the baby. 

Doctor: well here is the head and over hereare the feet and than right there is the arms it see the baby is 3-4 months old in there. 

Jaden: is it a boy or girl? And is he or she healthy is there anything wrong will anything hadhappen? 

Doctor: the baby is a girl and yes she is very healthy very very healthy so just keep doing what your doing and no nothing bad will happen as long as you keep doing what your doing. So there were done everything is perfect ill email the next time to come Kay so bye you can leave whenever. 

Justin: okay thanks so much

Jen: so what's going on with all of you later if its okay with me asking 

jaden: it's fine and were all going to go to the amusement park. 


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