Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


14. The big news part 2

Jaden: it's fine and we were going to the amusement park. 

Jen: oh cool okay. Well I hope you guys have fun bye taj, hopefully see you later. Than she gave me a big hug 

taj: bye Jen I hope you'll be ookay 

justin: Jen can I talk to you ooutside 

jen: sure justin. Than justin and Jen walked out the room, an me and jaden were just sitting ducks waiting to see what happens. 


--------- Justin's prove------- 

Me and Jen walked out the door and into the hallway and than I looked her in the eyes and hugged her. 

Jen: what was the hug for?

justin: I've missed you 

jen: but what I did was so wrong I thought you'd hate me forever 

justin: I was mad at you and I still am but I also miss you and still love you. And when Selina was there it just proved me that I missed you and loved you even more. I can't live without you Jen it kills me to not be with you. 

Jen: justin you shouldn't be the one doing this I should I was the one that did wrong I was the one that cheated I'm the sorry one and relize I can't live without you an I wish I could take everything back to where this never happened. I am the one that is sorry and can't live without you. 

After she said all that she looked up at me with tears in her eyes I wrapped her up in my arms and told her everything is and will be okay. I told her everything that has happened we can act like it never did happen and go on with life. I mean nobody knows anyway but me jen and jaden, I than took Jen by the hand and me and her walked in the room taj and jaden were in waiting for us to come back and see what happened. 

Taj: so you two are back and forgetting everything that has happened in the past that's great. Taj said jumping up and smiling with her big smile she always has. 

Jen: wow you nosy sneaky girl

ta: I'm not nosy yes I can be sneaky but I am not nosy I just have very good ears eyes and a great nose. 

Justin: god sis your like a dog. I said laughing at her 

jaden: okay okay she is not a dog she's beautiful. Now let's go to the amusement park. 

Jen and I got in her car and jaden and taj got in his and we all drove to the amusement park. When we got there it was huge about 100 yards it took up a hole area of roads it was huge and had lots of people and rides and food and everything. Jaden and taj went to go on the fares wheel and me and Jen went on the rollercouster when me and Jen got on it started going up and when we finally got to the top Jen grabbed my hand tight and I did the same than we started going down and around and around and up a d upside down an everything else than me and Jen finally got off but when we did fans say us and came running asking for photos and autographs and asking were taj is than taj came over and they asked taj for the same thing and asking for pictures with and of me and taj, me and taj started doing what the fans wanted and we told them how we will be starting tour soon and they got even more happy. Than when me as taj were done me taj Jen an jaden all went to go eat when we say a dance floor an a Dj with music and everything so we all started dancing with fans an eachother and it was fun. 


-------Jen prove------

it was fun but also irritating cause nothing but fans were asking alot of stuff from taj and justin and it mad me mad, but at the same time it's the life I chose too so I gotta act happy when taj and justin were done doing stuff for fans than we all went to eat till I showed them the danc floor with the Dj and everything and we went there instead. Me justin taj and jaden were all dancing together having fun till fans came up agian taking justin away from me and dancing with him than two of them tried to make a sandwich with him than I went to the Dj and told him to play a slow song and he did than I went over to justin and started to slow dance with him and all the fans awwwehed at me and justin and talked about how cute me and him are together. And than after the song me justin taj an jaden went to go eat taj got a pretzel and cheese jaden got nachos and a slushie for him and taj to share and than me and justin got cottoncandy to share and a soda. We all sat down and eat our food and drink our drinks and than go on with having fun. 

-------taj prove------

me and jaden went on the fares wheel and it was amazing I got a little scared tho cause my fear of heights but jaden held on to me tight and sang into my ear to calm me down it was so sweet and we say the hole park from up on the fares wheel than when we got off we meet up with Jen and justin but. Than fans say me and ran over to me and jaden asking me for pictures with them and justin and than asking for autographs so me and justin did than they finally left( I mean I love my fans but I also like my space) than went to go eat but Jen had to point out the dance floor so we went the fans came agian but they didn't come near me just justin I think it's because they wanted to dance with him so me and jaden were in the corner dancing together than when the slow so g Jen asked for came on me and jaden slow danced than after that we finally eat. When we were done eating a stared to go our separate ways and go have fun and we told eachother to meet in that spot when we were done here. Jen and justin went there way and me and jaden went our way. 

Jadens phone rang and he told me to stay put than picked up the phone and walked away a little than these young 15-16 year old boys can over to me and I tried to a t as if they didn't excised

young boy: hey baby why don't you come hang with me tonight 

me: yea no I'm taken sorry. And than I showed them my ring on my hand 

other young boy: well he don't have to find out just come with us than he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me closer to him but I pulled away and made him let go my arm 

me: eww no your 15-16 years old I'm 22 I'm to old for you not interested in you never will be and I'm taken. Now please leave me alone 

jaden: hey punk back off my girl as jaden came up behind me grabbing me by the waist making me jump a little. 

Young boy: fine later babe 

jaden: she's not your babe no fuck off little punk before I beat the fuck out of you 

taj: ja calm down were at a park there's family's and our baby in here. As I touched my stomach while touching his arm to make him calm down. 

Other young boy: wow dude look at that ass she has it awesome 

taj: wow look here you little- Than jaden came around me and punched him in the face

 Jaden: shut up and leave her an me alone and go back home. 

Just than jaden took me in his arms as we walked to other stuff around. Than he say a shooting game he played it and one than he asked me what I wanted I pointed up to a big huge blue dog jaden got it for me and than we left. After lots and lots of games me and jaden went to meet justin and Jen when someone called my name. 

Voice: hey taj is that you 

I turned around with jaden and than we say who it was jaden doesn't know who it is but I do it's my old bestfriend Taylor. 

Taylor: hey taj I haven't talked to you or seen you since you left to go back to tour last 6 moths ago. 

Taj: oh hey Taylor yea it's been a long time I've missed ya too( I lied) but umm Taylor have you meet my husband jaden I told you alot about jaden remember. 

Taylor: yea I remember you would never shut up about him, hey man how's it goes, I hope you being gold to my little sister here. He sai laughing 

jaden: I have she is very special to me. I would never let anyone or anything hurt her. As jaden kissed my head while he put his hand around my waist. 

Taylor: cool well just wanted to say hi, but taj text me soon I really wanna catch up with you agian, it's been a long time. 

Taj: i will will I can bye Tay

taylor: bye tajie than he left to go with some friends. 

Me and jaden kept walking meet up with Jen and justin an than went home when we got home we got into pjs than watched movies all night.  

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