Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


7. The big day

I woke up this morning with a huge head ache from everything that happened last night, I slowly got up and went into the bathroom got into the shower got clothes on did my makeup did my hair than went downstairs to see if there was anything to eat I ended up eating cereal an than I got my phone out and I had nothing but missed calls and texts 

mom(20 missed texts&calls)

jen(10 miser texts&cas)

jada(5missed texts&calls)

i looked at them all than I finished my cereal went upstairs and I went to wake up jaden but he was still asleep an I didn't want to wake him and be mean so I just laid on the bed next to him but than as I started to get closer and cuddle he woke up he slowly opened his eyes and with his sexy morning voice he said"good morning beautiful" with a smile "good morning handsome" I said with a little laugh and a smile. "Hey we have to get back soon mom Jen and mom have called and texted me a thousand times already, there like really worried" "okay let's go before they do something worse" he said with a slight chuckle as he got up and went to the bathroom took a shower than got ready than came out wearing black skinny jeans that we had baggy a little and his black v-tank, I went didn't take one cause I took one yesterday so I just put on jadens blue shirt and my blue and white short shorts and my blue vans on did my hair in a kinda messy bun be put lipgloss mascara an eye-liner on than I grabbed my phone than me and jaden got out the house locked it up got in his car the headed back home where everyone else was. 

-------20 minutes later-------

Me and jaden got back to the house and we and when we got there everyone was worried stickapparently  they all started crowing around an asking question. "God you guy miss us both alot" I said as I giggled "yes of course we did your our family and we love you both to death, and it's the day before the wedding so the bride and groom can't see each other sorry jaden" my moms and friends said as they pulled me into the house and the guys got into the car and left to go to the hotel. 

"Omg are you exited that the big day is tomorrow?" My mom said to me as she was getting the makeup perfume dresses and extra stuff out for tomorrow. "Yes mom I am" I said with a smile as my cuzin/godmother tiff was braiding my hair. "Tomorrow is going to be amazing"Jen said as she did her hair in a French tail than put it I a bun to the side of her head. We all ended up talking and laughing till 10pm than that's when my mom maid us all go to our bedroom and go to sleep for the big day tomorrow. It was now 11:30pm and I couldn't sleep and everyone else was asleep than I got a text, 



hey look out your window I left you a surprise before I left(; 


I looked out my window to find ja standing outside with a Ross in his hand so I ran down there not even carring I was in a tank top and short shorts that were pj-type ones, I ran out and jumped on him wrapping my arms around his neck "omg why are you here aren't the guys and my dad going to find you gone and the girls if they wake up and see us-" I was cut off "it's okay I told justin to cover for me and the girls there fine there asleep aren't they, and remember they don't wake back up once there asleep" he said with a little chuckle and a wink, he put me down rapped his arm around my waist and we kissed, I took the rose out his hand said "thank you so much ja I love you see you tomorrow on our big day" and I kissed him on the cheek "see you down the ail love" he said with a big smirk than left and I went back upstairs got a cup and water for the flower than  got into bed and fell asleep. 


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