Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


5. Just relax

Me and taj cuddled all evening watching tv on the couch. She had her head on my chest as I was lying on the couch and I put my arms around her waist, after watching beavus and butthead  she turned and looked at me and I looked at her, she was so beautiful in her outfit and her hair down and her bangs over her eyes slightly she came closer to my lips our lips inches away as our four-heads touched I came up a little locking my lips with hers as we kissed, it was so passionate than the others because how long it's been since we've gotten time alone, I kept moving my tounge around her jay line asking for entrance when she gave me it so I started to dance my tounge around her mouth as we started to do a full on makeout session. She got up and I followed as she out both legs on each side of me and her arms around my neck I put my arms around her waist and on her bum. After 10 minutes of making out I picked her up as I got up and cared her to our bedroom and shut the door with my foot. I set her down on the bed and I slowly took her pants off. I than started to put my hand down her panties an rub on her clit in circles making her moun (god I loved it when she mouned) I kissed her over and over agian than started to kiss and suck on her sweet spot on her neck than she turned us around so she was on top of me kissing and sucking on my bottom lip and putting her hand down my pants and started to move her hand up and down my now big bulge making me moun she kept going at it till I almost came to it. She pulled away and pulled my pants off throwing them with her clothes on the floor I took my shirt off so I was only in my boxers and taj was in her bra and panties. I turned us both around so I was on top of her I took her bra off while I kissed her an than took off her panties, she took off my boxers and than I started to thrust into her as we both kept moaning and screaming at the top of our lungs she kept moaning my name as I kept thrusting in and out going harder and faster every minute till we both reached out climax than I stopped and fell beside her as we cradled each other and fell asleep. 

-----taj's prove------- 

I woke up put a new clean pair of panties on and jadens v-neck top and went downstairs when I went downstairs  my mom jada((jadens mom))  was downstairs. So I went to go back upstairs and get some pants on but than she say me "hey baby I was hoping when you were going to come down so I could talk to you" "oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were here and I'm sorry nor how I look right now" "it's fine baby trust me it's fine" "okay, we'll what did you want to talk to me about" "oh yes I got this for you it's a neckless for your wedding day" as she handed me the neckless "it's beautiful but I can't have it it's your" "it's fine your my oldest daughter and I want you to have it" "but I couldn't do that it's yours and doesn't willow want it" "it's fine she is having the other one" "okay thank you so much" "your welcome baby, anytime now I better get going will is waiting for me" "okay mom ill see you later" I hugged he and than she left.

i went into the kitchen and started to cook some spaghetti and bread and took some wine out the fridge out it all on the table and than jaden came down in his boxers and sweat pants. "Oh that smells amazing babygirl" "it's for us, since we haven't got much time to spend together till the wedding I wanted today to be special" "thanks babygirl I love you so much" "I love you too ja" we ate the dinner and than we went into the bedroom and watched movies all night and drank wine talking playing and laughing all night. 

--------next day-------

me and jaden woke up got clothes on((I was wearing my blue jeans than went into a shade of white at the bottom and a pink shirt that said "I love jaden" on it, jaden was wearing his black and white basketball shorts and a black v-neck top)) did our hair I did my makeup and than we headed out. We went to the shore with all the stores and food places right next to the beach and watched kids play and have fun and the water hit the shore as me and jaden walked around the beach "it's beautiful" I said looking at the sea "not as beautiful as you babygirl" jaden said putti g his arms around me as we walked. He picked me up and put me on his back giving me a piggyback ride it was fun till I say Ty and his new girl toy come near, I could feel jaden tense up so I kissed him on the cheek and wishpered in his ear to calm down and everything will be okay and I felt him calm down a little he put me down and wrapped his arms around me agian as we sat down on the sand on a little hill in the middle of the stores and the shore. Ty walked past and I hoped he didn't turn around and see me but he did he turned around a looked strate at me, he came up to us and I could feel jaden tense up because how hard he started pull me closer and hold me tight in his arms so I turned me head around to meet jadens eyes an lips than planted a kiss on his lips and told him to calm down again. He calmed down a little than Ty was right there in front of me "hey taj how you and jaden doing?" "We're perfect and were getting married in a couple days so back off" jaden said loud and clear to Ty "oh cool I didn't think you guys would last I thought you would come craling back by now but oh we'll I better get back to my girlfriend" "okay bye Ty, go back to your girl toy, leave us alone forever and she will never go back to you ever" jaden started to get tense while saying all that than stood up and went to do something when I stood up in front of him with my hands on his chest looking at him with eyes telling him it's not worth it. But than Ty smacked my ass and I turned around and he gave me a look and smirked than grabbed my hand and touched my ass agian as I pulled away, than jaden went up to Ty pushed him off me and than punched Ty with full force and anger Ty fell to the ground and than jaden got on top of Ty and started to punch the life out of him than I tried to stop them but jaden kept punching him and yelling at him telling Ty to never talk to me agian and never touch me agian or he'll kill him and saying how I will never like love or be with Ty and that I will always be with jaden and nothing will ever change that, so I than stopped him and he got up when I say Ty his face was filled with blood and brushes, than Ty's girlfriend came running and crying over him trying to help him than she called beach secretary and that's when me and jaden started to run to the car we got into the car and drove off. When we got home we got out and than I stopped him "jaden talk to me what is your problem I'm talking to you talk to me please" as I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the back of the house "I'm fine okay just leave me alone" he yelled at me when said that than pushed his arm off me and walked away "no you need to talk to me cause I don't know what I did, and I'm not leaving you alone or dropping it" I yelled back pulling him back but than his arm went fully back and he ended up back handing my face as I fell down on the grass. It felt so hard and it came so fast It felt so damn painful I started to cry I didn't want to cry I wanted to be strong but the tears just escaped my eyes as I kept crying lying there. "Omg taj I didn't mean to I'm so sorry" jaden said as he tried to help me up but I moved his hand away and got up myself than walked I to the house ran up the stars not paying any attention to my mom stepdad and other family members and friends in the living room, I ran into the bedroom and shut and locked the door behind me as I fell on the bed still crying cause how he had treated me back there I heard a knock on the door and told whoever it was to go away it was my mom so I opened the door and she say me crying and than she hugged me tight "what's wrong baby, tell mamma" my mom said to me as I gulped to talk "jaden got mad for some reason and I tried to talk to him and calm him down but than he hit me" "oh hell no he did not just hit my baby ill cracht his ass, or well have dad do it" I laughed at what she said "it's okay mom ill be fine but can I be alone for a little bit please" "sure baby, call me if you need anything as she walked out I went to shut the door but than jaden put his foot in the middle of the door and the wall and opened the door "what do you want ja" "I want to say how sorry I am for doing that and I will do anything and everything to make it up to you nomatter how long it takes for you to forgive me" as he said that I noticed his eyes were red from crying and that he was sad about what happened "have you been crying ja?" "Yes because I feel stupid and guilty for what I did to you I never should have done that" I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him "it's fine ja you were mad I should have never made you that made and made you do that it's fine I forgive you" "no it's all my fault" "ja it's not your fault I forgive you isn't that enough" I said than pressed his lips to mine

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