Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


11. Ja I'm pregnant

I put in my blue and pink swim suit and my grey jacket that said wild at heart on the back shorts my hair in a messy bun and flip flops and than I went to cheek on the test I left in the bathroom and when I got in there i took it in my hands looking happy but shocked at the same time an than I heard jaden coming so I threw it in the trash and went over to him than I we walked out the door and went to the beach, it was beautiful we were walking by the shore when jaden picked me up over his shoulder and threw me in the water than after that we had water fights and went swimming and other stuff . When it because close to night we got out and sat on the towel I cuddled up to jaden and he put his arm around my waist as we watched the sunset. Later that night I fell asleep in jadens arms and I woke up in the bed.  


-----jadens prove-----

Taj fell asleep in my arms but as I went to pick her up I felt something in her stomach "what the hell" I whispered to myself but than I ignored it and picked her up and went back to the house and than bedroom and than put her under the cover went to get some pjs and change in the bathroom when I went to go throw something in the trash after I used it I saw something sharp sticking out and it was pink so I took it out and it was a pregnancy test and it was positive. I was so happy I was having a baby boy or girl with the love of my life but I was mad she didn't tell me about it, than I started to wonder how long has she been pregnant? Why didn't she tell me? Was it mine l? Or was it someone else's and she didn't tell me? What's going on? Than I out it down in the counter and left to bed and cuddled her in my arms and fell sleep with her. 

I woke up took a shower and got dressed and than went to the living room to watchtv, taj came  over in one of my shirts her skirt and hair down in sexy messy curls going downher shoulders. She sat next to me and wrapped herself in my arms as we watched tv we were Watching a sappy girly movie till I turned it off flipping through the channels and landed on a channel that was playing the movie evil dead. "Ja please turn it off you know I dont this movie it scares me" "yea but I like this movie tho and it gives me an excuse to have you in my arms even more" we finished the movie and than we went upstairs taj laid on the bed cuddling up to the pillow and I went to get my shoes cause I was going to take a walk, "ja where you going" "taking a walk, you wanna come" "sure ja ill go with you" taj got up we got our shoes on and we headed out to take a walk it was quit at first that the question that was going thro my mind all day came out.

jaden: taj why didn't you tell me you were pregnant? 

Taj: what do you mean? 

Jaden: I know your pregnant I say the test in the trash. Why didn't you tell me? Is it because its not mine? If its not who's is it and how long? 

Taj: I-I didn't tell you yet because I was scared, I was scared you would run away and never come back and I would never see you agian and nether would the baby and it would kill me. And yes it's yours it's always been yours no one else's wtf would you think it's not ours you are the ONLY person I've ever had sex with my hole life, i don't know how long I've been pregnant maybe a couple days or a week no more than that. 

Jaden: I'm sorry baby I didn't mean to, I would never leave you never in my life would I leave you I love you. I want to be here for you and our baby for the rest of my life. And I just thought it wasn't mine for a second cause you were justin on tour for the longest time and you both got so close it freaked me out and scared me, I fought I was going to lose you cause justin. And I am really the ONLY person you've ever had sex with your HOLE life? 

Taj: yes ja your the only one, the one and only. Me and justin never happened we wouldn't even hug for that long let alone have sex so there is nothing to worry about it's your baby ja, and it's okay you were just scared and wonder filled like me it's fine ja I forgive you. 

Jaden: I love you taj. I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tight kissing her head than she lifted her head looking me in my eyes as out faces were only inches away I kissed her lips as she put her arms around me neck hugging me tighter. "I love you too ja" she said after the kiss and she laid her head in my chest and than we let go and started walking agian. 

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