Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


16. hopefully well get better

I drove over to jadens to go talk to him about him an taj an this hole thing about his ex-ex girlfriend I am still really mad at him an her because she hasn't been with him or talking to him since we were all kids an he was still kind of a nobody but now that his life has gotten better she wants to come around an screw everything up for him an he just defends her an screws things up with taj that's not right an I'm tired of seeing her cry and be heart broken all the time he has done this enough to her an I don't like that at all she is like a sister to me an nobody hurts my family not even my bestfriend can. I finally got to jadens an taj's house I parked my car took the keys out put them in my pocket along with my phone I hopped out the car an ran over to the door when I got to the door it was half open a little so I walked in hoping I wouldn't walk into something that will make me kill someone but all i saw was jaden watching music videos an drinking a lot. I walked over to him an took a beer I took a sip than put it back down I took all the empty ones an threw them away when I got back to the living room he was having his 5th one so I grabbed it from him "what is your problem man that's mine" I gave him my angry look an than threw the beer away when I got back again he was... Smoking? When in the hell did he start that? "When did you start smoking" he looked up at me "I started smoking a couple weeks ago I normally do it whenever taj isn't around" "is that why your so fucked up, because of this an because of you taj is back to being sad an heartbroken for the 100th time(over doing it much) an most of them are by you. Do you not see what she goes through for you an all you do is mess things up all the time an take her for granted half the time" he put out his cigaret stood up an just stood there "what man" he looked angry and hurt more hurt but still don't know why "I know I messed things up with taj I always screw things up all the time, but when she showed up I didn't know what to do because well you know my past with her she was my first girlfriend an I thought we was the love of my life but I was wrong an now she is back even though I already have the love of my life an yet for some reason I still feel something for her" "well get over it you and her were done a long ass time ago an you are married to a amazingly beautiful talented woman that has pretty much given up everything for you an she has just as bad a past as you do but even a little bit worse but you wouldn't know that would you. An on top of that she is having your child what the hell is wrong with you and whatever it is get over it an get over these drugs there not making things better at all there making you an asshole" an with that he came running at me but he was to slow so I ended up spinning around putting my hands on his chest holding him up by his shirt against the wall behind me he tried to get down but he is to weak and fucked up to win right now "let go and put me down justin" "no can do bro not until you realize what you have done an how you need to fix it"

After about an hour of fighting he finally broke he cried an screamed broke things ect. , he knows that he has to do something big this time to get things good again an so when he was done freaking out an calmed down an started making a plan than I left to go back to my house. When I got there jen and taj were eating all types of junk food an watching scary movies I took my shoes an jacket off put my keys on the table than took the seat next to taj on the coach an held her in my arms an played with her hair. An yes jen is okay with this she knows that taj is like a little sister to me nothing more than that. All the rest of the day we just eat junk food watched scary movies an played games, I helped taj set up everything in the guest room than when we were done I tucked her into bed turned off the light an than went to my room stripped down to my boxers than hopped into bed with jen.

**tajs prov**

I woke up got dressed had breakfast than headed over to the studio to work on more music, I haven't been singing in so long an I haven't gone on your or done charity work in so long so since I'm 3 months along I decided to go and work a little more because once I hit 5-6 months I can't for a long time. When I got to the studio I greeted everyone an it felt like old times again I got into the room an started to sing my heart out, it had been 2 hours an I still wanted to sing but scooter had to go do some other things so we will be continuing tomorrow around the same time so I grabbed stuff an that left got to my car an right as I was about to start the car my phone buzzed.

To: taj


Hey can we talk please it's important

To: jaden❤️

From: taj

Fine where an when?

To: taj

From: jaden❤️

Tomorrow an at the beach

Why the beach? Why does he need to talk to me there?

To: jaden❤️

From: taj

Okay see you than

To: taj

From: jaden❤️

Kay love you

I put my phone down started my car than drove to jen and Justin's house. When I got there I told them what happened an they told me they were going with me just incase I tried to tell them I will be okay by myself but they wouldn't take no for an answer especially justin he just wouldn't stop an he normally does that when he knows something somebody else doesn't... Being alone on your with him for that long can get you to really know someone ALOT.. Later while jen was cooking dinner I grabbed Justin an took him aside "hey what's going on you are being way overly protective what happened when you were talking to him an don't lie to me" he kept staying quit when I was about to say something again he cracked "okay it's because I saw jaden drinking ALOT an on top of that he been smoking behind all of our backs an I feel like if he's already that messed up that who knows what he will do to you or that baby or jen or me or pretty much anyone so I just want to be there so if something does happen than I can be there to protect you" I was so hurt how could jaden hide something like that from me 1 and 2 why would he be doing that anyway am I really not that good enough for him "well we will be at the beach anyway so lots of people will be able to see what's going on and..." I started to cry again "why is he smoking an hiding it from me? am I really not that good enough for him? did I do something wrong? Is it because I'm fat now an on top of that I'm not rich an totally famous as I used to be? I mean I-" justin pulled me into a big bear hug "you perfect taj you are smart beautiful talented funny kind loving an the best friend/sister anyone can ever have, if people can't see that than they need to get there eyes checked" "thanks justin your the best friend/brother anyone can have" "hey dinner is ready" we let go an walked over to the kitchen an made plats than eat our dinner after that I went upstairs an got on my laptop am went to my twitter and Instagram posting about how I'm making some new good music and stuff than I went onto my YouTube an posted a couple videos of some of parts of the songs for my fans an within seconds my twitter Instagram and YouTube were blowing up with likes comments and retweets and/or reposts. Than after I put on some tv an flipped through the channels till I found the movie 'the lucky one' so I started to watch it but than before I new it the movie ended and 'the best man holiday' came on so I watched that too. By the end of the movie it was 10:30 an I had to wake up an get to the studio at 8:00 tomorrow so I put my alarm on an went to sleep.

**jadens prov**

I couldn't sleep at all last night or the night before after everything justin told me that one day I truly have been a total asshole an I realize that now so tomorrow I'm going to make it up to her in the best way I can. It is 7 in the morning an I am planning something big today for taj so I got up took a shower shaved my face since I've got a little stumble I put on some 'axe' than put on my nicest shoes my best jeans an my dress shirt with a vest an tie on when I was done I got my guitar that I have been learning to play than I headed to the beach. When I got there it was just like how I hoped it would he thousands of people everywhere inside and outside the water I looked at the time on my phone an it was now 10:45 so I called taj but she didn't answer so I called her again an this time she answered


Hey beautiful when can you get here?

Um I'll be there soon I just got out of the studio

Your back in the studio you should he resting taj

I know but I miss making music an the doctor said everything is and will be fine an I can still work for a little bit of I want

Don't get mad! don't screw up again! You can't afford to loose her!

Okay well get here soon please

Okay bye

God how I miss her voice an her smile and her laugh an her hair an her body even if she is pregnant or not she is still beautiful, she is like an angel from above. Wait a minute she is at the studio making music when did she start doing that again an why would she do that what about the baby. No stop that you know she will be okay an as long as you know she is okay the baby is okay too. I have been waiting for 45 minutes an she still wasn't here I was starting to give up hope that she will actually come that's when I saw her standing there, but she wasn't alone jen and Justin were right behind her I don't really have a problem with it considering we are at the beach an in about to sing her favorite song to her in front of everyone here but back to taj she was standing there looking so amazingly beautiful her hair was up in a messy bun an she was wearing her one shirt that I gave her with her leggings an some Jordan's she looked so beautiful an the baby bump made it all even better.

**tajs prov**

I woke up got to the studio got some songs done than went back to get jen and justin an also change into some better clothes I was wearing my black leggings my new Jordan's an a white tank top than I diceded to put on my sweater than jaden gave me a while ago(the one that has sort of the same writing as his sweater does... Aka our matching sweaters) than I went over to the beach an so many people were there it was almost insane I saw jaden staring at me he was sitting on a stool in the middle of the basketball court next to the food court an also next to the beach I walked over to him an that's when he pulled out... A guitar he started playing it an that's when I knew he was singing to me in front of everyone an people must of heard because everyone there started staring an taking out there phones to take pictures or video tape all this. I walked closer to jaden as he was starting to sing when I was 10 inches away from him I knew what song he was playing and singing to me it's my favorite song 'Turning Page by Sleeping at last'

I’ve waited a hundred years

But I’d wait a million more for you

Nothing prepared me for

What the privilege of being yours would do

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch

If I had only seen how you smile when you blush

Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough

Well I would have known

What I was living for all along

What I’ve been living for

Your love is my turning page

Where only the sweetest words remain

Every kiss is a cursive line

Every touch is a redefining phrase

I surrender who I’ve been for who you are

For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart

If I had only felt how it feels to be yours

Well I would have known

What I’ve been living for all along

What I’ve been living for

Though we’re tethered to the story we must tell

When I saw you, well I knew we’d tell it well

With a whisper we will tame the vicious seas

Like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees

When he was done singing i had tears going down my face he put his guitar down he came over to me and whipped my tears away "I'm so sorry I hurt you so many times I know I have been the worst bestfriend/husband/father an I plan on doing better I know you have given up a lot if things for me an I know I mess up a lot but I am going to do better just give me one last chance I love you" "I love you too" an with that I put my hands on his cheeks an pulled him in close an kissed him. He wrapped his arms around my waist an held me so close the baby started to kick so I let go an everyone around us started clapping and awe'ing jen and justin looked happy for us justin came up to us with jen in his arms "I'm happy for you man but if you hurt her again it's not going to end well for you" "justin" "what... Okay okay" we all hung out at the beach for a while eat some food played some games at the Peer than went home when I got home I went onto my computer an went on my twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and all over it was nothing but #'s of me an jaden and the video and pictures of jaden singing to me at the beach "hey beautiful what you looking at" jaden said hopping onto the bed an looked at my computer "can I see babygirl" "sure" than he took my laptop and started looking at everything on all my accounts. It took him so long I didn't even realize he was on one of his account uploading ALL of our couple photos "what are you doing jaden" "adding all of our photos in my Instagram and Twitter an saying romantic sweet things about us an some of them mostly about you" I grabbed my phone an went on all my accounts and there was already 30 photos of me and him together on his twitter and Instagram account an on his comments there was such sweet comments about me and some about both of us an so many fans were saying sweet things about us too I couldn't stop smiling so I started screen shotting all the pictures and doing the same thing he was doing an saying sweet romantic things about him "your taking my idea or being romantic" "well if your going to do that I wanna do it to, I want everyone in the world to know I love you just as much as you love me" "I don't think that's possible babygirl" "what do you mean by that" "I mean is that I love you more than the number of stars in the sky" "well I love you so much that I can't even explain how much" "oh yeah" "yeah an plus I'm having your baby so that is another reason" "our baby beautiful.. Our baby is in there" he said looking down to the baby an putting his hands on my stomach.

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