Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


20. helping a bestfriend

*jens prov*

I'm now 6 an a half months and I can't take the pain anymore. Justin isn't helping very much because he's working almost all the time I mean I'm still doing modeling but for the renaming time that I'm pregnant I'm doing pregnant woman modeling "hey babe I'm home" Justin called out "oh thank god you are home" "yeah sorry work ran late" "yeah I can see that" "so justin I was thinking we could take time off work and go visit taj and jaden at the beach house" "umm yeah I'll talk to scooter about it" "okay" "so how was your day" "umm it was fine" "still having pain" "yes and it's getting worse" "it will be over soon I promise" he said giving me and kiss than walking up stairs "where are you going" "I'm going to take a shower" "well okay than" it's only 8pm so I might as well go do something I grabbed my keys an my phone and drove over to taj's house "oh my god jen I've missed you so much I hate that I haven't seen you or talked to you in so long it's just with Carmello and than-" "no yeah I get it it's fine" "okay well come in what are you doing here" "came to see you and Carmello" "okay so tell me how things are going tell me eveything" I missed her so much. We went into the living room where jaden and Carmello were playing "oh hey jen how are you" jaden said getting up and going me a hug "in doing okay" "that's good". After a while of telling taj EVERYTHING that had been going on an playing with Carmello it was time to leave "well if you need anything at all just come over okay or I'll come over there" "okay thank taj" "no problem" I gave her a hug than headed back home to find an angry justin "why didn't you tell me you were doing modeling still" "because I didn't know it was that big a deal" god he must be drinking again or something who knows. Ever since we got married than he's changed or maybe it's because of something else idk. "Well I want you to stop" "I'll stop doing my job when you stop doing yours" I said than walked up the stairs. I really don't feel like doing this tonight "hey get back here I'm not done" he said grabbed my arm and forcing me to the wall "justin let go of me now" I said in the most nicest way possible but it still came out a little angry "I want you to stop modeling" "no it's what I do and I love doing it I'm not stopping" "than I'll just have to stop for you won't i" "what is your problem ever since we got married you've been a total asshole and I'm tired of it" I got out of his grip and left to the room and shut and locked the door "let me in jen" justin yelled trying to break down the door "no go away" "let me in now" he tried even harder to break down the door. Okay something is really wrong now so I called taj as justin is still trying to break down the door.


Taj I need you now please

Taj is feeding Carmello but What's wrong

Jaden I need you here now justin has listed his mind I locked myself in our room but he's trying to break in

Okay I'll be there as soon as I can

Thank you

I went all the way to the other side of the room and sat in the corner. "Jen open this fucking door now" "no go away" "open the door" I can't deal with all this anymore I love him but in not dealing with it anymore "I want a divorce" than he stopped I didn't hear anything for a long time so I started to get more worried till I heard a knock on the door which made me jump "jen are you in there" I heard taj say than I ran to the door opens it and hugged taj "omg I'm so glad your here" "I'll always be here for you jen your my bestfriend/sister now come on let's go" "what about my stuff" "well get I tomorrow" "wait where am I going to stay" "at my house jaden will get your stuff tomorrow and he'll move all of Carmello's stuff to me and his room" "okay thank you taj" "it's no big deal" on the way to taj and jadens hose I fell asleep.

**tajs prov**

I woke up to feed Carmello after feeding Carmello when I went back to my room jaden was fully dressed "what are you dressed for" "jen called she's in trouble" "what! What kind of trouble" I said throwing on some clothes "justin and her got into a fight than she lost it and now she is locked in a room and he's trying to break in" "omg okay I'll get Carmello in his seat than let's go" I ran and got Carmello than put him in his car seat than we left to get jen. When we got there jaden ran in to check everything out when he came back out he told me how justin isn't there anymore so jaden got back in the car to watch Carmello while I wet to find jen when I got to her bedroom "jen are you in there" than I heard footsteps and before I knew it she was hugging me "omg I'm so glad your here" "I'll always be here for you jen your my bestfriend/sister now come on let's go" I said as I put my arm around her and held her close to me "what about my stuff" "well get It tomorrow" "wait where am I going to stay" "at my house jaden will get your stuff tomorrow and he'll move all of Carmello's stuff to me and his room" "okay thank you taj" "it's no big deal" on the way back to me and jadens house jen fell asleep and Carmello woke up so I went upstairs and feed him and changed him(when I say changed him I mean his diaper) than I put him in the middle of me and jadens bed. "Hey where's jen" "I carried her and out her on the bed in the guest room" "oh yeah I forgot about the guest room I guess we don't need to move around Carmello's stuff" "you were thinking about that" "yeah because I forgot about the guest bedroom" "well know you know" "yup... But Carmello is still sleeping with us" "I'm fine with that" than we both got back to our normal bed attire than we both gentle cuddled Carmello and fell asleep.

**Authors note**

I'm so glad so many people have been reading and liking my book I know it all started really fast and some of the drama don't make sense but I'm trying. An if anyone has anything they think I should add to the story than please comment. Thank you all so much!(:

I'm also very sorry this chapter is short but I am in a bad area so I only get so much time to write right now.

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