Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


2. Getting ready for the day part 2

Tony: well what do you do for a living or for fun?

taj: I am a singer/actress/dancer and for fun I hangout with family and friends, go to the mall or somewhere else fun, or spend time meeting new cool people.

tony: oh cool so you name is taj your 20 a singer/actress/dancer and for fun you like hanging out with family and friends, go to the mall or somewhere else fun, or spend time meeting new cool people, okay anything else I need to know?

taj: not really just the fact I'm trying to figure out who all Is my cuzin and who are just friends of the family

 tony: I'm a friend of your cuzin jr so were friends he said with a bit wide smile as he took my hand agian

 taj: well do you have a girlfriend? 

Tony: no, do you have a boyfriend?

taj: no I have a fiancée tho but can me and you still be friends? I said putting my head down cause I know I would end up getting yelled at or hurting his ffeelings 

tony: of course we can be friends what would make you think I wouldn't want to be friends he said hugging me cause he knew I was kinda upset

 taj: because you seem so nice and sweet and cute and I didn't want to crush you or hurt your feelings because u can't be with me

 tony: it's fine it's totally fine and your cute too he said with a cchuckle

me and tony had been talking hanging out and getting to be close friends for a hour. Jaden was with justin playing basketball an Jen came over to me and tony as we were playing in the grass in the backyard  tackling and tickling each other as the little kids were running and playing around me and him. *cough cough* "am I interrupting anything" Jen said looking down at us I got up as fast as possible and so did tony "Jen this is my friend tony, tony this is Jen my best friend but she is more like my sister" "hi Jen nice to meet you" tony said shaking her hand "nice to meet you too tony" she shook his hand also. 

I ran over to jaden taking the ball out of his hands and than throwing it into the hoop "wow I didn't know you could shoot" tony said run in up too and after him Jen "of course I can I know how to play sports" as I took the ball out jadens hands agian shot another point. "Jaden and justin this is my friend tony" "nice to meet you tony" jaden said with a look of keep off my girl and justin looked at him like stay off my little sister ((see jaden and justin have always been taller and older than me, justin is 23, jaden is 21, I am 20, and Jen is 19)) but after that 20 minutes latter we were all playing ball my team was me and tony and than jadens team was him and justin, Jen didn't want to play she just wanted to sit there keep score of the team and cheer justin on. 

Me and tony had been winning so far and jaden and justin were behind 5 points I ran up to justin and took the ball out his hand agian and made a shoot and got me and tony 1 more point ahead. Me and tony gave each other a high five and than he gave me a hug, jaden came up to me after I walked away from tony I knew jaden a jealous but he had no reason to I didn't like tony like that or love tony I loved jaden for 2-3 years now and nobody could replace jaden. Jaden walked up to me picked me up hugged me and than pressed his lips to mine, after the kiss I got out down I looks at jaden that I told him in his ear that he doesn't need to be jealous of tony cause I don't like or love tony and nobody I mean nobody can compare or replace him than I liked at him again and kissed him on the cheek. Than I went back to playing ball.

After 30-40 minutes of basketball ((me and tony won)) it was time to get friends and family together and tell them me and jaden are engaged, me jaden tony Jen and justin got everyone together and know it was time I took the ring out my pocket and put it on my ring finger and than took jadens hand and our fingers interlocked we both looked at each other and than It was time to tell everyone "the reason I told all of you to come over here so I could tell you something is because" while everyone's eyes was on me I got a big lump in my throat because what I as going to tell everyone I gulped it down than my throat was clear ski could talk "me and jaden are engaged, we have been engaged for 2 weeks and I wanted everyone to know" as some people were happy some people were mad and some people just didn't know wether to be happy or mad. Me and jaden stood there waiting for someone to say something good about all this " congratulations " everyone said some at the same time and some at different times than me and jaden were happy but my mom and stepdad just looked kinda sad and it kinda true my heart out knowing my mom and stepdad are sad or disappointed. Than she and my stepdad came up to us looked at both of us than out of nowhere hugged us both "I'm sooo happy you are both getting married" my mom said to us both and my stepdad just still stayed there with a smile on his face but still had a look of if you hurt my daughter ill kill you which was funny. 


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