Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


4. David's bridal

Worker: hi everyone my name is Kesha how may I help you today?

mom & mom: it's our daughters wedding in a couple days and were here looking for a dress for her

 worker: oh that's amazing we will be sure to make sure you walk out here super happy with the most beautiful dress! 

Mom: that's great isn't it ssweety

 taj: yes mom I said with a smile not notecing what she had said to me cause I had already seen my dresses I was to put on.

i started to grab tons of dresses and try them on than letting everyone see me in them and give me complements good or bad than when it came time it was my last dress it was white and it went all the way down to the floor almost it went in at my waist and it was strapless and at the bottom it was kinda puffy but not too puffy it was just right and it had a long vail at the end of it. It was beautiful. I went to walk out and show all my family and friends when jaden was right there so I hurried back in the dressing room took my phone and texted Jen.



jen I say jaden in the store get him out of here so I can show you all the dress than see if we're buying it. 



 yea we all say him and took him out and that she will be back out later so come in a out 30 mins, so come out already so we can see than we will buy it and than mom will take it and you can go back to jaden and spend time together since we are all done with everything with the wedding and it's in a couple days 



okay but what about my honeymoon stuff, and I'm coming 

i came out waiting to see what they were all going to say. I say all there faces in a "O" shape and there eyes wide and than they all started saying howthat's the dress and how we're getting it and how beautiful it is and how beautiful I look in it. I went back put my regular clothes on than I went out we bought the dress than I headed home. 

I went through the door up to my bedroom and started to pack all my stuff for the honeymoon to get it oh the way when I was done there was about 10-15 bags filled with me and jadens stuff for the honeymoon. So since I was done I just went downstairs put in the tv and relaxed. Jaden came in say me watching tv and ran over to me with a big smile. 


-------- jadens prove------

 I had missed taj so much I mean we were always around each other but I was never able to hold her and cuddle her in my arms for a long time I missed it I went back to the house after a drink or two with justin and the guys. When I walked up to the door I noticed it was unlocked I was so happy I rushed the door open and closed it than ran to the living room when I say her on the couch watching tv I was so happy we were alone and that I could just cuddle her and kiss her and hug her I got so happy I had a huge smile on my face and I felt my cheeks blush, I ran over to her and she stood up I hugged her so tight lifting her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck as my hands were holding her butt trying to keep her up. 

 Jaden: oh finally I get time alone with my babygirl 

 taj: I promised you that you would and I keep my promises 


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