The Twins: Harry and Marcel Styles

What happens when best friends date the opposite of themselves. Nerdy Aubrey Gomez (18) dates the captain of the varsity soccer team, Harry Styles and her best friend captain of the softball team, Aria Montgomery dates the nerdiest boy in school, Marcel Styles. Twins and best friends meant to be?


10. Ouch .

Harry's P.O.V.


“Yea babe?”

“When are we going to arrive? It’s been too long already!”

“Aubrey, we left your house only 10 minutes ago.” I laughed.

“I know but it feels like it’s been forever.”

“We’ll be there soon, do you want some Starbucks or something to keep you awake and hyper?” I laughed and then smiled at myself. “I like happy, hyper Aubrey.”

“Yea, well it’s not possible for Aubrey to be like that for too long. Something always come and ruins it. It’s like walking across the street and BAM! All of a sudden you get hit by a bus.” Her face was serious, staring at the road in front of us.

“And what is the bus this time?”

“Your past.”

“Like you don’t have a past.” I responded.

“We all have a past Harry.”

“Well tell me yours.”

“I will when I figure out yours.”

We had finally arrived at a cabin and I parked outside.

“Who’s cabin is this?” she asked as she got out of the car.

“Mine.” I replied.

“Oh. I didn’t know.” She answered, I nodded. I watched her take her suitcases out of the trunk.

“Do you need help?” I asked.

“No. I am capable of carrying and maintaining myself.” She said as she carried both her bags to the front steps.

“You might need these to get inside.” I shook the keys in front of me. She walked over to me and reached for them. I took the opportunity to pull her close to me.

“If you want them, give me a reason to give them to you.” I grinned, leaning down to her size. She rolled her eyes.

“Give me a reason not to slap you right now.”

“You love me too much.” I whispered, my lips hovering over hers. Her breath was shaky. I make her nervous. I like it. “And I make you nervous.”

“Let go.” She whispered. I shook my head, no. “You don’t make you nervous, I can make you nervous though.” She smiled.

“No you can’t.”


“Okay. What do I get when I win?”

“If you win, we sleep in the same bed. If I win, which I will, you’re sleeping on the couch.”

“Pft, deal. You’re sleeping with me tonight.” I winked.

“Let’s do this inside.” She grinned. I grinned even bigger, grabbed my bags, opened the door and threw them on the floor. Closing the door behind me, I saw Aubrey looking around.

“You like it?” I smiled.

“Yea. It’s gorgeous.” She said looking at me.

“Ehhh. It’s all vintage things in here… but want to see the latest thing I added in here?” I smiled.

“Yes.” She smiled back at me.

“Come with me.” I said, walking up the stairs, she followed.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“We are going to the room I had fixed up for us.”

“Us?” she asked, she stopped walking.

“Yea, there are only two rooms. One’s Marcel’s, he does not like anyone in there.” I responded.

“Oh. Okay.” She replied, she ran up to the spot next to me and grabbed my hand.
“Nervous?” I chuckled.

“Just a bit.” She smiled.

“Ready?” I grinned as we stood in front of two huge wooden doors?”

“I think so.” I squeezed my hand a bit. I opened both door and let her walk in first.


“Yea babe?” I said walking into to room and saw her looking at a picture collage just above the head of the bed. Her back was turned to me. I walked in and stood behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and putting my head on her shoulder also observing the collage. We stood there staring at it for what felt like hours until I finally spoke up.

“Do you like it?” I whispered.

“No. I don’t just like it Harry, I absolutely love it.”

She turned around so now she was facing me; she had a small smile painted on her lips but there were tears in her eyes.

“Babe, don’t cry.” I smiled at her, wiping the tears that were now freely falling from her blue eyes. She let out a slight laugh.

“I shouldn’t be crying but I am. In front of the Harry Styles. The most popular jock in school.” She looked up at me, to see my reaction. I shook my head.

“You’re wrong. That’s not who I am.”

“I know.” She smiled, her blue eyes looking into my green ones.

“Do you?” I asked her.

“I’ve watched you grow up. I’ve been a friend of Marcel and Aria since 1st grade. I just remained a hidden friend. I’m not a social person, never have been. Never will be.”

“He never mentioned you and I would spot those piercing blue eyes in a heartbeat. How did you hide from me for so long?”

“I never followed Marcel and Aria around. I was always that girl that sat at the lunch table alone reading books.” She smiled at me.

“And that’s why I fell in love with you. Since the day I saw you in the stands at my soccer game.” I smiled back at her. She blushed.

“I love you too.” She smiled down at the floor. I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face so she was looking up at me. I smiled at her, taking in her perfect face.

“You know… You’re really beautiful.”

“And you’re very handsome.” She smiled and put her hand in my curls. I finally closed the space between us and kissed her. The kiss was first an innocent kiss but then it turned into more. It became a deeper kiss, I want her. I lifted her from the floor and she instantly wrapped her legs around my waist not breaking our heated kiss. I walked toward the bed and carefully laid her on the bed. We finally broke apart and I was now hovering over her. I stared at her for a couple seconds. She began to giggle.

“Like what you see?” she smiled.

“Yes, very much.” I smiled. “We need to sleep. I’m taking you shopping tomorrow morning for our date tomorrow night.” I was now grinning.

“No. You don’t have to. I have clothes Harry.” She smiled.

“But, I want to. I want to be able to spoil you.” I smiled.

“Fine but only some heels.” She said.

“Nope. A whole outfit and you can’t say no because if you do then that means you don’t love me and that you hate me and then that’ll make me sad and then I’ll go into a depression and then become suicidal. All because you didn’t let me spoil you!” I yelled out in one breath causing her to giggle.

“Fine. Go take a shower Styles.”


I got up and took a pair of boxers and sweats with me. She sat on the bed with her legs crisscross applesauce observing me. I walked over to her and pecked her lips once more before I walked into the restroom. It took me about 15 minutes to shower and get dressed, when I realized I forgot my shirt. I walked towards the door, I heard Aubrey having a conversation with someone on the phone. She had them on speaker.

“If you want her back so bad Marcel, fight for her. Just don’t go after Niall again. He’s a good kid, he didn’t kill her mother. You assumed shit and that’s not good. Niall and his brother tried saving her mother actually and they took the risk of killing the guy that wanted to kill both Aria and her mother but James missed and hit her mother instead. Aria agreed on taking the risk Marcel. Her mother suffered from cancer .” She sort of whispered the last part. My eyes grew wide. She never told us this about her mother. “Listen, I’ll explain everything hen Harry and I get back. Okay? I have to go, the waters not running anymore, he’s probably done and I don’t want to worry him. Remember, fight for what you want. Her. Bye Marcel.”

“I will, I won’t give up that easily Bre. I promise. Bye.”

I walked out of the restroom and towards the bed. She was now staring at the multiple tattoos on my chest and abdomen.

“Who was that?” I asked. She quickly was snapped out of her trans.

“No one, just my Marcel asking where we were and if we’re okay.” She smiled.

“Oh. Okay.” I replied. “Go shower, you can grab a pair of my sweats if you’d like to sleep in them. I’ll go make dinner.”

“I’d rather wear one of your t-shirts.” She responded.

“Bottom drawer.” I said, bluntly.

“Thanks…” she whispered and walked into the restroom. She just lied to me about what they talked about. I went down stair and made some dinner for her, I wasn’t hungry so I just made myself a cup of tea and went up stairs. I sat by the window and looked outside at the trees around us. There were other people living around here but not too close by. Stores were about a twenty-minute drive. I heard the restroom door open and I saw Aubrey come out with my t-shirt on. She looked perfect in it. It fit her like a dress so she wore nothing but the shirt and her undergarments.

“Dinner’s on the table.” I said, looking out the window once again. I saw her looking at me inventively through the window’s reflection.

“You’re not going to eat with me?” she asked. I shook my head, no.

“I’m not hungry.” I replied.

“Oh.” Was all she said. I smiled to myself watching her as she made her way towards the door. I sat there looking out of the window and then decided to check my phone.


10 texts and 12 missed calls…




From: Marcel, To: Harry - (4)


Where are you?!


Answer your phone!


Dude! Answer your fucking phone.


Thanks for letting us know where you are, mom was worried sick.




From: Aria, To: Harry - (1)


Hey, the collage is ready and in your cabin. 

I hope you both like it. 

It took a while to get good shots of you both and then putting it together. 

Let me know how this week goes. (: xx – A




From: Savannah, To: Harry - (4)


Hey babe. ;) xx


Call me. I want another one of out ‘meet ups.’ Hehe xx


Can I make you cum in my mouth again? ;)


Baby, I want your cock in my mouth again. 

I want to be able to feel you cum in my mouth again. 

It felt so good. xx



I texted Marcel and Aria back. Deleting all of Savannah’s messages. I looked at my watch and it was late. Aubrey hadn’t come upstairs yet. I decided to walk downstairs and check up on her. I looked in the kitchen and all that was there was her food hadn’t been touched. I walked into the living room and saw her sleeping on the couch. Her eyes were red and puffy like she had been crying. Did she not want to be near me? I sat next her and she began shifting.

“Leave.” She whispered, still half asleep.

“No. Come upstairs with me.”

“No. Leave. You’ve done enough for me, thank you. I called for a cab to come pick me up tomorrow morning, you need time alone. It’s obvious you can use some time away from people. Away from me.” she was now fully awake but still had her back turned towards me.

“We need time alone. We need time away from everyone and everything. That’s why I brought you with me.”

“I don’t want to be here. I never wanted to be here Harry.” 


“Fine do what you want. After all, I’m not the one keeping shit from you.”

“Keeping shit from you Harry? Are you really going to be the one to go there? Remember when Savannah sucked your-”

“Shut the fuck up Aubrey, you have no idea what happened that day and clearly it’s none of your fucking business!” I yelled. She stepped back with every word I shouted. She was now crying and she ran up stairs, locking herself in the restroom. I ran behind her and tried to get the door opened.

“Aubrey, open the door. Please.” I said, calmly. No answer just sobs.

“Please.” I begged.

Nothing. Not even sobs. I was getting worried now.

“Aubrey, open this fucking door.”



That was it, I began to kick the door and it finally opened. She wasn’t in there. The door that leads to the room was opened. I looked down at the floor and saw drips of blood trailing into my room. Shit. I followed them and began to worry. I looked at the bed and saw her asleep but her wrist was dripping blood and a razor blade from my razor was on the floor next to her. She was still conscious though. I quickly grabbed a small first-aid kit I kept in my bathroom and cleaned up her wounds. To think I caused this by just screaming at her. I wrapped her wrist up; tears were now threatening to spill from my eyes. I observed her for another two hours until she finally was waking up.

“Babe, you’re awake. Don’t ever thin about self-harming again. I love you and I-”

She shook her head, giving me a vacant laugh and staring at me blankly until she finally spoke up.


I'm staying for the week but only because I have no idea where we are.

I have no way of leaving.

Those pictures up there are fake.

We never are that happy.

We always end up like this.

I hate you.”


Ouch. That one hurt the most.




Hello :)

I took me a while, I know. >.<

Btw, the collage I talked about is the picture at the top of this chapter.

It's basically just pictures Aria took of them together

on separate occasions.

She put them together and it became this huge collage that hangs over their bed at the cabin they stay at for a week. :)

This chapter was supposed to be longer but 

my best friend/co-writer told me to make it into parts.

This chapter is 15 word document pages 

and this is only 5 out of 15. 

Next chapter will be added tomorrow. :)

It will be a Marcel/Niall/Aria chapter! :)


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- V.

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