The Twins: Harry and Marcel Styles

What happens when best friends date the opposite of themselves. Nerdy Aubrey Gomez (18) dates the captain of the varsity soccer team, Harry Styles and her best friend captain of the softball team, Aria Montgomery dates the nerdiest boy in school, Marcel Styles. Twins and best friends meant to be?


6. Niall and James Horan .


Okay guys, 

Tbh, I was getting bored of my own story. -.-

So I decided let's plot twist this motha'fucka.

Please, excuse my language, but I seriously thought that so why not let Niall have a brother, a bad boy brother that is.

Then, I had to think who should be his bad boy older brother?

I came up with Colton Haynes because he's so freaking gorgeous and good at fitting a bad boy role. :)

So here you go. 


Marcel’s P.O.V.

Sunday night…

“Babe, c’mon I know you can do this.”

“It’s just so hard, I don’t understand why English is even required to graduate!”

“Well, it is so we need to get you to a 3.0 GPA so you can play and I can go watch you.” I grinned.

“Well, I can’t focus with those distracting, irresistible curls, dimples and eyes.” she smiled and bit her lip. She ran her fingers through me curls and leaned in closer to me. I was just about to press my lips on hers when the doorbell rang.

“Sorry. I need to go answer that.” She frowned.

“It’s fine love, we’ll continue ‘studying’ afterwards.” I winked at her. She giggled, pecking my lips as she got up, I walked behind her and stood by the living room doorway. However, when she opened the door, there was a blonde male standing there, grinning.

“Niall.” She squealed.

“Aria, I’m so glad I was finally able to locate you. I tried calling you but I’m not sure if you ignored my calls and texts or you changed your number. Wow, you changed a lot since we last saw each other, you look stunning. I’ve just missed you so much.” The Irish accent outside of the door spoke, sounding happy to see her. She hugged him tight and smiled.

“It’s cold outside, Ni. Come in and we’ll talk.” I quickly walked back to the living room and pretended to do my Calculus homework. I heard the door shut and suddenly Aria was back in the room with a blonde boy following her. I stood up from where I was and fixed my glasses.

“Hey Marcel, I’m back.” She smiled. I smiled back.

“H-Hi,” I took my hand out, “I’m Marcel, Marcel Styles.”

He gripped my hand in mine with a smile.

“Niall, Niall Horan.” He smiled.

“Where’s your brother, James?”

“Uh… he, um, stayed with my mum.”

“Oh, I hope she’s doing well.” Aria replied with a comforting smile.

“Thanks.” Niall responded.

“Oh, Marcel, this is my ex-boyfriend, Ni. Ni, this is Marcel my current boyfriend.”

“Oh. I-I’m sorry, I-I didn’t know you had a... I guess, I just assumed you’d wait for me. I… um… I honestly don’t even remembering breaking up. I… um… Aria, do you still love me?” He said, stuttering. Hurt was visible in her blue eyes. My jaw tensed as he said the last few words.

“I-I don’t know, Ni. It’s been so long. I think I…” I stood up and cut her off.

“I find it weird that you didn’t say no right off the bat, A. You told me you loved me just four days ago. I hope you tell him you do because it’s obvious you don’t know if you love me. Erm… I-I should get going, I promised Harry I would help him with his math. I’ll see you at school.” I gathered my things before she could say anything.

“Marcel!” she yelled as I nearly ran towards her front door, “Marcel!” she yelled again but I didn’t listen. I slammed the door behind me, walking to my house.


“Hey M, what-“

“Not now Haz, please.” I said, trying to hold in the tears. I ran up to my room and through my books on the floor.

“Marcel, what’s wrong?” Harry’s voice rang through my bedroom and I saw him standing at my door.

“S-she doesn’t know if she loves me.”

“How do you know?”

“Her ex, some Niall kid showed up at her house and he told her that he doesn’t remember breaking up when he left and then he asked her if she still loves him and she said she doesn’t know.”

“M, she didn’t say that she does love him.”

“But, she didn’t deny it Haz. If she really was completely over him then she would’ve said, ‘No, I don’t love you Niall.’ But she said, she doesn’t know. It hurts.”

“The kids name is Niall?” he asked.


“I’ve heard that last name before. I met him this morning when Aubrey and I were at the park, he went up to Bre and asked how Aria was doing but when he mentioned his last name I had already heard it. I’m not sure where though.”

“Yea, it does sound really familiar. He has a brother called James.”

“Oh well, that sounds even more familiar. I guess we’ll just have to live with it until one of us remembers where we’ve heard it.” He said, “Try to get some rest though Marcel, we have school tomorrow.”

I nodded as he walked out of my room. I got off my bed and decided it was time for a shower. I went in the shower and took my time; after I was done I changed into some sweats and a black V-neck. I looked at my phone, I had a text from Aria.


From: Aria, To: Marcel

I don’t understand why you left but I think you made it clear you need some time to yourself, I’ll see you at school Marcel.

- A


I threw my phone at the wall in frustration and I began to think to myself… Horan, James, Horan, James… where have I heard that name before? Then it came to me. I got out of my bed and ran to Harry’s bedroom. He wasn’t there. I found him in the kitchen making something to eat. I sat down in front of him and cleared my throat.


“Harry, when was Aria’s mother murdered and was the murderer ever found?”




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