The Twins: Harry and Marcel Styles

What happens when best friends date the opposite of themselves. Nerdy Aubrey Gomez (18) dates the captain of the varsity soccer team, Harry Styles and her best friend captain of the softball team, Aria Montgomery dates the nerdiest boy in school, Marcel Styles. Twins and best friends meant to be?


4. A Double Date .

Aubrey's P.O.V.

The clock read, 5:30 p.m.. I should start to get ready, I thought to myself. I opened my closet, revealing a lot of random clothes. I took out a white dress and a light grey cardigan. I paired it with some tan boots and some sheer black tights. I laid my outfit out on my bed and went to take a shower, taking 20 mins to shower and 10 to change into the clothes I had chosen for my date. I applied light make-up and started to curl my hair then running my finger through them causing them to become waves. I looked in the mirror and was happy with the result. I looked at the clock on my phone. 6:44. As if on cue, the doorbell rang. I grabbed my phone and bag and walked out of my room.

"Hi Harry, Aubrey will be down in a bit." I heard my mother say.

"Thank you, Mrs. Gomez."

"Please call me Ashley." I finally reached the bottom of the stairs causing them to both look at me. "Aubrey, you look beautiful sweetheart."

"I agree." Harry spoke up. He was wearing a white sweater and a orange beanie with some black jeans.

"Thank you, you don't look bad yourself." I smiled.

"Would you like a glass of water Harry?"

"Thank you but no. We should get going, wouldn't want to keep my brother and his girlfriend waiting." he smiled. "Should we go babe?"

"Yes. Bye mom, I'll be back later."

"Okay sweetheart, have fun. Be safe. Take care of my daughter Harry." she said walking into the kitchen.

"I will." he replied, grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door.

"I like your dress." he said, opening his car door for me.

"Thanks." I smiled back. "So, where are we going?" I asked as he got in the drivers seat.

"We're going bowling with Marcel and A." he grinned, beginning to drive.

"Great." I said sarcastically.

"What, you don't like bowling?" he laughed.

"I just feel bad for Aria and Marcel, they're going to lose pretty badly. Bowling and soccer are the only sports I can beat Aria at." I grinned.

"Bet you can't beat me at soccer." he laughed.

"I bet I can." 

"Okay, tomorrow we're going to play at the park and if I win then you owe me a billion of your kisses." I looked at him.


We reached the bowling alley and saw Aria standing there with Marcel in front of her, his back towards us. She was giggling while he probably told her a dorky joke and played with the curls in her hair.

"He isn't wearing his glasses?" I asked.

"No, I convinced him to wear his contacts and leave his hair in a curly mess, like mine." Harry smiled proudly.

"Wow, you two are identical." I said.

"Yea, but i'm the better looking one." he laughed as we got out of the car. He was soon by my side, grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers together.

"Hey, Aubrey and Harry are here." I heard Aria say to Marcel as we got closer, causing him to turn around.

"Hey guys." he smiled at us.

"Hi." I smiled.

"You look beautiful, Bre." Aria said.

"Thank you, so do you." I smiled. She was wearing a black skirt with black suspender tights under and a wine red knitted sweater tucked into it. Black shoes to match and a tan belt around her waist. Red lipstick prominent on her lips.  

"You two are matching." Aria laughed, pointing out the fact that I was wearing a white dress and Harry was wearing a white sweater.

"Don't act like you and Marcel aren't." I giggled. As we walked into the bowling alley. Marcel wore a sweater nearly the same color as Aria's and black jeans. Some white converse complete his outfit.

"Losing team buys dinner." I smiled.



Harry and I won! Which means Marcel and Aria had to buy dinner but Harry and Marcel insisted that Aria shouldn't pay so they paid instead.

"Where are we going now?" I looked at Harry who was focused on the road.

"Aria's." he looked at me and smiled.

"Oh, the double date continues." I laugh.

"Yes. I asked Aria to set something up that I know you'll love." He placed his hand on my thigh.

"Whatever it is, I know that I will love it." I smiled, putting my hand on top of his. He grinned. We pulled into Aria's drive way and got out of the car. We walked up to the front door and knocked. Aria's dad answered the door.

"Hello, I believe you're Harry." he smiled looking at Harry, shaking his hand, "And of course, Aubrey. I haven't seen you in a while sweetie. Aria and her boyfriend are in the back yard, they're just putting some finally touches out there. You know the way, Aubrey." he smiled.

"Thank you, Mr. Montgomery." Harry replied. We walked through the house and finally reached the back door. I was about to open it but Harry stopped me.

"Close your eyes babe." he grinned.


"Just close them, i'll lead you out there." I closed them but Harry put his hand over my eyes to make sure I wasn't peeking. He lead me a few steps closer and we stopped. I heard Aria giggling.

"Okay, open them." I heard Harry say, removing his hand from my eyes. I stood there in shock.

"This... Wow." I grinned.

"She likes it?" Marcel asked Aria.

"No. She loves it." Aria smiled. I nodded, not finding any words to describe the view in front of me. 

There was two bed cushion like things laying on the floor, enough to seat two people. Candles and dim lights hanging from the tree lit the back yard. A movie projector behind us and a screen in front of us. Popcorn everywhere, in bowls and on some of the small tables.

"Look what I have." Aria waved a movie box in front of me. I looked at the title. It read, Love Actually. 

"No way! I love that movie."

"Me too." Harry smiled.

"Yea, Marcel told me." Aria smiled. She put the movie in and we each sat down, Harry and I on one cushion and Marcel and Aria on the other. He hugged me as I rested my head on his shoulder. The movie started playing, as the previews were playing, I looked up at Harry.

"Does this make up for earlier?" he asked looking at me with unsure eyes.

"No." I replied, his eyes turned from unsure to hurt, "Not until you kiss me." 

I pressed my lips to his and smiled.

"This makes up for it. It's more than I could've asked for." I smiled, pulling away. He smiled and we both looked over at Aria and Marcel who were being the dorkiest couple. She was playing with Marcel's hair as he whispered things against her lips.

"I love you." I heard Marcel say.

"I love you too." she smiled and kissed him.

I smiled at the adorable pair in front of me. My attention went back to Harry who was also looking at them. He smiled and pecked my lips.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Harry."



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