Too Late To Apologize

Harley always said that she would wait until marriage to have sex, but her boyfriend seduced her to. Now she has a child on her own because when she was pregnant, boyfriend Niall Horan left to be in a band not knowing she was pregnant. Harley has to tell her daughter Karey that she doesn't have a dad. Her BFFs Lizzy and Makayla help out by being Karey's aunts, but it's still hard. But when Harley runs into Niall's band mate Harry, will everything change for everyone??


10. We've Waited Three Months

                        Harley's P.O.V.                3 months later...


                                              "It's time," Lizzy opened the door so we could step in front of the double doors that would take us to the beautiful field. Everyone got in their places in front of the doors. Today was the day. The day I would become Mrs. Niall Horan. Liam would take me down the aisle today. Unfortunately when I was 16, my family died in a car crash. Thank God Niall wanted to tell me something so I couldn't go with them. Actually, that was the night before we made Karey. I stood in my gorgeous sapphire and white wedding dress. Arm and arm with Liam. Lizzy, Makayla, and Lou were wearing sapphire bridesmaid dresses and standing in front of the line with Louis and Zayn. Behind them was Niall's 1 year old nephew, Theo. Next were the flower girls Lux and Karey. Both of them were beautiful. Holding their hands was Harry. And then lastly, Liam and I. The doors opened and the first 5 people went down the aisle. Theo grabbed Karey's hand and ended up walking down with her. I giggled to myself. Lux and Harry took their places and then the piano started to play. "That's our cue," Liam whispered. We walked down and I was shaking. I saw the boys' and Lizzy's family sitting in the crowd. Lizzy's family took me in after my family died. I reached Niall and he took my hand. "You look amazing," he whispered. "Not too shabby yourself," I laughed. 

                                                                  30 minutes later...

                                                 It was Niall's turn to read his vows. "It wouldn't come as a surprise to you that I think of my life as a big meal. The first course of my meal was school, friends, singing. And although that was good, I still wasn't full. So as always, I went back for seconds. You and Karey were my seconds. And now I have little Leo waiting to come out. You are so perfect for me and I love every little thing about you. I can't believe I ever let you go. And you guys are just so amazing, that now I'm finally, completely, full," he read. I saw tears in his eyes while they ran down mine. My turn. Okay. Here we go.

                                                   "I'm not really good at these things so I'm just going to read something I wrote about you from just before you left for the X factor: Niall is the best thing that's ever happened to me. He's my prince and I guess I'm his princess. That's what I think. He's the beautiful face I want to wake up to everyday. He makes me laugh and makes me smile. Even when I'm feeling down. I love Niall and I think he's the greatest. We hang out like we're best friends and then you can tell we're so much more. By the way I see him light up when I call his name. I know I fall in love again every time he kisses me. I just wanted to write this down before he has to go. And there's something he doesn't know. He's not just my boyfriend. He's my baby's father too. I plan to tell him tonight when he comes over to tell me something. I hope he takes it well and doesn't leave, cause if he left, I'd be alone. I guess what I'm trying to say with my 16 year old mind, is I love Niall. 'Cause I'm not blind," I felt a tear roll down my cheek onto the old dairy page I had kept all these years. I looked up to see Niall crying.

                                                       We slid our wedding rings on each other's fingers and smiled at one another. "Do you Harley Normand take Niall Horan to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the preacher asked. "I do" "And do you Niall Horan take Harley Normand to be your lawfully wedded wife?" "I do," he smiled. "I now pronounce you Prince and Princess Horan. You may kiss your princess," he allowed. Niall grabbed me and gave me the most passionate kiss of my life. Everyone cheered and Karey ran up and hugged me. I picked her up and all three of us hugged. I know it's cliche, but I feel like the happiest girl in the world.

                                                                  3 hours later...

                                                            Niall picked me up and carried me to the bedroom of our house. Karey was staying with Lizzy and Louis. I giggled as Niall kept kissing me. "I love you Princess Horan," Niall kissed my jawline. "I love you too Prince Horan," I moaned. He unzipped my dress and let it fall...

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