Too Late To Apologize

Harley always said that she would wait until marriage to have sex, but her boyfriend seduced her to. Now she has a child on her own because when she was pregnant, boyfriend Niall Horan left to be in a band not knowing she was pregnant. Harley has to tell her daughter Karey that she doesn't have a dad. Her BFFs Lizzy and Makayla help out by being Karey's aunts, but it's still hard. But when Harley runs into Niall's band mate Harry, will everything change for everyone??


5. Made Public

               Harry's P.O.V.                                     2 weeks later...


                               I can't believe I did that. I tried to kiss my best friend's girl. I'm disgusting. Niall won't talk to me and Harley won't look me in the eye. At least Karey still likes me. She and Lux play around so I get to play with them often. Louis and Zayn have become the boyfriends of Harley's friends Lizzy and Makayla so they get to see her and laugh with her. Liam is like a brother to Harley so he sees her everyday. And then there's me. At home by myself as I lay on my bed depressed out of my mind. I called Harley once more praying that she would pick up. It's been two weeks. C'mon already. "Hello," she answered. "Harley, it's Harry. Listen, it kills me that you guys won't ever talk to me anymore. The other boys hang out with you guys so I've got nobody. Can you please forgive me for what I did. I don't know what came over me. Please just talk to me," I teared up. "Harry, it was wrong what you did and you almost cost me my child's father, but, you're one of my best friends. And it's not like I haven't had a crush on you before. So, I forgive you Harry," she spoke. Oh thank God. Huh. She had a crush on me. Booyah! "Oh my gosh, thank you Harley. I love you, I love you, I love you! You're the best friend ever!" I jumped on my couch and turned on the news. "Okay Harry, well, I'll talk to the boys. Bye," she hung up. "One Direction band member Niall Horan goes to Cheshire and runs into his ex girlfriend Harley Normand! But Niall also finds that Harley has been keeping a secret for a little too long. Karey Normand is the daughter of Harley but what Niall didn't know was that it's also his daughter! Now Harley has taken Niall back after three years of separation and Niall is now in his three year old daughter's life. Harley didn't have the chance to tell Niall about the pregnancy because he left her to be in One Direction. Look at Karey, isn't she precious Chad," a picture popped up on the screen of the three as the lady spoke to her fellow newscaster. "Absolutely a beautiful family," he agreed. I ran my hands through my hair as I thought about how Karey would now be trampled by paparazzi everywhere she goes. Crap. How is Harley taking this right now?....


              Harley's P.O.V.


                                  "Niall!" I threw the remote down, making the batteries fly out. He ran in. "What's wrong princess?" he panicked. I pointed to the TV screen that had Karey, Niall, and I plastered all over. "Damn management," he mumbled. "Oh so you had nothing to do with this," I crossed my arms. I never wanted people to know about Karey and I being with Niall until I knew she was old enough to handle the publicity. Now what do I do? "Princess, I swear on the life of my baby girl I had nothing to do with that. C'mon you know I wouldn't do that," he uncrossed my arms and wrapped his strong arms around my waist pulling me closer. I laid my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his neck. He lifted my chin and planted a kiss to my lips. "I love you," he smiled. "I love you more babe," I walked into the kitchen. I heard a little yawn from behind me and turned around. I saw Karey rub her eyes and walk over to me. She hugged my leg. "Mowning mummy," she hugged. I picked her up and kissed her cheek. "Good morning Kare Bear," I smiled. I still had her in my arms as I reached into the fridge and took out a carrot. "Cawwot!" she cheered. I handed it to her and she tried so hard to break it with her teeth. She managed to get little nibbles in it and then looked at me in defeat. "This cawwot is to hawd!" she put her little hands on her hips. I laughed at her. "Do you wike my pjs mummy?" she stretched out her One Direction one piece. "I love it baby girl," I tickled her. She giggled uncontrollably. I caught Niall leaning against the doorway smiling at us. "What?" I laughed. "You guys are the cutest things ever," he hugged us. He grabbed Karey and stared into my eyes for what felt like an eternity. He picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Hello, Louis. Yeah. Can you and Lizzy watch Karey today? Thanks bye," he hung up. I looked at him. "Why does Louis need to watch Karey?" I asked. "You'll see," he smirked. What the hell is he up to?

                                                                        2 hours later...

                                        Niall had just blindfolded me and walked out of the house. He held my hand as we walked and walked. After a while of endless walking, my feet started to hurt. Karey is with Lizzy and Louis at their now shared flat. "Niall are we there yet?" I groaned. "Just a few more steps," he replied. We walked a little while longer and then he stopped me. I felt him take off my shoes and sand seeped through my toes. He softly planted a kiss upon my lips. "Can I get out of this blindfold?" I pleaded. His hands went behind my head and untied it. It fell to the ground. What I saw was stunning. A blanket was spread along the sand and candles were lined into the shape of a heart beside it. A basket laid upon the blanket with a bottle of wine poking out of it. I gasped as Niall grabbed my hand and led me to the blanket. We sat down. "Why did you do this?" I giggled. "I just love you so much," he kissed me. I saw a flash and looked to see paps behind the bushes. I looked to Niall who ran his hand through his hair in frustration. "Just act like they're not there," he smiled. The only people on the beach were Niall and I. The sun was setting over the horizon so the sky was a pretty pink and orange color. We enjoyed our picnic without being annoyed by the flashing cameras that went on and on.  

                                         All the sudden, I heard a loud bang. I looked up to see beautiful fireworks lighting up the sky. The shapes were hearts and the word love. Then something really strange happened. The most colorful firework spelled out Narley. Our couple name. I snuggled up next to Niall. "Babe look up quick!" he pointed to the sky. I looked up to see a heart that had Harley, Will You Marry Me? written inside. I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. I looked beside me to see Niall on one knee holding a beautiful sapphire engagement ring. "Harley, I have loved you ever since we met four years ago. I will always love you and when you weren't mine, I was miserable missing you. You and Karey are the world to me and I was wondering if you would put me in the world record book all by myself this time for being the happiest man in the world. Can I change your last name to Horan?" he teared up. "Oh my God! Of course I'll marry you Niall!! I love you!!" I cried and jumped in his arms. Cameras flashed like crazy as he picked me up, spun me around, and put the ring on my finger. We shared a passionate kiss and tasted each other's happy tears. I couldn't believe it. I'm now engaged to Niall Horan! The guy that I thought I would never see again is going to be my husband. I can't wait to tell my gorgeous daughter that daddy and mummy will have a wedding. Niall picked me up and kissed me once more. I didn't care if this landed in all the media tomorrow. All I cared about in that moment was the love I had for my new fiance'.

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