Too Late To Apologize

Harley always said that she would wait until marriage to have sex, but her boyfriend seduced her to. Now she has a child on her own because when she was pregnant, boyfriend Niall Horan left to be in a band not knowing she was pregnant. Harley has to tell her daughter Karey that she doesn't have a dad. Her BFFs Lizzy and Makayla help out by being Karey's aunts, but it's still hard. But when Harley runs into Niall's band mate Harry, will everything change for everyone??


2. Do You Deserve It

                Harley's P.O.V.


                               "Hello," he looked at me. "Hey," I couldn't look him in the eyes. He looked at Karey. "Who's that?" he asked. "Karey Normand," I answered. "Hi. I've seen you somewhewe befowe," Karey stepped up to Niall. "Really. Where?" he asked her, getting down on his knees in front of her. "My dweams," she answered. Niall looked at me.  I looked at Karey in surprise. "Who am I?" he messed with her blonde hair and saw her blue eyes. "Daddy," she hugged his neck. She let go of him. He got up and looked me in the eye. "Harley. Harley look at me," he moved my chin forcing me to look him in the eye. "Is that my baby?" he teared up. "My baby too," I swallowed. "Why didn't you tell me?" he hugged me. "I was, but you left me," I pushed him away. "Harley. If I had known, I would've stayed," he looked at Karey. Karey looked at me and saw me with tears in my eyes. "What's wrong mummy?" she hugged my leg. "That's your daddy Kare Bear," I gulped. "Daddy! I knew you'd come back!" she  attacked Niall in a hug. She let go and Niall grabbed my hand. He pulled me close and kissed me passionately. "Harley, please. I've missed you like crazy. That's the real reason I came to Cheshire. I wanted you back with me. Leaving you was the biggest mistake I've ever made. I want to be with you and Karey. I love you. Give me another chance," he pleaded. I always said everyone deserved a second chance. I looked at his beautiful face once more. He looks really sorry. "You can come over. We'll spend some time together. All three of us. If I see that you can be there, we can start all over again," I sighed. "Thank you so much Harley. I love you," he kissed my cheek and picked Karey up. "Can we start now?" he smiled. I smiled back and nodded. He put his arm around me with his free arm. "Not yet," I whispered. Niall looked back at the door to the mall. "Oh God," I heard him mumble. "What?" I asked. "It's the paps," he looked down. Karey looked back and waved at them. Niall put Karey and I against his chest as the paps entered the building. "Just stay with me. Don't say or do anything. Keep your head down,"he whispered to us. "Niall who's the girl!" "Who's the kid!" "Is that your daughter!" the paps all yelled questions. "Niall!Come on!" Paul cleared a path and we ran out of the mall. When we were outside, I realized I was holding on to Niall really tight. "Harley. You're okay now," he laughed. Paul looked at us. "Harley!" he hugged me. "How are you?!" he smiled. "Hey Paul. I'm fine," I laughed. "Paul. This is Karey. My daughter," Niall handed her to Paul. Karey poked him. "Awe you my uncle?" she asked. "You two have a kid!" his eyes widened. Niall nodded and pulled me close to him. He smiled proudly. He might deserve a second chance. I kissed his cheek. He softly planted a kiss on my lips. "Well, I guess I am your uncle Paul," Paul tickled Karey. She giggled. Harry and the rest o the boys appeared from around the corner. "We have to go!" they yelled. "Why?" Paul asked. "Fans," Harry caught his breath. "Okay run to the car!" Paul yelled and handed my daughter to me. I started walking to my car. Niall caught up with me. "I'm going with you," he took Karey and ran to the car.  I saw fans and ran to the car. Niall was in the driver seat so I got in the passenger side. He drove out of the parking lot and drove behind the van that the boys were in. "Daddy said he wuvs mummy!" Karey cheered from the backseat. I looked back at her. "What?" I laughed. "Daddy said he wuvs you mummy," she giggled. I looked at Niall to see him blushing. Aw. "Mummy loves daddy too," I kissed his cheek. "Will you be mine again?" he smiled. Huh. He straightened his teeth. I liked them crooked too though. "Yes Niall. I'll be yours again," I answered. We reached a red light so he grabbed me and kissed me. "Um Niall, it's green," I laughed and he started driving again. "Awe mummy and daddy togewer again?" Karey asked. "Yes baby. Mummy loves daddy. Daddy loves mummy," Niall explained. "Yay!" she threw her hands up. "Yay!" Niall and I yelled.

                         Niall drove behind the boys and Paul all the way to a building so that One Direction could rehearse for their concert in the park tomorrow. We got out of the car and ran in. Karey sat down and I gave her the kitty and hamburger toys. I sat beside her. "Okay sweetie. I'm going to go on the stage right here to practice with the boys. You and Karey can watch. Bye. Love you," he kissed me.


             Harry's P.O.V.


                            I watched as Niall kissed Harley. I hated it. The truth is I'm in love with Harley. Karey is amazing just like her mum. I know I could love Harley more than Niall ever could. I have to have her. And I will. Somehow.

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