Too Late To Apologize

Harley always said that she would wait until marriage to have sex, but her boyfriend seduced her to. Now she has a child on her own because when she was pregnant, boyfriend Niall Horan left to be in a band not knowing she was pregnant. Harley has to tell her daughter Karey that she doesn't have a dad. Her BFFs Lizzy and Makayla help out by being Karey's aunts, but it's still hard. But when Harley runs into Niall's band mate Harry, will everything change for everyone??


3. Daddy Is The Best, Mummy

                  Harley's P.O.V.


                                       I woke up to the sound of something coming from the kitchen. I walked downstairs and saw Niall with Karey, Lizzy, and Makayla eating pizza. "Princess! You're up!" Niall hugged me tight. Man, I missed his hugs every morning. Karey laughed and looked at me. "My daddy is the best mummy!" she cheered. I looked at Niall and kissed his cheek. "I guess he is," I smiled. "Good morning girls," I hugged Lizzy and Makayla. "Morning," they replied with a mouth ful of pizza. "Mummy. Daddy said he is in One Diwection! He knows Wouis!" she gushed. Karey always liked One Direction and Louis was her favorite. She always said Harry was mine. It's just the cutest thing ever. Lizzy likes Louis and Makayla likes Zayn. I guess you could say I had a sweet spot for Harry. "Aunt Lizzy like Louis and Auntie KK like Zayn!" she threw her hands up."Who does mummy like?" Niall smirked. Oh shit. Karey jumped from her chair. "Harwy!" she yelled. Niall looked at me. "Mummy was just mad at daddy," he kissed me. "Aw," the girls laughed. "Shut up," I laughed. "So when is the concert?" Lizzy asked. "Um.. I think about 3:00 pm," Niall answered. I heard a phone ring. "Oh it's your boyfriend, Harry," Niall teased picking up his phone. "Hello. Yes they're in the room. Oh. Okay," he spoke to Harry. He covered the phone. "I gotta take this," he whispered and went into another room. "Mummy I wuv daddy. He's cool," Karey took another piece of pizza. I scooped up the last slice. "I love daddy too," I kissed her little cheek. "So.. what did you and Niall do last night?" Makayla poked my arm. "We went to sleep. I'm not the girl that will have sex as soon as he comes back," I fixed myself some tea. "Mmm I would to Zayn," Makayla explained. "Yeah I'd rock Louis' world," Lizzy fantasized. "My Wouis!" Karey bang her little arms on the table. We all laughed. Niall walked in and looked frustrated. I walked to him and rubbed his chest. "What's the matter babe?" I asked. "Eleanor and Perrie went out last night and cheated on the boys," Lizzy, Makayla, and I gasped. "I didn't wike Eweanor!" Karey shook her head. Niall looked at me confused. "She loves Louis," I explained. "Oh. So Louis has to die today," he slammed his fist into his hand. "I will kill you," Lizzy looked at him with crazy eyes. "No kiwwing my daddy!" Karey stomped. "She's so cute. Um, Harley do Lizzy and Makayla live here?" Niall asked when the girls left the room to watch Sesame Street. "Yeah. They offered to live here when Karey was born. Ya know, to help me out," I answered. "I am so sorry Harley. I love you," he kissed my lips. "It's fine. You're here now," I kissed his jaw.

                                                               3 Hours Later...

                                       We got in the car to go to the park for the concert. The girls were in the back seat while I was in the passenger seat holding Niall's hand as he drove. "Where awe we going mummy?" Karey asked. "We're going to a One Direction concert Kare Bear," I tickled her. "Can I see Wouis?!" she lit up. "Yes. You and Lizzy can see Louis," Niall sighed. "Makayla you can talk to Zayn but be caring. He just got done with a break up. Harley. You can see Harry, but I'm watching," he laughed. I kissed his cheek. "I wuv you daddy," Karey hugged him. "I love you too baby girl but you have sit back in your seat for daddy," Niall stated. She sat down and we drove up to a guarded stage in the middle of the park. We ran into the backstage area. I saw Louis and Zayn on their phones and sitting on a couch. Harry and Liam were eating chips while on their laptops. We entered the room and the boys looked up. "Harley!" Harry shot up and hugged me. "Hey Haz," I laughed. "My mummy used to wike you but my daddy got you beat," Karey told Harry. He bent down to her and tickled her around the room. "Harley!" Liam hugged. "Hey Li," I giggled. "Who are these lovely ladies?" he kissed Lizzy and Makayla's hands. "Lizzy and Makayla," I introduced them. "Is that Harley? Harley Normand?" Louis got up. "Yep," I hugged him. "I was hoping Niall came down here for you," he laughed and looked at Lizzy who was still talking to Liam. Makayla was talking to Harry while he was holding Karey. "Who is that?" he stared her down from head to toe. Oh. Louis' got a thing for Liz. "That's Lizzy Connell. She likes you," I whispered. "She's cute," he blushed. Lizzy looked over and waved at Louis. Louis smiled and waved back. "Go talk to her. She will love you," I promised him. "Okay. Thanks," he walked over to her. I sat by Zayn and patted his back. He looked up. "Harley?!" he was shocked. I nodded and he embraced me in a hug. "Oh my God. We missed you. Niall talked about you every day so that made it harder," he laughed. "Why did you guys miss me?" I asked. "You're fun," he explained. I caught him staring at Makayla. Huh. Set him up with Makayla. Yep. "Zayn, that's Makayla. She really likes you," I caught his attention back. "Really. She's beautiful," he blushed. He walked over and started to talk to her. Harry sat down beside me on the couch while Niall was getting his hair done by Lou. Lux appeared and walked to Karey. "Hewwo. I Lux," she introduced herself. "I Karey. Do you wanna pway?" she asked. Lux nodded and they ran into the next room. "My favorite girl and your favorite girl," Harry laughed. "So Harry, got a new girlfriend?" I asked. He shook his head. "Not really looking for one right now," he stated. "That's good. Focus on the music," I agreed. He nodded. Niall stepped out of the chair and entered the room we were in. He saw me with Harry talking and laughing. He ran to me and kissed me. "Where's Karey? She better not be with Louis," Niall wondered. "She's with Lux. Louis' talking to Lizzy," I stated. "Okay, good," he sighed. "Boys! It's show time!" Paul called. "Okay. C'mon boys," Liam led the boys out on stage. We went into the crowd and watched the boys preform "Summer Love". "Mummy, can me and Wux go to the playground?" Karey asked. "Okay. Let's go," Lizzy and Makayla followed us. Lux and Karey played around while Lizzy, Makayla, Lou, and I sat on the bench and watched them. "Louis asked me out," Lizzy blushed. "No way! Zayn asked me out!" Makayla screamed and they jumped up and down. I giggled. "Uh oh. Harley, what did you do?" Lou asked. "I told the boys you had crushes on them," I laughed.

                          2 hours later we went home and Niall tucked Karey in. I leaned against the doorway. "Daddy, Wux is my best fweind!" she giggled. "That's great baby girl. Goodnight. Mummy and daddy love you very much," he kissed her forehead. "I wuv you too," she said. Niall grabbed my hand and turned out her light. We went into the bedroom and laid down in the bed. I cuddled up to him as we watched TV. "I'm tired. I love you. Goodnight princess," he kissed me. "Goodnight baby. I love you too," I drifted off in his arms.


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