Should I Turn Him Down?

When Lily's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber becomes famous and she finds out he is moving only 40 minutes drive away what is a 17 year to do? After finding mysteriously 'juicy' messages left on her current boy friends phone from random girls and comments on just ins youtube videos saying their together what can she do? Will she be able to get out of her sticky situation before justin finds out about her new boyfriend max? and before max knows about justin?


5. (5) Miss Read Signals

Chapter 5: Miss Read Signals


At first a thought it was a just some weird stranger, but then I did a double take and my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t even try to have a conversation from the window I just ran down stairs. I quickly opened the door and there he was. I saw those beautiful chocolate eyes I once fell in love with and his gorgeous face. It seemed as if I had been staring at him for a few hours but it was just a mere second or two. I quickly snapped out of my day-dream and took a deep breath. I completely forgot about the Youtube comment and that we had once dated and I just gave him the biggest hug. He seemed a bit shocked at first but he soon pulled me in closer. It was like I was a little 5 year old around him. He made me forget everything. I forgot I wasn’t wearing makeup. I forgot that I was in pyjamas I forgot that I had a boyfriend. It was just he and I, I was mesmerized. We let go of each other and a comfortable silence s

ettled around us. “Justin” I finally managed to breathe out. “It’s so great to see you”

He chuckled “Likewise”

“oh, come in, come in” I giggled.

“wow it’s a beautiful place you have here”

I looked around at my house… it was… well it looked like it always did, white walls, a big double stair case with a long corridor leading underneath the stairs to the kitchen and lounge and bathrooms. 

“It’s nothing much”

“Better than my place”

I turn to look at him “You have your own house?”

“Yea, I moved out about 6 months ago”

There was another comfortable silence and he looked around.

“Would you like something to eat or anything?”

“you have never been a good host have you?” he let out a througty chuckle.

I blushed and looked down at my feet.

“can you give me a tour?”

I looked back up at him through my lashes and gave a small nod. I showed him all around. The tennis courts, the pool, the spa, the gym, the kitchen, the home theater, the longe room, the study. I then showed him around upstairs my room, my parents, the two bathrooms and the balcony.



I asked her to show me the house. To be honest I didn’t even really listen to what she was saying I was just watching her. She was beautiful. They way she giggled like a little girl, the way she would brush past my arm and blush they way she made me feel. She finished of the tour after showing me the balcony.

“well that’s about it” she said

I decided to play a little game with her.

“what about those rooms down there?” I pointed to the four spare rooms.

“oh there just spare rooms”

“well you wouldn’t be a good tour guide if you didn’t show me everything now would you?”

she fake pouted and I laughed at her

“but their boring and empty” she groaned

“well I have no choice but to file a complaint with you manager…”

“fine Mr. grumpy bum”

I knew at that point that I had won my little game.

“this is spare room number one” she said as she threw open the door only to close it just a quickly.

“number two” again open and closing the door

“number three” open, close

“number fou… um”

it was my turn to laugh at her.

“what” she turned to face me with a puzzled look

“that’s my stuff”

“what” this time she looked even more puzzled at me

“I am staying with you for the next two months”


“surprise” I shurugged

“that’s … a surprise alright” she looked like she was about to throw up

“woah lily hold up” I grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her to face me, from where she had been.

“ whats wrong, you look as if your about to be sick” I started

“no, I’m fine really”

“lily something is wrong, talk to me… do you not want me to stay?”

“no its got nothing to do with you… it’s…”

“lily what? Your scaring me”

“I have to tell you something.”

“im all ears”

“um… I have a boyfriend. I read you comment on youtube and at first I thought it was me cause… well we dated for a while then but then I convinced myself that you just happened to have another girlfriend named lily but then I wasn’t sure so I called you but you didn’t pick up, then u came to my house and…”

it wasn’t until I shaked her shoulders to stop her rambling that she realized that I was laughing. I didn’t mean to laugh directly into her face. I didn’t even take my hands away from her shoulders.

“why are you laughing?”

“lily, I know you have a boyfriend”

“what…how…I “

“lily I have facebook and every other kind of social media”

“then why did you say that the song was for your girlfriend”

“because it was”

“yes, but we aren’t dating”

“we aren’t, but we did”

“I don’t understand”

“lily I wrote that song for you when we were dating”

“then why did you only post it like a week ago?”

“I’ve been signed into a contract with vevo, when I was at the studio one day I left to go to that bathroom and my manager had looked though my song book and found it… he said that because I worked for them now that I wasn’t allowed to not perform it for them, so I did and they made that video clip and

they mad me post it”

“so you don’t think we are dating?”

“no we said that we would remember the good times we had together but long distant relationships didn’t work…remember?”

“the comment said that it was for my girlfriend lily… at one time in our lives we were dating and it also said I love you so much u mean the world to me… this is true you were my one true love and you will always have a place in my heart, even if we aren’t together”

“thank god”

“come on lets go do something”

“good idea”

we went downstairs and watched some big bang theory episodes.


A/N guys the chappy finished off a little odd, don’t fret the next one will make sense of it.

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