Should I Turn Him Down?

When Lily's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber becomes famous and she finds out he is moving only 40 minutes drive away what is a 17 year to do? After finding mysteriously 'juicy' messages left on her current boy friends phone from random girls and comments on just ins youtube videos saying their together what can she do? Will she be able to get out of her sticky situation before justin finds out about her new boyfriend max? and before max knows about justin?


4. (4) Justin arrives

Chapter 4: Justin arrives

I had to fight off about 25 girls in the airport before I could get my bags. I got into the hire car and drove toward the address Sam had given me (Sam jones is Lily’s dad). I arrived knowing that Rebecca (lily’s mum) would be at the house and that it was 3pm I had two hours before lily would come back from cheer practice after school.

I grabbed my phone realizing that it was still on flight mode. I turned it off and look down as a notification greeted me, lily had called me yesterday morning. I made a note to ask her about that later. I met Rebecca and went to one of their guest rooms. I showered and dressed nicely. I smiled down at my outfit, black skinny jeans, dress shoes, a white fitted shirt and a black leather jacket. I styled my wet hair and grabbed my phone and keys and exited the house. I had 1 hour before she would come home. I made my way to Starbucks and wasted an hour. 5pm rolled around. SHOWTIME.

I exited the café and walked to a nearby florist, bought a dozen roses and walked slowly back to the car, ready for her surprise.



 Cheer practice was great, the girls were really clicking with my routine and I had aced my surprise test today. I smiled as I hoped into my car. I drove straight home. My parents had already told me that they were going out tonight. I wasn’t intending to invite anyone over but mum had acted really weird when she told me about her and dad going out.

“Hey lily dad and I are going to that 5 star restaurant down the block on Monday night” she said quickly

“Ok, I guess ill just stay in and do homework then” I smiled

“Well lily I need you to promise me something”

“Sure mom, what”

“You aren’t going to invite anyone over, especially not max”

“Okkkkkay, mum is there something I should know about Monday”

“Nope” she popped the ‘p’, a clear indication she was lying and quickly exited my room. I was confused but as I said I hadn’t planned anything so I didn’t really care. I dropped my gym bag on the floor and walked up the marble staircase toward my room. I opened the door and went inside. I grabbed another set of silk victoria secret pajamas and a matching cheetah print panties and bra fro the walk-in-closet and went to the bathroom. After my shower I braided my hair, took off my makeup and grabbed my phone.



I pulled up to her house and got out of the car and walked to the front door about too press the door bell.



I was just about to open twitter when I heard a car put up outside. A door closed and I could hear footsteps leading to the front door. I jumped off my bed and walked toward window, conveniently situated facing the driveway. I open the widow; I started to lean forward when the doorbell went off.

“Hello is anyone there?” I started



“Hello is anyone there?” an angelic voice started.

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