Should I Turn Him Down?

When Lily's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber becomes famous and she finds out he is moving only 40 minutes drive away what is a 17 year to do? After finding mysteriously 'juicy' messages left on her current boy friends phone from random girls and comments on just ins youtube videos saying their together what can she do? Will she be able to get out of her sticky situation before justin finds out about her new boyfriend max? and before max knows about justin?


3. (3) Morning routine

Chapter 3: Morning routine


I got up, turned my alarm off and cracked my knuckles it was 4:01 am and I had to get ready for cheer. I grabbed my favourite nike pro’s and my bright pink lulu lemon sports bra. 

I slipped into them and grabbed my outfit for the day a put it in the right hand side of my squad bag. I grabbed a fresh towel and frozen bottle of lemon water (a/n just water with lemon wedges in it for flavor) and my gym shoes. I checked my phone * message from max *: hey babe just woke up should be there in 10

I checked, he sent it 6 minutes ago. I pulled on my shoes put my hair into a high ponytail and brushed my teeth. Got my keys and my wallet and left the house. My parents already knew I would have left and are probably sleeping anyway. I stepped onto the footpath and waited. Max came a few seconds later and I hoped in. He still had bed hair and that hot voice from sleeping. I pulled the seat belt strap down and leaned over giving him a kiss. I was longer then a peck and started to pick up quick. I felt a hand go to my neck as I gripped his hair, he slid his tongue along my bottom lip and I allowed him entrance. We continued for a few minutes before we separated and sat back. “Wow, and for a Monday” he breathed I nodded. I don’t know why but it was a bit of a turn on, because he usually didn’t comment on our make out sessions. I placed my hand on his inner thigh earning a soft grown from him. “Not on a Monday morning Lil” he sighed. We had, had sex in his car before and mine a few times but I wasn’t planning on anything like that, just a little tease. I slowly ran my index finger closer and closer toward his nine inch manhood. “So had you finished your geography essay yet” I spoke. He shifted under my touch. He knew what I was doing and his body responded. “Small talk while you caress my thigh, lily u know u cant tease me like this!” I noticed a tent forming in his shorts from the corner of my eye, it was working. “oh, you want me to stop?” just as I reached his bulge I took my hand away. We stopped at a read light and his grip and the wheel became tighter “ dam u lily” he lent toward me and took his had over my stomach and toward my bra. I grabbed his and  put it back on the wheel. “safe drivers always use two hands” I sung triumphantly. He groaned as we pulled up to the gym. I lent forward this time giving him a peck as slipped my hand into his shorts, wiping of his pre-cum with my finger. I seductivly brought my finger to my lips and tasted him, in fount of him. I then got out and walked to ward the school gymnasium, leaving him with his issue.



(so while this chapter is going this is what lily is doing went to cheer, finished went to max’s to get ready for the day, went to school and went through out the day as usual)


Justin’s POV

I woke up in a new place; rubbing my eyes I realized what was happening. I boarded a flight… ughh I hate flying. I checked my boarding pass, yep 10 minutes before we land. I scooped up my belongings and popped them into my bag. I was flying to California. Yes Cali, where lily lived. I had never been there before but I called her father and he and Miss jones are going to dinner tonight and I am going to surprise lily by visiting. I know I should probably have told her, she doesn’t tend to react well to surprises but its me so I’m sure she will be fine, if not overjoyed. The plane finally landed and I grabbed my backpack and threw it over my shoulder. 

OHHHHHHH Justin is in Cali!!! What do u guys think will happen?????? I

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