Hey There Delilah

Delilah is emo. Louis lost a girlfriend to suicide. When they both sign up for an anonymous help site and meet each other, they become quite close. When Louis gets on The X Factor it becomes harder and harder to keep in contact with her. Until she gets a surprise package in the mail one day...


3. Three: Louis On The TV

"Mom just let me do it. Please."

"No!" my mother exclaimed "I am going to figure out this TiVo thing!"

Since there was no way I could watch Louis X Factor audition live because of the time difference I recorded it and promised Louis me and my mom would watch it as soon as we could.

Mom and I live alone with my half sister. My dad died in the war when I war when I was two, and my older brother Michel was currently serving over seas. I think that's one of the reason I was so depressed before hand. Me and Mike were really close before he joined the army. Were still close just...not as.

A few years ago my mom was a victim of rape. It resulted in her getting pregnant. She's to caring to abort a child, even if it was because of molestation. She had the baby and named her Karla, which means strong. It was sorta her way of saying that she was gonna get through with it. Karla is currently five years old with curly blonde hair and bright green eyes and freckles across the bridge of her nose.

I sat on the couch and sighed as I waited on my mom to give up on understanding modern technology. Though which I was texting with Louis.

Louis: did you watch it yet??????

Delilah: no my impatient LouBear. My moms trying to work the TiVo.

Louis: please take the remote from her with your ninja skills and put it on

Delilah: calm you tits Lou!

Louis: meanie! :p

Delilah: oh go fuck a duck. Mom just figured it out. Off to watch it!

Louis: ok. Is my special little girl watching it?

Delilah: yes :) she says hi

Louis: HI KARLA!!! ok now watch

Delilah: I shall!

I stuck my phone in my pocket and looked at the screen. I took the remote and skipped through everyone until I found Louis. As I watched I smiled widely. He's my boi.

The music began playing and I froze. H-hes singing our song? Out of all the songs in the world...he sings OUR SONG.
"Hey there Delilah whats it like in new your city I'm a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty yes you do time square cant shine as bright as you I swear its true"

I watched as he sang our song. The song that he had sung me to sleep with on Skype countless times, the song that he sang for me whenever I got depressed, whenever I needed to be calmed. I cant even begin to count how many times he sung me that song. He even sang it for me that one time he called me in the middle of class.

He sang our song.

I watched as he got a yes from all the judges. Unsurprisingly of course. He's amazing.

I ran upstairs and went to my room and called Louis.

"Did you watch it?" he asked


"Did you like the song I picked?" he asked

"Yes...Louis...that was amazing..."


Hope you guys enjoyed that chapter! I've been pretty sore lately (my butt legs, neck, back, and side. Oww) and I had to walk a mile in the rain yesterday in gym FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK. But my birthday's tomorrow, WOOPWOOP! And my dad was able to come spend this weekend with me! Yay! But I'll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow.

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