Hey There Delilah

Delilah is emo. Louis lost a girlfriend to suicide. When they both sign up for an anonymous help site and meet each other, they become quite close. When Louis gets on The X Factor it becomes harder and harder to keep in contact with her. Until she gets a surprise package in the mail one day...


1. One: AnonymousHelp.com

"Louis! Come down now dinners ready!" my mom called up to me from downstairs

"Just a minute mum!" I yell back. Only a few more steps...

Its been only three months since my girlfriend Hannah killed herself. It feels like much longer. Looking back now I'm supprised I didnt see the signs sooner that she was battling depression. It hurt alot when I learned about her suicide but I've come to terms with it.

But that first month and a half...no one should have to deal with what I dealed with, the feeling that it was somehow my fault.

So to stop other people from suicide I decided to join an online support group, a site called AnonymousHelp.com. Basically the site assigns you to a person who needs help with hurting themselves and according to the home page its saved aproximently over 700 lives. Thats alot of lives.

So I was signing up. All I had left to do was create a screen name for myself.

'TheTommo' I typed in the section. No one else had the name.

I stood up from my laptop and went down to dinner.


My third time in the hospital for my cuts. Third time.

I need help.

Living in New Your with no friends, only my music to comfort me, it gets a little depressing. My only friend is my dog, Swift. Yes, as in Taylor Swift. My first musical idol.

But thats still depressing. So I cut.

And now I'm back in he hospital.

I. Need. Help.

Thank God the hospital had wifi. I grabbed my laptop and looked for a help site.

While searching I came across a site called AnonymousHelp.com. It looked OK, so I checked it out. After reading for about a half hour I decided to make an account.

Everything was easy, especially the username section. 'DeeOnGuitar' I type. Its my username for just about everything.

After I finish everything I shut my laptop down and close my eyes. I need my rest.


Later that night I was sitting on my bed, humming to myself while I finished up my homework. Senior stuff is hard. After going at it for an hour I just gave up and got online. The computer dinged, telling me that I had an email. I looked on it and saw that the help site had set me up with someone.

Her screen name is DeeOnGuitar and she's in the hospital for the third time for cutting too deep. Like me, she had signed up earlier today.

I messaged her.

TheTommo: Hey.


The impossible has happened. Minecraft got boring! Imagine that.

So I checked my email.

To my suprise I had an email fromt hat site telling me that I had been set up with someone, 'TheTommo'. Weird name but OK. And Tommo had messaged me.

TheTommo: Hey.

I smiled to myself. Well lets see what this Tommo guys all about.

DeeOnGuitar: Hey


So whatdaya Ducklings think? Be honest!

NinjaDuck, OUT!


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