Jennifer has the power to imprint the one who will be her life partner. She is 21 still she hasn't imprinted anyone. Will she imprint anyone? If she does no one knows...... Where her life will take her ahead .....



We boarded on the plane quite early. It was 5 pass 10, I checked my watch. Still 30 minutes for the flight to take off. I was watching the working of the runway and soon felt asleep.

When I woke up. We were flying and the lights were turned off so that the passengers were able to sleep. My head was resting on someone's shoulder. I couldn't see his face was covered by the collar of the jacket which was kept on me !! It was not my jacket .... The passenger sitting besides me might had kept his jacket on me!! It was freezing cold in the plane.

I gently lifted my head from his shoulders and checked out my watch. It was 8:45 ; approx 3 hrs left for the plane to land. The collar was still covering the face of the passenger sitting besides me & a blue coloured cap was hiding his head. 

I moved a little due to which and sound came and he woke up .as he moved one of my things fall down. After picking up my stuff I watched towards the passenger sitting besides me. He was now hiding his face by keeping his head down & covering the upper part of his face under the shadows of his cap. It was so weird  as if he has got something on his face.

"Sorry" I heard a normal manly voice from the mouth of the passenger besides me.
"Oh..... That's fine."I said to him, by looking towards him. Bt he didn't looked back at me.

After that little talk we were silent for about 20 minutes. I broke the silence because it was too annoying. I wanted to talk to someone, even the passenger besides me would do. I am a talkative personality.

"So you are also going to smokey mountains?" I asked him.
"Hmm..... Yes the plane will land over there. Rite?" He taunted to me.
"Ya ....... Well hi I am Jennifer"I told him forwarding my hands towards him.
"Hi..... I am chris."he told me & slightly shakes  my hand for a nano second. He still was not looking towards me. 
"So have you come for a vacation to smokey mountains?" I asked him.
"No I have come here for my business work"he answered me in a rough tone and started reading a magazine.

Gosh this person was so arrogant.... That my mood of talking to him was vanished. I secretly switched on my phone and texted Jane - "GOSH JANE...... SAVE ME FROM THIS HEAVEN SAKES PASSENGER SITTING BESIDES ME !! HE IS SO ANNOYING !!!"

After a few seconds she replied me-" Babydoll, calm down !! Wait the ambulance is coming to save you!!"

"Excuse mam...... If you don't mind can you replace your sit with me" I looked upwards and saw Louise standing besides me. Colours of joys rose in my stomach.

"SURE" I told and get up with a big smile on my face and whispered in his ears"I love you..... For always being the best doctor" he smiled backed at me. I walked towards the seat where Jane was sitting.

"Thanks dear..... For saving me!!! I have never ever seen such an arrogant my life" I hugged her. The rest of the fight I and Jane enjoyed it to full level.

Finally the plane landed!! Louise joined us after we all were out."really that person was annoying" he told me. While taking our bags I saw that annoying person one more and made the worst face. I thanked god that this small horrible journey is over & I would not see this creepy person again .

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