A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Fire

The Bob-Whites have solved their second case after finally being reunited. They are safe and happy and looking forward to the rest of their summer. But when the Wheeler's old home goes up in flames, what extent will Trixie and her friends go to to find the culprit? And has their summer back together been ruined for good? Book 3 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


5. Who?

Chapter 5. Who?

'Who' was the number one question running through everyone's minds. Who lit the fire, who took Regan, who had such a grudge that they could do this to someone. Who, who, who.

Trixie's mind was working at over a million miles an hour trying to think of a logic explanation, or even an explanation at all, but the hunch she had was the best thing she could come up with. And it seemed to fit right in too.

So, no less than 40 minutes after Trixie had explained her hunch to the group and Sargent Molinson, the Bob-Whites had started their brainstorming on who this 'Mad Stranger' could possibly be.

They were working in the lab on the computers at the police station. An older lady named Amy was there helping the group with their task.

They had searched through the dater base for any files throughout the country that included someone calling themselves 'Mad Stranger'.

Amy had run scans on the finger prints that were on the mirror and had come up with no matches. It looked like this person had never existed, yet in some way, he did.

Even a simple search on the internet came up with no real clues, though there were thousands of sites for the name.

'This is usless.' Honey sighed.

'Yeah, we should be out looking for Regan!' Di exclaimed.

'Or helping clear up the rubble of the mansion.' Jim said sadly.

Trixie took Jim's hand, comforting him. He smiled gratefully.

'The only way we are going to find Regan is if we find Mad Stranger. That's all we can do.' Trixie said.

'Jim, if you like, ill come with you and we can take a break from this and help our parents with your home.' Brian offered.

Jim nodded, 'yeah, i think that would be good thanks Brian.'

Trixie could see that Jim was taking it hard. Jim had never had a real home until he had found the Wheeler's. That house was the only real home he knew, no other house could compare to it. Trixie felt for him. And if her hunch was right, then when she found Mad Stranger, she knew she would make them pay.

'Yeah, i need a break too. I'll come.' Dan said getting up.

Mart also rose from his seat and Di stood alongside him.

'Trix and I will stay here and keep working.' Honey said, halfheartedly.

Trixie pulled Jim aside, 'Jim, are you okay?' She asked. She wanted so badly to be there for him, but she knew that he probably need a bit of space.

'Yeah, Trix. I'll be okay.' He half smiled, kissing her forehead.

She smiled at him as he turned and walked out of the room, following Brian, Dan, Mart and Di.

'Would you two girls like a drink?' Amy asked suddenly.

'Yes, thank-you. That would be good.' Honey nodded. 'Trix?'

Trixie was already off thinking again so Honey just told Amy that Trixie would have a water.

'Honey?' Trixie said once Amy had left.

'Yes, Trix?'

'I haven't actually asked... but how are you?'

'Put it this way, when i find Mad Stranger, im going to kick him where the sun doesn't shine. Then ill put him in jail forever.' Honey answered.

Trixie smiled at her friend. 'Before he goes to jail id like a bit of a go with him. He deserves a good kick in the face.' She said chuckling a little. Never had the two girls been so violent.

Honey grinned, 'yes, and then we will let Jim have his turn. And Regan too.'

The two girls laughed lightly. Trixie settled and looked across at her best friend, 'We'll find him. I promise.'

Trixie looked back at the words 'Mad Stranger' on the screen.

Suddenly, it came to her. There in front of her was a website. A website with one simple word that gave it all away.

Trixie gasped, 'Honey!' She squealed.

'What?' Honey asked, shocked.

'Honey, the name! Its an anagram! Look!'

Honey looked, and Trixie was indeed right.

'I think we have just got our first lead.' Honey said, grinning at Trixie.

The two girls hurried off to Sargent Molinson to tell him.

What do you think the anagram is? MAD STRANGER. Think chess... ;) Comment your ideas! -Blaire x

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