A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Fire

The Bob-Whites have solved their second case after finally being reunited. They are safe and happy and looking forward to the rest of their summer. But when the Wheeler's old home goes up in flames, what extent will Trixie and her friends go to to find the culprit? And has their summer back together been ruined for good? Book 3 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


12. The Truth?

Sergeant Molinson asked the Bob-Whites in to watch the interview the next morning, though they would only be sitting from behind the glass window and listening. They soon found out that the guy they had brought in belonged to the name Bradley Starchi-Vitch.

'So Bradley,' Sergeant Molinson began, 'what made you run from us?'

'I…..I…..I didn't want to go back! I'll never go back!' He shouted into Sergeants face.

'Now calm down thank-you. We won't worry about that until later.'

Bradley started to calm down.

'Now, do you know anyone who goes by the name Mad Stranger? Possibly from a chess site.'

'Mad Stranger, yes I've heard of him, I've never had the privilege to play against him. Only he sends out the requests to play.'

'The privilege to play him? So you look up to this guy?' Sergeant asked.

'Yes, of course! He is a legend in the chess world!' Bradley nodded eagerly.

'You play chess then?' Sergeant Molinson asked.

'I do, yes. But I'm not sure I see what this has to do with me?'

'Well someone by the name of Mad Stranger has kidnapped someone, leaving obvious evidence behind. The only problem is that we don't know who he is. We can't find his identity anywhere. There was also a large fire at the same time-'

'You mean the Wheelers old Mansion? I saw that! Terrible, I'm glad no one is hurt.' Bradley piped up.

'One of the kids you kidnapped, the red head, was a son of the Wheelers.' Sergeant said.

Bradley shifted awkwardly in his seat.

'Anyway, we found a piece of thread in the fire, and it came from an item of clothing in your shop. Whoever lit the fire bought something from you and we were hoping you could tell us who it was.'

'Oh, gosh I'll need my book records for that. And to see the thread. But what does the thread have to do with the kidnapping?' Bradley asked.

'Spider, go collect the man's records from his shop and bring us the thread.'

Spider, who had been standing quietly to the side watching, nodded and left the room.

'Well, the man who was kidnapped was Mr Bill Regan.'

Bradley looked shocked as he realised the connection. 'So the two are related. What does Mad Stranger have to do with it?'

'Mad Stranger was written in the bathroom after Regan had been taken. There is not much more we have, so it would be much appreciated if you could help us.'

Bradley nodded, 'Yes of course.'

'I swear he has bipolar, he was angry now he is calm.' Trixie whispered to Honey from behind the glass. Honey giggled.

'Have you met Mad Stranger?' Sergeant Molinson asked.

'Maybe. I don't know. I have been to many chess clubs and competitions, and he might have been there, but no one knows what he looks like. His internet name is Mad Stranger, his real life name is something different. We just don't know what.'

'Hmm, okay.' Sergeant nodded.

'Wait! So if this thread came from my shop, that means that I could have met Mad Stranger himself!' Bradley shouted jumping from his seat. 'This is amazing!'

'Sir, just calm down please.' Sergeant Molinson said.

'See what I mean?' Trixie whispered again to Honey.

Bradley calmed himself and sat back down.

'So Bradley, you claim to look up to Mad Stranger, he only requests games of chess, you don't know his real identity so you could or could not have met him, is this all correct?' Sergeant questioned.

Bradley nodded. 'Mad Stranger always attends the Summer Chess tournament at the town hall, although no one knows who he is. It could be any of the contestants. He hides his identity well.' Spider came in with the records and thread at that moment.

'Here you are Sergeant.'

'Thankyou Spider.' Sergeant Molinson took the Records and handed them to Bradley. He plaiced the thread on top of the records.

'Oh well this narrows it down for me. I've only used this thread three times. It is very rare and very expensive. Let me just find the names for you.' Bradley flipped through the books.

'Ahh here is the first name. Mr Carmon Calmode. Please remember customer privacy so don't pass these names onto anyone but the station.'

'I won't, thank-you.' Sergeant said writing down the name and address of the first person.

Bradley kept looking, 'the second one is Mr Stan Marderg and the last one is My Colin Mercutio.'

Sergeant wrote all the addresses down.

'Thank-you for your cooperation with this investigation. We have enough information. Now, Spider is going to take over and discuss you rights with you about yesterday's events.' Sergeant said getting up and heading for the door.

'But I won't be going back. I helped you!' He shouted jumping up.

'Like I said, Spider will discuss your rights with you.' Sergeant left the room and Spider took a seat and started talking to a shaking Bradley.

'So, find what you need?' Trixie asked Sergeant Molinson.

Sergeant nodded. 'We have some names now. And we know that Mad Stranger will be attending the Chess Tournament this Sunday. We have something to now go off.'

'Good.' Honey smiled.

'Yeah it's so much better to know we are making progress.' Jim chimed in.

'And guess who I'm sending to the tournament?' Sergeant asked.

Trixie gulped. 'Really? You want to send us?'

'It would be too obvious if any of us went. Everyone knows who the police are. But if you went, with the rest of your gang, it would just look like a group of kids looking for some entertainment during the summer break.'

'But none of us know how to play!' Brian said.

'Well you have two days to learn.' Sergeant smirked.

Trixie looked around at her friends. 'Let's get to work!'

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