A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Fire

The Bob-Whites have solved their second case after finally being reunited. They are safe and happy and looking forward to the rest of their summer. But when the Wheeler's old home goes up in flames, what extent will Trixie and her friends go to to find the culprit? And has their summer back together been ruined for good? Book 3 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


6. Lead

Chapter 6. Lead

'Grand Master!' Trixie exclaimed, 'See, if you rearrange the letters they spell Grand Master!'

'What makes you think this person is behind it? It seems like no coincidence at all that Mad Stranger can be changed into Grand Master.' Sergeant Molinson questioned, honestly.

'Okay, well look here. This is the world's top internet Chess website, and this person has been ranked the Grand Master. And if you look here, the name of this person's character is Mad Stranger.'

'Yes, i see that, but i'm sure there are heaps of people who use that name for character's on games.' Sergeant Molinson continued, not seeing the connection Trixie could see.

'But look here, in this person's information section. It says that they have won many world tournaments. They have been rated the best chess player in 22 different states across the world. They have been ranked the Grand Master of Chess on this website and many others. They call themselves Mad Stranger, an anagram of Grand Master. But look in their history section.' Trixie said pointing to the computer screen.

Sergeant Molinson nodded, seeing Trixie's connection.

'Look at the last 100 games. 40 of them have been against a new player, and nearly every single one of them, Mad Stranger has lost against this new player. And look at the name.'

Sergeant Molinson looked at the name, and sucked in his breath, 'Oh.' Was all he managed to stammer, for on the screen, the name of the player who had been beating Mad Stranger was called Wheeler. The icon was an unmistakably familiar face. It was a face that belonged to Matthew Wheeler.

'So suddenly, after years and years of being know as one of the worlds top Chess players, someone comes along and actually starts to challenge this person, jeopardizing his rank of Grand Master. That seems like quite a motive to me.' Trixie finished, grinning to herself as Sergeant Molinson realized that she was indeed onto something.

'Chess players require smarts, and need to be clever.' Trixie continued. 'This whole plan, it has been set out quite cleverly. But not only that, also it's been set out like chess. They make their move with the fire, distracting us with a move, we make one by putting out the fire, thinking that we are safe, then they take another move, one they had set up all along, and taking Regan. Suddenly we have lost a piece from our side of the board.'

Sergeant Molinson looked at Trixie in absolute shock, catching on to what she was saying. 'So this 'Mad Stranger' will be getting rid of all the pieces on Matt's side, those pieces being people, until he captures the King. That being Matt.'

Trixie nodded. 'I think this is the best lead we have. Get Amy to run a search for this guy, and find his real name. Then see if she can track down an address.'

Sergeant Molinson nodded, 'Good job Belden.' he grumbled.

Trixie grinned.

As Honey and Trixie left to find the others and explain what Trixie had found, Sergeant Molinson found himself questioning his thoughts he had previously had about Trixie. Maybe she wasnt just an annoying Teenager trying to show off her smarts. Maybe she really did have what it took to be a detective. Maybe, Sargent Molinson had been very, very wrong, something he hated to admit.

He shook his head, 'teenagers.'

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