A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Fire

The Bob-Whites have solved their second case after finally being reunited. They are safe and happy and looking forward to the rest of their summer. But when the Wheeler's old home goes up in flames, what extent will Trixie and her friends go to to find the culprit? And has their summer back together been ruined for good? Book 3 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


2. Findings

Chapter 2. Findings

By the time Honey had stopped her crying and Mrs Wheeler had dried her tears the fire had been put out. Mr Wheeler and Mr Belden came back to the house, covered in charcoal and with grim faces.

'We have managed to save the stables and front half of the house. All upstairs rooms and rooms to the back of the house were destroyed.' Mr Wheeler said as they seated themselves in the lounge with the rest of the Bob-Whites.

Mart and Di had hurried over as quickly as possible but Di's parents volunteered to look after the younger boys while this ordeal was happening. Dan had come back to Crabapple farm as soon as he heard.

No one knew what to say. They all just sat there, grimly.

'Any idea how it started?' Trixie finally asked.

'They aren't sure. The police and firefighters are searching the house now. But they are quite sure that the fire started at the back of the house.' Mr Belden supplied.

'Sargent Molinson said he would contact us as soon as they find anything.' Mr Wheeler added.

'What are we going to do with the house?' Jim asked.

'I don't know, Jim.' Mrs Wheeler answered, looking at her husband.

'Oh mother, we have to find out who did this!' Honey said angrily.

'How do you know it wasn't an accident?' Mrs Wheeler questioned.

'No one has lived in the house for 2 years. How could it possibly have just started by itself. Someone did this.' Honey said sternly. 'I just know it.'

Trixie had to admit that she felt the same way. The house hasn't been occupied in a long time and the power had been switched off along with other things such as the water pumps and gas. It was no point having them running if no one was living there. There was no way a match could just light itself. So that leaves one last option.

'I think we should all have something to eat. Starving ourselves until we hear anything wont help anyone.' Mrs Belden said getting up and leaving the room.

'I'll help you moms.' Mart said.

'Me too.' Di agreed, jumping up from her seat by Mart on the couch and heading with Mart to the kitchen.

After Mrs Belden had made everyone some sandwiches and fresh lemonade, the group sat down to eat.

Trixie still felt horrible, and eating was the last thing she wanted, but she knew that it would do her no good to not eat.

Jim came to her side.

'You okay?' She asked him.

He sighed, 'I don't really know what to say. I feel so helpless and angry. I feel like i have lost my home. That place was the only real home i knew.'

Trixie took his hand, squeezing it. 'We will find who did this and they will get what they deserve.' Trixie said more aggressively then the expected.

Jim tensed, 'I'll do anything to find who did this.

They were interrupted by a sudden knock at the door.

Sargent Molinson came in holding something with gloved hands.

'Sargent, what is it?' Mr Belden asked.

'We have searched the house and found that the fire did indeed start towards the back of the house. We found petrol containers dumped behind the stables.'

'Were they our containers?' Mr Wheeler questioned.

Sargent Molinson nodded.

'What else?' Mrs Belden prodded.

'We found a lighter, but it has been very much destroyed.'

'Anything else?' Jim asked stepping forward.

'Well, we seem to have found something that wasn't completely destroyed.' He answered.

'Oh?' Honey questioned.

Sargent Molinson held up the jacket.

Trixie's eyes widened. She looked at Jim, then to Honey. She suddenly remembered someone who had had access to the Wheeler's house for the past year. Someone who knew the place well and had access to the petrol containers that were stored in the Wheeler's stables. Someone who owned that jacket.

'Oh my gosh!' Honey squealed, 'Isn't that Regan's jacket?'

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