A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Fire

The Bob-Whites have solved their second case after finally being reunited. They are safe and happy and looking forward to the rest of their summer. But when the Wheeler's old home goes up in flames, what extent will Trixie and her friends go to to find the culprit? And has their summer back together been ruined for good? Book 3 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


10. Danger

Chapter 10. Danger

Jim raced after Trixie, followed closely by Brian, Honey and Dan. Sergeant Molinson, not being as fit as he used to be, jogged along behind them yelling into his radio for back up.

Trixie could see the middle aged man just in front of her, almost less than a meter ahead of her.

'Trixie, let me get him!' Jim yelled, but being the stubborn girl everyone knew her to be, she didn't budge.

'No I've almost got him!' She shouted back as she lunged for the sleave of the man's jacket. In one swift movement the man whipped the jacket off and took a quick right.

Trixie ran straight past, looked at the jacket, chucked it to a passing Brian who was heading for the police cars that were racing down the road, and back tracked to where the man had taken his quick escape.

Jim was right behind her, following closely.

Moments later Honey caught up to Brian and the two singled down the cars guiding them to where they had last seen the man.

'So you just let him go?' Spider questioned as he got out of the car. Dan and Sergeant Molinson caught up at that moment.

'Of course not!' Sergeant Molinson said.

'Then who's chasing him down?' The second police man asked.

'Ahhh… Mrs Belden and Mr Frayne…' Sergeant said looking around and noticing the raised eye brows.

'Which way did he go?' Trixie gasped as the two came to a sudden halt at the end of the alleyway. There was a back door to a building to the left and a small path leading out to the busy streets to the right.

'If you were him, what would you do?' Jim asked.

'I'd want to go for the streets…'

Jim started off in that direction.

'…but it would be the most obvious answer, so I would take the door and try to find another exit that way.' Trixie concluded turning and taking the handle of the door.

'Alright, in we go. Be quiet and be careful.'

The two pushed the door open inch by inch, trying to minimise the amount of squeaks it made. They snuck in, not bothering to close the door, and looked around. To the immediate left was a stair case, and to the right was an old white door. But straight in front was a hallway with numerous doors along each side.

'Which way now, Shamus?' Jim whispered.

Trixie looked around for any signs or clues. She found none. She thought about where she would go.

'All the doors down the hall seem too easy. People would choose them first. And they are all most likely rooms anyway and probably have no easy escapes.' Trixie whispered.

'Right, so which out of the last two options?' Jim questioned, still keeping his voice in a hushed whisper.

'Well the door to our right could lead through to the lounge or kitchen which probably leads to an exit, but he is probably expecting us to go through there and leave the house, then he can come down and go back out the back door…' She trailed off.

'So?' Jim urged.

'So I say the stair case.'

The two started the climb but no less than three steps up had they faced yet another problem. The stairs were starting to really squeak.

'Alright, we need to place even weight on the step to try and keep the squeaking down.' Trixie said.

'How do we do that?' Jim asked.

'Place your left foot on the end of the step the same time I place my right foot on my end of the step. Then put your right foot on the edge of the next step the same time I put my left one there.'

Using this tactic they managed to get up the steps making a very small amount of noise. Once they got to the top they were faced with a long plain corridor. But what was strange was that there were only two doors. Two at the end of the corridor side by side.

'That the room then?' Jim asked already knowing the answer.

'Yep.' Trixie nodded.

'Alright, which way did they go?' Spider asked as the 3 Bob-Whites and Sergeant Molinson lead him down the alleyway and to the dead end.

'In the house, the door has been left open so that must be where.' Dan answered.

'Oh gosh I hope Jim and Trixie are okay.' Honey whimpered.

They stepped inside the house, being careful to look around them for any sign of danger.

'Where now?' Brian asked as they came to the same dilemma that Trixie and Jim had.

'Check the door on the right Spider, take Dan and Honey with you. I'll check the hallway with Brian. Then we will meet back here and make a move from there depending on what we find.

The couple worked their way down the corridor as slowly and quietly as a mouse, hoping not to let the man know that they were there. Suddenly they heard a creek of a floor board from down below them.

'What the…?' Jim begun, but he didn't get to finish, because right as he said that the doors swung open and he was grabbed by a long bony hand along with Trixie and yanked into the room.

'What was that?' Honey yelped as she heard the slam of a door. Spider turned and raced back to the hall.

'Sergeant?' He called.

'Right here, everyone okay?' He asked.

Spider nodded.

'Did you hear the bang?' Brian asked.

'Yes.' Dan nodded.

'It must have come from up the stairs.' Spider answered.

'Alright, you three stay down here, Spider and I will go check it out. If you see anything, call us then run.' Sergeant Molinson said.

The two police officers turned and started heading up the stairs when suddenly there was a defining bang. No, not a bang, but almost like a high pitched whizzing sound.

Brian knew what it was straight away. He pushed past the police and raced up the stairs.

'We've got to get up there!' He shouted so loudly the whole street would have heard. 'That was a gun that just went off!'

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