My Diary

This is my really life diary and all the problems i face some days


2. 14th of October 2013

Dear Diary

Wowlong time no see hey

Well let me catch you up on my life

I think i've kinda got over Matt but im really not sure. My best friend Grace set me up on a date with this guy from her school named Adam, i went to the movies with him and i guess he just isnt my type, his one of those people that i would walk past and probs wouldn't take a second look at them, like he was nice and all but i don't know i think something is holding me back anyways

i started back school on Tuesday just coming back holidays and i got sick whilst the holidays were going so now i've just come out of hospital today and won't be back at school for the rest of the week YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Not i've got to study :(

My close friend Taylor is trying to set me up on a date with this guy named Corey have no idea who he is but i'll see what happens

I could Crash and burn or Fly away into the sunset with him hahaha

Till next time Love Claire <3

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