Hey Mr.Werewolf

Summary : Serine Hawthorn has always been known as "one of the guys" kind of girl.She looks like a girl,she talks like a girl and she walks like girl, she just doesn't dress and act like a girl.So when she goes back to school with her brother Seth for their final year,they are pretty much surprised that a new family has moved in town and by family, I mean A WHOLE FAMILY.As in a HUGE FAMILY.All the girls are swooning and all the guys at the school are drooling over this family.But not Serine,oh no.Not our dear Serine,she just had to start an argument.Why are they arguing you ask? It's because Taylor,you know,the hot new guy I might add ,took the last burger at the cafeteria.


I wrote this story years ago and I apologise for my lack of updates. I respect all of you and I'm grateful that you all like my story, but I have to put them on hold until I have the time to edit everything. Thank you for understanding.




I woke up with a heavy throbbing in my brain.My mind was on overdrive as I realized what happened yesterday.

Tears fell down as it caressed my cheeks,then my lips ; trying to calm me down.But I was just so broken,so shocked that my own family....would abadon me like that.Their reasons weren't good enough.

It didn't make sense at all.And that dream.

What was that? The pain was real.Heck,I could still feel the pain running through my chest but there wasn't wound.What was that?

I looked around the room eventhough I knew where I was due to the perfume hanging around the air.It was Taylor's room.

Damn,I'm a freak.

And a hell bent freak at that.

I fucking need to get out of here.I don't want to be the submissive shit that everyone expects me to be.A mate? Fuck it.I've read that somewhere and I will not be having little wolf babies around soon too.Yeah right.Me and kids? That idea musn't cross my mind untill eight years from now.It's just not that possible.No.

*stomp stomp stomp

I could hear someone's comming and I quickly lay back again.I didn't have to think of an escape plan.

The window? nah.

They probably locked it after my little stunt back then.

Door? Too dangerous.

Then how?

I got an idea..What will make Taylor Damien weak?

Kryptonite? Naw..that's hero stuff..



I smirked to my self.With all those expensive clothes in his wardrobe I'm not surprise that he likes shopping and may I remind you it's a WALK-IN-CLOSET? My smirk got wider but I had to think of plan B.And that plan B was unfortunately my seduction skills which probably will never work but who know eh?

I went to the bathroom to brush and went to take his biggest shirt.The neckline was so wide that it dropped and showed one of my shoulder.

The tone of the shirt complemented my skin and the length was mid tight leaving 'questions' if you know what I mean.Right on time the door opened and revealed a little girl about ten or eleven.

"Luna,the Alpha asks of you to dine with him on the dining room" she said in a squeky tone.

I smiled."You don't have to call me Luna,just Rin.And I'll be there in a minute okay?" she smiled and went out.

I gulped in a huge chunk of air and started to walk down the stairs.Here we go....

thunk thunk thunk

I could hear my footstep going down the stairs.

Dup dup dup

I could hear my heart beating.As I approached the door and opened it,Taylor Damien sat at the far end of the dining table.He looked magnanimous near the fire place as the flame danced through his eyes swishing and slashing.

His nose sniffed the air and at last his orbs landed on me.At first there was lust and then there was anger,what a terrifying combination.

Next thing I knew,I was already sitting on the chair,and him towering over me as ; his hands beside the each of the arm rest.

"What you doing Serine"

He said,well more like purred beside my ears.

"Noth...nothing.I was just comming down,just like you ask of me" I stuttered and he purred even more.


What was he doing to me.I decided to carry out my plan but was quite unsure.

"Taylor..." I faked a moan,and it wasn't that hard actually with all the sexual tension he was releasing from his body heat.I placed my hands on either side of his pecks.He let out a small growl and suddenly his body shook.I took a deep breath and started again.

"Taylor....let's eat go outside.Just bring our plates.I need cold air" and he seemed to realise what he was doing and nodded.He was smiling.

He almost made me want to stop all my plans and just stay with him.Stay with him,his delicious lips,his heat,his coullous hands,his defined abs,his...let's just stop there alright.But I'm not.I'm not oing through this phsycotic idea any longer.He gave me his hands and I took it without hesitation.

If I wanted to get out of here,then he has to only see me as a changed person.A more liberal person the idea of becoming a submissive mate.

I gave him a smile and he seemed very pleased.As we went straight through the door,I could hear the booming sounds of Taylor's friends in the gaming room.And my brother's.My heart sank.I missed Seth soo much.I wanted to tell him I'm sorry.

I wanted to just forgive my family.But my pride won't let me and so I held Taylor's hands as hard as I could.He seemed to understand but didn't say anything.As we reached outside ,I was tantalized by the beauty that was hold in front of me.

The view of the moon and it's reflection by the lake,and even the little bench that sat facing the lake.It was magical.

I realized ,Taylor didn't bring any food with him.He must've forgotten.We sat there for more than an hour.And in that hour my mind was working non stop to search an escape plan.I only got my idea when the cold breeze blew and caressed my skin.It was cold.And it was my escape.

"I'm cold."

I made sure my voice was in a childish manner.

"Here I'll wrap you around my body so you'll feel my body heat." he said in a tone so caring that I..nevermind.

"I'm still cold.Bring me a blanket please" I gave him my best puppy dog eyes and he still wouldn't budge.

"No.You're going to run away again Serine.I'm not stupid.I do run the biggest pack in the contenent after all."

Alright.This isn't working.Time to use plan B.If only I had one.Think Serine,think! Uerika! I pushed my head down and tried to fake tears.Once I got that started the chocking sound came naturally.Boy Serine,you sure are a drama queen.

"It's just that with...my brother ...in there..I..." I faked everything and he began to panic.

"Hey,Serine...Kitten...come on.Alright.Alright.But stay here alright.I'll get you your blanket but don't you dare leave me okay? Promise me Serine.If you leave and something happens to you...then I'd rather die.You hear that?" I nodded my head still fake crying.


He stood up and kissed my temple.His lips felt warm.It felt like home.Stupid bond! I mentally yelled,got up and ran.I turned around and saw the last glimp of the light from his house.Something inside me stirred but I refused to be his mate.

Even if I was making the biggest mistake of my life.

My pride.

It won't let me.

No,it won't.

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