Hey Mr.Werewolf

Summary : Serine Hawthorn has always been known as "one of the guys" kind of girl.She looks like a girl,she talks like a girl and she walks like girl, she just doesn't dress and act like a girl.So when she goes back to school with her brother Seth for their final year,they are pretty much surprised that a new family has moved in town and by family, I mean A WHOLE FAMILY.As in a HUGE FAMILY.All the girls are swooning and all the guys at the school are drooling over this family.But not Serine,oh no.Not our dear Serine,she just had to start an argument.Why are they arguing you ask? It's because Taylor,you know,the hot new guy I might add ,took the last burger at the cafeteria.


I wrote this story years ago and I apologise for my lack of updates. I respect all of you and I'm grateful that you all like my story, but I have to put them on hold until I have the time to edit everything. Thank you for understanding.





"What are you doing here Taylor?! Are you some kind of stalker or something? Get out of my room!" I whispered/shouted to him.

"You're a little ray of sunshine aren't you?" he said,mocking me in the process.

I think I'm having a migraine now since I could feel my head throbbing from too much anger.

I really need to learn some control,cause whenever he's near me I could feel my pulse rushing,my head trying to explode,my hearts pumping and my stomach full of butterflies?

I just don't get how you could feel something soo strong for a guy who infuriates you to no end.

"It's called soulmate Kitten.No matter how I treat you,good or bad,abuse you to no end,you will never leave me." he began to smirk,his lips perfectly moving

"Infact,I plan to abuse you right here,right now" smiling slyly at me.

My eyes got bigger at every step he took towards me.The more he step towards me,the more I stepped back which isn't that much since my room was soo damn small.

Damnation to it.If only my parents would let me take their room the first place,I wouldn't have to be in this situation since  could feel my back pressing on the wall of my room.

I just realized how tall he is and soo big.

Both of his arms caging me,trapping me so I wouldn't escape from him.He lowered his head so he's about the same height at me.

I blushed as I looked into his eyes.God,they were so beautiful that it should have been illegal.No wonder all the female population at school practically threw their selves at him.

He was magnanimous.Wait..what? 


"Shit! Taylor,school! I have to get back at school!" his eyes boring into mine before he burst out laughing.

"You were just about to be sexually harrassed and you're worried about school?" his eyes twinkling in amusement.

"Well unlike you Mr Hottie McHot,I have a perfect grade and need to keep it up if I want to go to college next year." suddenly his twinkling eyes disappeared,replaced by a dark abyss of sorrowness.Wow..bipolar much?

"You're thinking about leaving me?You're thinking about going away?Letting me go?" he demanded with such force that I had no choice but to close my eyes,in fear of my own safetyness.

"Tay..." but before I could even finish my explanation,even if it was just saying his name,I was already facing his godly butt for the second?


fourth time?

this month?

"Do you have some fetish of me seeing you butt or something?" Okay my attempt of making a joke was pretty much pathetic but come on,you have to give me some credit for trying you know.

But he never anwered me.He's extremely pissed now.

Great Serine,just great.You just managed to pissed somebody in less than five minutes.I was gently put in his car seat and surprised that he was actually giving me a ride to school.

I silently felt greatful that he was helping me but it only lasted about a minute cause I realized he was taking me somewhere else.

"Taylor,where are you taking me?" I asked him using a really soft voice,afraid that he might burst or something cause he sure looked scary right now.

"Home" was the only word he said.

"But,you just left my house?" I asked pretty confused.

Then it hit me.It fucking hit me.The dude was taking me to his house!"Oh god Taylor,let me out! I don't want to stay with you! I don't wantto go back at that house,it's full of,full of werewolves alright?!" I said.

He turned to me,eyes softning

."Are you scared?"

The hell?! "Gee,what gave that out? The fact that i'm sweating like a pig in a full blast air conditioned place or the fact that I'm going histeric right now?!" he looked taken aback for a while but then turned into his possessive ways back.

"You're not going to leave me."

Then he opened the car door and leaped out gracefully.I didn't even realized we were already at his house.Well,doesn't matter.I refuse to go out.

And besides,I haven't taken a shower,my hair is all frizzy and I'm still in my Superman Pajama.I know,I know,what kind of teenage girl,almost adult by the way would wear SUPERMAN PAJAMAS.

Well,me of course! I was going to continue my sulking but then Mr jerkface had to drag me out off the car and embarrased me even further when everyone,okay let me try that again...EVERYONE WAS WATCHING ME!

Eyeing me like I was some kind of weirdo.

Hey,in my  offense,they are the weirdos here alright?

I'm human.

So therefore I'm normal.I was beginnng to get really annoyed cause I seriously don't like being man handled.

Taylor suddenly pushed me to a room,I think it was his room and snappp.It was an awesome room! High deff everything! Damn him again! He turned me around so I was facing him and I could see he was still mad from our previous conversation.

"You,will not leave me understand?You WILL stay here.Whether you like it or not.You are my mate,so you better damn well give me some respect" he said releasing his dominant self at me.I let out a bitter laugh.

"Oh damn you Taylor Damien.Get real.Don't be soo full of yourself.Just because your some kind of alpha in this pack doesn't mean you own me.Just because someone up there hates me and HAD to pair me up with you,doesn't mean you own me.Just because JUST BECAUSE!!!!!" I screamed as loud as I could so he'll get the message that I DON'T WANT TO BE STUCK HERE.

Suddenly I could feel his hand on my throat yet his grip wasn't enought to really hurt me.

His growled suddenly became more menacing than before.His lips getting closer to mine by the second.

"How many times do I have to tell you,Serine.I'm not going to let you leave me.I'll lock you up,cage you or tie you to the bed post,anything so you'll stay here.I'll rip off your feathers,I'll break your wings so you'll never leave me." his words,sent shivers to my spine.

He was taking control of me.And I knew I wanted him too.

I knew he was gone when I heard the door slammed.I needed to get out of here.I tried to open the door hoping he would've forgotten to lock it but no such luck.

I searched for an escape,a secret passageway perhaps but nope.Nada.None.I saw the window but i don't think I could make it down there since it soo high.I gave up and just lay my head on the bed.

Crying and weeping about the change in my life.I couldn't believe this was happening to me.I drifted off to slumber.

I was awoken by one of the maids here .

She was soo pretty.She said her name was Jade."Cool name,I always wanted a name like yours but I was cursed with mine.Oh by the way,the name's Serine" I said smiling.

I didn't want hey to think I was a snobbish girl or something.Trust me,I am not one of those plastice girls that has plastic boobs,platic nose,plastic cheeks okay?

I bet if there were plastic stomach they'd do surgery on that too.mehh..What am I babbling bout anyway,uh oh.Jade was looking at me kind of funnily.

I needed a friend if I want to survive here anyway.

"So Jade,you don't go to school anymore? You seem kind of young to be working as a maid here." I said trying to pry some infomation about this beauty infront of me.

"No,I'm home schoolded.Alpha Damien assures that everyone would get education,so we won't be left out.It was one of the Alpha's great ideas since most of us weren't aloud to go to school cause people would get too suspicious if too many of us enrolled at the same time." She explained.

Her eyes showing admiration towards her Alpha.

Pshh...I don't see anything to admire about him.Well not true,there was his lickable abss,and his perfect hair and...what am I saying.

I hate the dude."Oh and Luna,Alpha Taylor orders you to dress and come down to have dinner.

"Say what? orders? Okay that dude is so going to get it." I began to move towards the door since it was unlocked now.

I wanted to take a run for it but damn,that Jade is strong.

She caught me in the arm and forced me to take a bath.By the time I was finished Jade laid out a dress on the bed.

I thought it showed too much skin but was forced to wear it since I had no other clothes to wear.Jade gave me a bracelet to pair it with my dress.

My hair was left as usual but much more tidy than before

.I never noticed my hair had natural waves.

hmm..As I walked through the halls I asked Jade why I was so dressed up.

"It's just dinner right?" she smiled.

"No silly! You're supposed to be announced to the pact that you're officially a Luna of this pact.Plus,you'll be meeting the Alpha's aunt and Uncle."

I was ready to bolt out as soon as she said that,but as I said,That girl is damn too strong.

I was pushed throught the doors and stood awkwardly infront of everybody.



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