Hey Mr.Werewolf

Summary : Serine Hawthorn has always been known as "one of the guys" kind of girl.She looks like a girl,she talks like a girl and she walks like girl, she just doesn't dress and act like a girl.So when she goes back to school with her brother Seth for their final year,they are pretty much surprised that a new family has moved in town and by family, I mean A WHOLE FAMILY.As in a HUGE FAMILY.All the girls are swooning and all the guys at the school are drooling over this family.But not Serine,oh no.Not our dear Serine,she just had to start an argument.Why are they arguing you ask? It's because Taylor,you know,the hot new guy I might add ,took the last burger at the cafeteria.


I wrote this story years ago and I apologise for my lack of updates. I respect all of you and I'm grateful that you all like my story, but I have to put them on hold until I have the time to edit everything. Thank you for understanding.





"Why did you attack her?!" a voice whispering angrily at someone.

"I didn't know she was your mate,you never even told us we had a luna!" another voice hissed.Then the first voice growled.Really loud.I groaned as I tried to open my eyes.

"Am I in heaven?" I blurted out and the first voice was the one who spoke.

"No,kitten you're not dead" Oh,it's Taylor.

Flashes of memories coursed through my mind as I remembered the strange dream,the fight,how Taylor and the other hundreds were werewolves.....Mother of god!

I shot forward and this time succeedingly bumping my head on Taylor's chin."Aww Kitten,careful." His eyes contained a mixture of delight and worry.

Oh,and I needed to say sorry to Taylor since it was my fault that we fought previously.

"Tay..." I started.

His eyes showing pure lust as I nicknamed him."I'm really sorry,I didn't mean to cause you whatever feeling you had this morning.

I didn't have the right to ask something so big from you and..I'm sorry" I said exasperated by everything.He smiled a sad smile which I think broke my heart.It was like I could hear it breaking,literally.

I don't know what's happening.I don't even know what to do.As if sensing what I was feeling right now,his eyes soften and he held my hands.

I looked at our enterwined fingers and thought how they look so perfect together.

I blushed as I turned away from him,humiliated by the fact that I said that even if it was on my mind.

Taylor just chuckled and he put his two fingers on my chin and lifted it up.I think I'm going to bkush fifty sheds of red now.

He lowered his head so that he was the same height as me."You don't have to say sorry,Serine.It was my fault.

I didn't tell you what I should've told you earlier.It was wrong of me" he said in one breath and I was taken aback.

He's saying sorry? To ME? Weren't I the one at wrong here.

I looked into his eyes and shocked to find it filled with lust.My body trembled beneath his touch.God! if this keeps up,I don't know what will happen to my body system.

"Don't worry Taylor,I'm not mad at you.And thanks for saving my life this morning,or was it yesterday?" I said out of breath.

Not because I was running or anything but it was from the fact that he was so close to.What is this guys doing to me?! "Also if there's anything that you want me to do,as a favour of course,just say it kay?" Taylor paled at that.

I mean,what was his problem.

"Well..there is something I need to tell you but...you need to sit down first" he said looking panic-ky."Taylor what's going on?Taylor? You're scaring me" I said shakily.

"It's just.Look,all I can say is that you're my...uh,do you know what soulmates is?" he suddenly asked me.

"Of course I do,it's one of those can't eat can't sleep butterflies in stomach movie romance.Duh.." I said trying to sound calm when in truth I was like a freaking atom that's being heated because I sure as hell can't stay still right now.

"Okay,so you know the concept,but do you know what a mate is for a werewolf?" he asked."Are you bipolar?" I blurted out suddenly.

"What?No,well maybe.Okay,yes I am! wait,why the question all of a sudden?" I sighed.

"It's just  you..how do I put this,you seemed so scared a few minutes ago and now you're calm.As if your troubles just flew a way." The jerk chuckled of course.

"We're out of topic Kitten.You better listen up because this thing is concerning you too."

My eyes grew at this and my brain went to high alert.

"What do you mean concerning me? Don't you have one of those things that you know MIB use to wipe out memories?Just use that to me,I'll forget about everything and voila! Everything solved."

Taylor's expression turned kind of cold after that.

"It's not that easy Serine.You're my mate.You have to be mated with me.And ONLY me."

"Do you understand?" he asked.

Okay...Now that was unexpected.I went to god knows where for a while,my brain trying to process everything that,that jerk of a Taylor told me.


I think my chair flew to,I don't know.... somewhere?

But that wasn't in my mind right now.What was in my mind right now is I'm a freaking mate to a..to a werewolf? Jackass? Turdish excuse for a werewolf?

Argh there's so many negative things that I could call him but I don't think forever is enough to say all of it!

"What do you mean I'm your mate?!You must be mistaken.I mean look at me! I'm the tomboy!The one who nobody wants to date! Come on! If this is a pranking show then I'm going to kill you Seth!!!!!!" I blurted whatever was in my mind.

Or more like,shouted everything.

"Serine! Come down! I'll take care of you.I'll love you,I'll do anything for you."

Something about his eyes held me in my spot.Taking away all my concern.But I couldn't trust him.

Not after....I shooked my mind.No,none of that again.

"Look Damien,"I said emphasizing his name for effect.

"I don't need a mate,I've read this kind of things on novels but not in real life.Heck,I've even watch Twilight and it's not working.You look hotter than Taylor Lautner and considering your names are the same,this made me lust for you but no,none of this.I don't want to be a part of this this ...this thing! SO why don't you just let me go home.Let me go Taylor,just let me go home." I said.

Trying to make him understand that I don't want to be in here.His eyes suddenly turned black and I was so scared.

The next thing I knew was that his teeth began to turn like fangs and he was biting my neck.

At first it hurt,but then the feeling subsided and was replaced by a whole new sensation.

God it feels so good.It felt like I couldn't move my body.My legs was weak and if it hadn't been for Taylor's hands on my back supporting me I think I would've collapse right there.After a while he licked my wounds and it sent shivers down my body.

He smirked.

Damn that jerk.It it wasn't because I was soo weak I would've slap him.I suddenly realized what happened and shoved him.

He probably didn't expect that because he stumbled backwards.

I made for a run towards the door.But ofbcourse,before I could even reach the handle I was shoved to the door.

My back facing it and I was forced to face an angry Taylor.

"You will not be going anywhere,MATE." He suddenly said."I've had enough of your disobedience,I am the alpha so therefore respect me.I am your mate so I dominate.You submit to me or punishment will be given.Understand?"

He lowered his face to me and I nodded out of fearing what might happen to me if I didn't say yes.

He went calm after that so I took the chance to slap him real hard I might add,and opened the door.

I bolted out of there and never looked back.

Even when I heard the sound of trashing and crashing.

Even when I heard an angry growl.

Even when I heard voices trying to stop a beast,I didn't stop.

I ran so fast that I think my feet might just break.

I ran till I saw the city lights.

I ran till I was infront of my house.

I ran till I was on my bed.

That night,I had the most burning feeling in my heart.

It was like I was mad at my self for leaving that jerk and I was fighting trying to tell my self that it was just

"A nightmare" I said as I woke up the next morning.I hurried to the mirror trying to find some kind of mark or thing or whatever it is and saw none,zero,zilch,nada.I sighed in relief.

"Expecting a mark,Kitten?" 


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