Hey Mr.Werewolf

Summary : Serine Hawthorn has always been known as "one of the guys" kind of girl.She looks like a girl,she talks like a girl and she walks like girl, she just doesn't dress and act like a girl.So when she goes back to school with her brother Seth for their final year,they are pretty much surprised that a new family has moved in town and by family, I mean A WHOLE FAMILY.As in a HUGE FAMILY.All the girls are swooning and all the guys at the school are drooling over this family.But not Serine,oh no.Not our dear Serine,she just had to start an argument.Why are they arguing you ask? It's because Taylor,you know,the hot new guy I might add ,took the last burger at the cafeteria.


I wrote this story years ago and I apologise for my lack of updates. I respect all of you and I'm grateful that you all like my story, but I have to put them on hold until I have the time to edit everything. Thank you for understanding.





I walked through a really green forest,and I mean REALLY green.It was so pretty.The sun trying to shine through all the thick trees and I could see sparkles all around the forest.It looked so heavenly.Everything seemed so perfect.

I spinned around and around spreading both my arms and releasing a content laughter.Am I dead? If I was then I was fine staying here.

After a moment of spinning,I was getting quite dizzy.I let my self fall on the soft grasses.Closing my eyes,I could feel the soft wind brushing mmy skin.Then it got darker.

It couldn't be night already could it? I asked my self.I was surprised to see a figure hovering above me.It was a little girl.She had those big brown innocent type of orbs.It was pretty.Her hair was braided to her left side of hair leacing her bangs decorating her face.

She wore such a pretty green dress and the dress suited her milky smooth skin.By the time I realized I was speculating her,she gave me a big toothy smile.

Yet it seemed more like I-know-something-you-don't know kind of smile.I was curious,if I was dead then is she an angel.Oh no! Is she taking me to hell?! I got on to my feet very fast I think because I felt more dizzy than the previous.I didn't care! Heaven or hell first!

"Are you going to take me to hell?!,Oh please please I've been a good girl.I love my mom,my daddy and even Seth! Please please I'll be good I promise.Don't take me to hell! I don't wanna go to hell! I know I'm dead but"

the little girl suddenly giggled.


I look skeptically at her.

"You're not dead and you're not going to hell."

Her voice was like a bell ringing.It was relaxing but her words was more relaxing.I sighed in relief and slumped down the grass again.

I was now the same height as the little girl."So,what's your name?" I asked.She looked surprise for a moment."Grace,but aren't you going to ask where you are?"

I grinned at her.

"Since it's not hell then I won't ask." she grinned back at me.She flopped down beside me.I was enjoying the peace.Minutes passed then it felt like it turned to hours.Yet still,no words were spoken.Then,out of no where,Grace broke the silence and her voice was so eerie.I shivered.

"Peace be with you"

"After you know who"

"Who shall be your mate"

"And who shall be your saboteur"

"When you accept your other half"

"Let it be known that evil will not have the last laugh"

"Don't fret my dear"

"Since you are the saviour"

I was taken by surprise by what she said.

"What do you mean? Grace,you're scaring me"

I couldn't see her face because she was facing down.When she finally looked up I backed away a little.Her pupils were pure white.Then it turned normal.

What the?

It's time to go back Serine.She stood up and ran away.I tried to catch her but damn! She was fast.I was running so fast that my legs ache but I have to ask her what she meant.Then,suddenly the ground began to shake.

Everything was crumbling and the skies was turning black.I couldn't see anything as I fell off a darkness of abyss.As I fell down down down I could hear a faint sound between my screams for help.

"Don't forget Serine." 

"Grace!" I screamed my body jolted up and my right arm was shot forward trying to reach something.As my eyes began to adjust to the bright lights,I realized I was in the hospital.The needles sticking on my arms.I cringed.I did not like blood.


Taylor opened the hospital's door.I tensed as I remembered the last memory I had with him.He was some kind of wolf!

A werewolf perhaps?

I realized I was already in Taylor's arms and I felt calm again.Yet I still felt afraid of him."What are you?" I popped out the question and he was taken aback.

He looked soo vulnerable now.

"I'll tell you later."he said ,heads down and arms dangling on his sides."No,tell me now! And don't you dare lie to me.Are the others like you?Where did you came from? Are your family like you also."

I was curious but his body tensed up with the mention of his family.

But of course being me,I didn't give a shit if his body would tense of go into hybernation or whatever.I want answers and I want it now.

I know I sound like a bitch but come on! I saw two freaking wolves attack each other or more correctly,trying to attack ME.

"Tell me Taylor,NOW."

He glared at me.

"Would you just wait a fucking minute!,I don't go asking about your perfect little family now do I? So why don't you just be quite for a minute and let people think how they are going to tell someone that their parents are dead and their brother just turned into an enemy saying they were the one who killed their parents?!"

He growled.Wait,what?


His eyes were pitch black and he was scaring me.This wasn't the Taylor I know.This was a really angry Taylor.I shouldn't have got mad at him.

I sucker punch my self,mentally of course and began to feel the blood in my body  drained from the exhaustion.

When he saw the state I was in his eyes turned back to his normal colours."I'm sorry kitten," he whispered softly,his hands caressing my hair and I leaned in to feel more of the warmth.

Then he stormed out of the hospital room before I could even say sorry.So,I did what  the only thing I thought of,I pulled out the damn needles and tried to catch him.

Deja vu much? But I had something more important than the weird dream I had.By the time I was outside the hospital,Taylor was gone.I took one look at the surrounding and realized this was no damnation of a hospital! This was a house! Where the hell am I?!

As I walked aimlessly through the house,wait no it was more like a freaking mansion.No doesn't fit it,a fucking palace.

Ahh...that's more like it.My legs began to feel numb and the throbbing in my head was getting painful by the minute.So I had no choice but to scream.Yep...hey it was the last resort or I was going to die.Okay,drama queen mode activated.I took a big gulp air and release my inner bitchy voice.


 At first there was no response.Then came a faint sound.It sounded like a hundred horses galloping towards me.

Wait,then there was growling.


As I turned around,there was hundred of fucking wolves infront of me.I think I was going to puke.But being my over dramatic self,I did the only thing I could think of,"Holy mother of shizz." and threw a rock at them,ran,screaming god have mercy and fainted.


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