The Story Of Us - The End

This is a story about a relationship gone wrong.When we're convinced that someone loves us,they wouldn't dare break our heart.They wouldn't dare leave us hanging.They wouldn't dare calling us in the middle of the night,let their friend do the dirty job of breaking up with us and leave us standing with no answer.How wrong was I. How stupid of me to think you could ever love me.


1. The Story Of Us - THE END

This is a true story which I twisted a little to make it an interesting one.Enjoy....

My 8th grade was pretty normal,no boys no drama.Yet on my 9th grade,everything started to change.I was a normal girl,not the nerd since I was too stupid and not the populars because I wasn't all that but I wasn't a loner either.

I was just a normal girl with my 6 friends.

It was a typical night,I went to my tutor's house.He teaches about 8 other kids.He was the coolest tutor you could ever had.

He lets us do crazy stuff in his house like bake a cake or make a picnic and he even gossips with us.But on that saturday,I regreted the day I stepped my foot in his house.

My friend's brother,who at that time I didn't know what's his name because he was in a different grade,he was in the 11th grade so I barely knew him but I knew he was popular since he had such a cute baby face.That was the first time I came face to face with Shane Zachary (not his real name).

His hair was jet black,his skin was pale white and his lips,oh his lips was so pink and full.We would always joke about how he looked like a girl since his lips was the shade that you could get from a lipgloss or something.

But what attracted me the most was his eyes.

His deep brown eyes.So mysterious,so inspiring.Maybe not to other people but for me,it was enticing.

When he looked at me,it's like he could look right through me,it felt like he could see through the walls that I've build for so many years.He asked for my number,yet I didn't want to give in that easily since I knew his reputation weren't good.

He was the school's player.

The one every junior girl would want to be with.The one who dates who ever he wants.The one who wanted nothing but to play.

The other reason why I didn't really want to was because I had a boyfriend which at that time was so nice,so perfect and he felt just right for me.Lets just call him Taylor Gordon alright?

Taylor Gordon was a whole different story.Sure he was nice,but he didn't want to be seen publicly with me.He wanted to keep our relationship a secret.

So I just said I respect his decision and played along with it.But then,Shane Zachary just had to come and ruin it with his perfectly good looks,his cocky grin and his marvelous eyes that I couldn't think straight.After Shane got my number from his brother(the traitor!) we started to secretly text each other.

But the texts were usually like a text that you get from your brother since it was all about random stuff.

I became more and more distant from Taylor but he didn't mind it of course because after a month he was with a girl,walking side by side and wanting to be looked in public while when he was with me he tried to hide it!

The nerve of that boy.So Shane suggested we hook up in hopes we could make Taylor realize his mistakes and come back to me.But it was too late.

The damage has been done.So after a month of persuasion I said yes.It was the most bitterweet choice I ever made.

We dated and the most magical things just kept on coming and coming.Like he would wait for me outside of the class.

He would introduce me to his friends and they accepted me,he would buy me food when I said I wanted to cut down on food since I'm a bit chubby and he would be mad at me if I didn't tell him about my problems.He was the perfect boyfriend every girl could ask for.

He would walk by me and be proud of it,he wouldn't look at other girls when I'm with him and on my birthday he planned a surpise party for me.

He wouldn't let me eat the cake by my self because he wanted to "hand feed" me.It was embarrasing but it was also the cutest thing he'd ever done for me.

He met my mother and ask for permission to date me and just seemed like the most perfect boyfriend I had ever had,which is saying quite alot actually since two of my ex's were jerks.

It all went great for about a year and a half.I just didn't know what went wrong.


"Hello? yes Shane?"

I said wondering what's wrong because he never calls at this time of hour.

"Hey,umm.I don't know what to say..gosh how should I put it? hmmm" He was hesitating.

Then he gave the phone to his friend,the guy that I hated the most.The guy who hated me for no apparent reason and I think he's gay by the way,because he was the reason why Shane broke-up with all his girfriends.

He told Shane that none of us were good enough for him and I can only say that Shane is really stupid for believing that."He wants to break up with you,there plain and simple."

"Are you dumb enough that you couldn't even interpret what he was saying.By god,you really are stupid" He said laughing on the line.I was dumbstruck.

"Hello? Hello Saffron,you there?"

I felt like I was getting a sucker punch from a thousand pound Sumo wrestler.He dumped me.He dumped me.HE DUMPED ME.

"But,why Shane? Why now?" I just felt like I need to know what's his reasons to end the relationship."I just don't feel it anymore,okay?" He said with no regret,no remorse not even an amount of sadness.It's like he didn't even know why he wanted to be with me.

But I was too foolish at the time,that I practically begged him to stay with me.

I asked him to stay with me for four months tops.I also said that he can date who ever he wanted but please just stay with me.But he wouldn't give in.

"Look,even if I stayed with you,it wouldn't be fair for her" And then it struck me,like a lightning striking on a big freaking tree falling on a house then BOOM!

He was leaving me for her.For someone else.So that's why.I wiped my tears and said "I hope she's worth it,Goodbye" and I hung up the phone.I cried for so many months,I couldn't even get a wink of sleep.So in the darkness of the night, and in the silence,I felt soo empty.

-------------End of flashback----------------------------------

After I started feeling a little better,I was back in the game again.I started to smile,laugh and do what normal things I usually do.

But I just couldn't help it when I pass him across the hall with a longing look on my face.

When he's walking with other girls.

When his relationship status went from being single to with a relationship with another girl.

Another girl who's going to feel those beautiful gazes,

Another girl who's going to feel loved,

Another girl who's going to be the happiest girl in the world.

Another girl whose going to be dumped by the phone.

Another girl who's going to be played by the player.

After he graduated,I felt more emptiness in my heart.The pang that I feel whenever I remember him.I think that,until this day,I still couldn't get over him.I still felt the need to take him back even if he hurted me soo bad.

I felt like I wanted to accept all his fault and forgive him,just to taste back the perfect feelings that I once hold.I admit,I had many crushes before but I was certain he was my first love but no,not my last.

How could someone so right,could be so wrong?

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