A Cinderella Story [Harry Styles]

Amy lived a tough childhood. When her father died her evil step-mother made her a slave. once she turned 19 she found out One Direction was throwing a Ball. What happens if she bumps into Harry Styles? Read to find out.


2. The Day Of The Ball

Amy's POV


My step mothers and sisters put there masks and dresses and left. I was waiting for Allison to come. Ten minutes later I got a text from Allison.

To: Amy

 From: Allison

I got up and walked over to the door. I opened it and Allison was there holding the dresses and other bags. she came in and we went to my room. "Here put it on." she handed me a dress I went t the restroom and started changing. When I changed I went outside and looked at myself in the mirror. "OMG!!! Amy you look beautiful!" The dress I wore was white. (The one like the movie A Cinderella Story and the mask) "Really?" She nodded. "Come on lets do your hair and make up" she sat me down on the bed.


After I was done she changed into her dress. It was a black and white dress. She handed me my white mask. I put it on and we went outside. "What ca-" I was cut off by a limousine pulling in. "Allison your wasting your money on me!!!!" she shook her head. "Its my brothers!' I rolled my eyes. "Remember we leave at 12" she nodded as we got in the limousine.

*Skip Car Ride*


Once we got there papariazz where snapping pictures of the famous people getting out of there car. When I got out of my car everyone was staring at me. Good think I was wearing my mask on. Allison got out as she was putting her mask on. "Allison why are they staring at me?" she shrugged. We handed the body guard are tickets and went inside. There were people dancing, laughing, and talking. When we reached the stairs the music stopped and everyone was looking at me. 'Um... Let's go get some punch." Allison grabbed my hand and led me to the snack table.


Harry's POV

The boys and I were talking with El, Perri, and Dani when we heard the music stop and people gasping. I looked where everyone was staring at and saw the most beautiful girl I ever seen. She had blonde hair that was curled and in the light she had blue eyes. She wore a beautiful white dressed that matched her mask. "Who is she?" I heard Louis ask behind me. "I don't know, but I'm gonna fine out."

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