A Cinderella Story [Harry Styles]

Amy lived a tough childhood. When her father died her evil step-mother made her a slave. once she turned 19 she found out One Direction was throwing a Ball. What happens if she bumps into Harry Styles? Read to find out.


4. HE WHAT?!

Amy's POV


"I'm gonna be dead!!!!" I just finished telling Allison about the night. "OH MY GOD!!! YOU KISSED THE HARRY STYLES!!!!" She yelled. "Oh yeah you were kissing Niall." she rolled her eyes and turned to look out the widow but I could tell she was blushing. Then the car stopped. "I'm so sorry" I shook my head. "No no no this can't be happening." I opened the door and started running. I started running as fast as my feet could carry me.


Finally I got home. I started panting around when I opened the door, Wait mom could be here any minute. I ran upstairs to my room and closed the door behind me and took the dress off and threw it in the closet. I changed into my Pj's and went to sleep. The whole night I kept turning, I couldn't get my mind off of Harry. The kiss we shared brought a smile on my lips then I went to sleep.


~Next Day~

Harry's POV

The whole night I didn't sleep the only thing that was on my mind was that girl. Why did she run off like that? Did she like me? Was when I showed her I was THE Harry styles? As I was thinking Louis sat next to me. "Harry stop thinking about her." I sighed. "How could I? When I was dancing with her it felt like we were the only people alive. No one was around us. And when we kissed I got this feeling..."

"Like she was the one" he finished the sentence for me. I nodded.

He started smirking and pat me on my back. "BOYS!!!" He yelled thru the whole house. Then they came running in. "What's wrong? Is someone hurt? Should I call the pl-" Liam was cut off by Louis. "No ones hurt, mate." he told them. "Then why did you call us?" Niall asked. Then Louis faced me. "Are boy Harry is growing up. HE'S IN LOVE!" They all widen there eyes. "With who?" they all asked at the same time.

"With the girl he meet last night..."

"But I never found out who she was, and I never will." I finished the sentence for him. "Wait!!! Niall didn't you hang out with her friend?" he nodded. "Did you get her number?" He shook his head, I sighed. "But she did take off her mask for me."

"Mate, didn't you say she sang for you?" Zayn asked.

"Of course, i'm never gonna get that voice out of my head."

"What if we have a contest"

"What do you mean?" I asked him, then he was telling us the plan. I hope it works.

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