A Cinderella Story [Harry Styles]

Amy lived a tough childhood. When her father died her evil step-mother made her a slave. once she turned 19 she found out One Direction was throwing a Ball. What happens if she bumps into Harry Styles? Read to find out.


3. Come With Me

Harry's POV


"Niall come with me?" I asked him. "Where?" I pointed to the girls that just walked in. He was about to say something but I cut him off. "I call the one in white!" He rolled his eyes. "Of course you would but I call the other one." I nodded. We walked towards them and stood next to them. "Hi" I got there attention. "Hello" They yelled thur the loud music. "That's a beautiful dress you got there." she blushed. "Well.... That's a nice cape" I looked own at my outfit. "I mean coat! That's a nice coat.' She turned around and started whispering something to her friend. But she just shrug, then Niall walked over to her friend. "So what brings a beautiful girl like you here?" she blushed again.


"My friend brought me here." I nodded. "Do you want to dance?" she nodded. I grabbed her hand and led her to the middle of the dance floor. Then a slow song came on, Good time!! I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck. The whole time we kept staring into each others eyes. "You're so beautiful" I told her. "You're handsome" I blush. Then a thought came threw my head. "Come with me." I grabbed her hand and started to lead her outside to the back yard.


Amy's POV

Where is he taking me? Then I notice we're in the back yard. It was beautiful, the stars were out and the moonlight. "Would you like to dance with me ma'ma?" he bowed and stock out his hand. I grabbed his hand and we started to dance. I know this might sound crazy but I think i'm falling for this mysterious person.


"Settle down with me

Cover me up

Cuddle me in,

Lie down with me

Hold me in your arms." I wrapped my arms around his neck to bring him closer to me and sang into his ear.

"And your heart's against my chest

Lips pressed to my neck

I've fallen for your eyes

But they don't know me yet,

And the feeling I forget

I'm in love now."

"Kiss me like you wanna be loved

Wanna be loved

Wanna be loved

This feels like I'm falling in love

Falling in love

Falling in love."

"You're an amazing singer, Love" I blushed. Then he started to lean in so our faces were inches away. Then he smashed his lips against mine. There fireworks going on everywhere, It's like we were made for each other. " I should show you something" He pulled away from me. 'What is it?" I hope it's not about me. Is it? He brought his hand to his mask and took it off. OMG, I'VE BEEN DANCING WITH THE HARRY STYLES!!!!! "I finally took of my mask.... Take yours off." He whispered the last part out. I was about to take it off when I heard the clock striking that it's 12. "I'm sorry I have to go!" I walked past him but he grabbed my arm and turned me around. "You can't leave now! You haven't shown me who you are." I sighed. I lose his grip and started running. "WAIT!!!" I hear that he's running after me. I get inside and start looking for Allison. Then at the bar I see her making out WITH NIALL HOARN?! I grabbed her arm and started running. "What's wrong Amy?" she asked. "I'm going to be dead it's almost mid-night!!!" "SECURITY!!!! STOP THEM!!!!" I turn around and see Harry was the one yelling. We started running faster up the stairs when I felt on of my heals slip. I was going to grab it but Harry was so close to us. We got outside and got to our car and left the ball.

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