I'm The Girl

I write what I feel.It's a book full of poems which I made for my family, friends,crush and even enemies.I hope you all can relate to what I'm writing. :)


20. The prince in disguise

You were hoping

For someone like him

Someone so perfect

Yet so unreachable

But for some reason he noticed you

Out of the crowd

And took you under his

Magnificent wings

You were so happy

You were so out of the moon

That you became blind

And not see the other one

The other one

Hoping for something to happen

Something magical with

Both of you to bind

You were up on cloud nine

And the other one on the ground

Watching you

And hoping you would look down

But you fell down too late

It was all because of your blindness

That you have failed to see

The prince in disguise

And now he has found

His fallen angel

but it will not

be you anymore.

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