I'm The Girl

I write what I feel.It's a book full of poems which I made for my family, friends,crush and even enemies.I hope you all can relate to what I'm writing. :)


1. I'm the Girl

I'm the girl
Who everyone thinks
They can order

I'm the girl
That follows everyone
Like a lost puppy

I'm the girl
That acts like a little kid
Infront of my parents
Because I'm afraid
To show who I really am

I'm the girl
Who lets everyone push me
And still give them a second
And a third chance

I'm the girl who says
I'm not angry
When in truth I feel every rage
There is

I'm the girl
Who would cry
Watching a sad movie

I'm the girl who loves
Reading sappy romantic

I'm the girl
Who always gets left

I'm the girl
Who isn't trusted even by her family
To hold a simple jug of water
Because they say I'm
A silly little clumsy girl

I'm the girl
Who fails every subject
Except English

I'm the girl
Who everyone would
Make fun of for being fat

I'm the girl
Who gets blame for
When everything goes wrong

I'm the girl
Who cries in the night
And writes poetry about her life
Because writing makes her feel
Ten times better

I'm the girl
Who fell for the popular guy
And got dumped after
Giving her first kiss

I'm the girl
Who just wanted to be accepted
By my friends,family and
My self.

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