I'm The Girl

I write what I feel.It's a book full of poems which I made for my family, friends,crush and even enemies.I hope you all can relate to what I'm writing. :)


21. Based on the song Vindicated

Okay first of all,I'm sorry if this contradicts to your understanding of the song.It's just something from my point of view and this song has been stuck in my head and keep replaying again and again and again XD


I see hope

But hope seems so hopeless

I'm mesmerised how

Hope could seem so worthless

I know I am right

In every possible way

Yet I am wrong

In everthing I know

Then I realized

I need to change

And I will change

For her sake and mine

But still I am vindicated

Realizing how oversized

And overwhelming this burden

Like the ring on your finger

Yet I'm not the one to give

I want to change

So turn up the corners of your lips

I'll trace my fingers

Remember it for forever

Defense is paper thin

So let me slip away

Let me slip away

Like hope

Dangles on a string

Like slow spinning redemption

p/s listen to the song Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional.

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