summer time.

1. Summer

Summer is my time. It's time for fun and cold ice cream and running through sprinklers with fresh cut grass stuck to your feet.

Wading into water-park pools and laying out in the sun. No morning alarms or racing to the bus stops. Summer is my time.

The bright glimmering sun brings heat and excitement to everyone in range. It calls for sun-screen and cool blue shades and umbrellas that aren't for rain. Summer is my time.

Sports in the heat is challenging, but I won't complain. I play softball as hard as if I wasn't about to faint, or go into heat stroke. Most girls complain, and I do it to myself. But I love summer, and summer is my time.

Jeans and boots go away with shorts and flip-flops to take their place. I say good-bye to all of my long-sleeves, because summer isn't their time. Summer is my time.

Friends are for summer. For chillin' in beach chairs with insane grins that only we understand on our faces. They are for too-old dress up and acting lessons and laughs that can't be heard anywhere else. Summer brings us all together.

Summer is my time, their time, and, most of all, our time.

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