Trapped ➳ O.D.

"We`re stuck?" He asked scared. "I think we are. We`ll figure it out. I promise." She grabbed him into a hug as the others began to worry. "Your all stuck. I promised your father I would carry on after him." the woman chuckled. Then Niall stood up.
"If you even dare to think that you can hurt ANY of these people, these people that are close to me, your dead. Go ahead. Try me." And at that moment the woman had a look of fear in her eyes. Then it was gone. And thats when the real game had begun. She laughed and walked out.
In this story, loyalty is tested, there is hurt and strategy. Go ahead and read this novel on how One Direction won, when they lost at the same time...
© All rights reserved Errrrrrin and Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


8. Torture


 Harrys p.o.v.

The monster of a guy pulled us all back in. The guy who was running towards the house, was Niall. We thought he died.

The guy saw Niall and pulled him in too. He dragged us all down the stairs. Into the basement.

"Niall, how?" I whispered.

"I never died. Well I did. But it was faked. He gets inside your head and makes you think your dead."

We went quiet as we were ushered to the basement. We got there and we couldnt believe it. It was a torture chamber, literally. Oddly enough, there was a pile of dead people, beside the old, gross pile, was Mac. she was leaning up against the wall. Still with the knife in her. Lily looked mordified. She got closer to Mac. I could slightly hear the guy laugh. Lily started crying at this point she was about a foot from Mac.

All of the sudden, Macs eyes opened. She laughed.

"You guys thought I died."

"If you all died, why didnt you all go back into the real world?" I asked.

"No, you`ve got it all wrong. Niall was only sent back. I got in his mind, he came back because I wanted him to.Mac, why dont you tell them about your dear talent." The mystery person said.

"I make people think things. I can get in their head. Thats what I`ve been doing this whole time." Mac stated.

"Why are you doing this Mac? Why are you torturing us." Lily asked.

"The question is, why not." She laughed.

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