Trapped ➳ O.D.

"We`re stuck?" He asked scared. "I think we are. We`ll figure it out. I promise." She grabbed him into a hug as the others began to worry. "Your all stuck. I promised your father I would carry on after him." the woman chuckled. Then Niall stood up.
"If you even dare to think that you can hurt ANY of these people, these people that are close to me, your dead. Go ahead. Try me." And at that moment the woman had a look of fear in her eyes. Then it was gone. And thats when the real game had begun. She laughed and walked out.
In this story, loyalty is tested, there is hurt and strategy. Go ahead and read this novel on how One Direction won, when they lost at the same time...
© All rights reserved Errrrrrin and Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


27. They`re home


 Lilys p.o.v.

We finally arrived at home. Walking inside. Automatically we had all the boys and Mac hugging us.

We settled down on the couch and began.

"Before Lily starts, I just want to put this out there. On our way home, I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes!" Niall said happily.

"Anyways, We found some stuff out... So my dad, he died right? That is true. What we didnt know, he had a girlfriend. And by the looks of it, she took over. We think she has become even more intelligent. She is gonna be hard to beat. But its possible." I stated. Niall nodded grabbing my side pulling me by his side.

"Soooo we just have to figure out how to stop this insane chick. And we are free?" Mac said. I noticed Harry looked a little upset after she said that.

"Yeah I guess so." I said. "Harry, can I talk to you a sec? You too Mac." I stated.

They got confused but followed. I walked up to my room and they walked in.

"Whats going on with you two?" 

"Long story." Harry sad.

"Whats so long about it?"

"Im in love with two girls." He said. Mac looked over at him, her mouth wide open and stood up. Before she walked out of the room she slapped him.


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