Trapped ➳ O.D.

"We`re stuck?" He asked scared. "I think we are. We`ll figure it out. I promise." She grabbed him into a hug as the others began to worry. "Your all stuck. I promised your father I would carry on after him." the woman chuckled. Then Niall stood up.
"If you even dare to think that you can hurt ANY of these people, these people that are close to me, your dead. Go ahead. Try me." And at that moment the woman had a look of fear in her eyes. Then it was gone. And thats when the real game had begun. She laughed and walked out.
In this story, loyalty is tested, there is hurt and strategy. Go ahead and read this novel on how One Direction won, when they lost at the same time...
© All rights reserved Errrrrrin and Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


9. the ultimate defeat.


 Macs p.o.v.

To be honest, I can get in peoples heads. But I dont want to. I dont want to hurt my friends. I want to hurt the monster. Yes, he calls himself the monster. I feel terrible for doing this.

The monster walked upstairs, leaving us all alone in the basement.

"Guys, I dont want to do any of this to you guys. When the monster comes down here, Someone needs to make a big move. Grab one of the knives. And kill him. You have to stab him directly in the heart." I whisper yelled.

Everyone nodded then the monster walked downstairs.

Luckily he hadnt heard us.

"So what's the point of this game?" Niall questioned as a destraction. Liam, Zayn, and Harry grabbed him as Lily grabbed a knife. 

Lily's p.o.v.

We had him I was finally going to know who it was. This sick cunt was going to die. I walked up to him as he struggled to get free as all the boys held him down. As I was infront of him I ripped his mask off I couldn't believe it. I backed away shaking.

"D-Dad?" I said.

"Hello daddy's little girl!" He said with a smile. I fell to my knees dropping the knife.

"I can't do it!" I said between sobs. I looked up to see everybody's  stunned faces. 

"I always knew you were a little bitch! What can't kill your own father? You always missed me so much when I left you and your mother!" He shouted at me. I wrapped my arms around my knees and slowly rocked back in fourth. 

"LILY! Don't listen to him! It's not your father he shape shift remember!" Mac screamed as she was holding his legs down. Get up Lily! You have to do this! It's not your father! He left you guys years ago  and died! Remember he's gone!

"She's not going to kill me! She love me to much to! She would never hurt her own father!" He laughed at saying it. I rose to my feet grabbing the knife walking closer. 

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