Trapped ➳ O.D.

"We`re stuck?" He asked scared. "I think we are. We`ll figure it out. I promise." She grabbed him into a hug as the others began to worry. "Your all stuck. I promised your father I would carry on after him." the woman chuckled. Then Niall stood up.
"If you even dare to think that you can hurt ANY of these people, these people that are close to me, your dead. Go ahead. Try me." And at that moment the woman had a look of fear in her eyes. Then it was gone. And thats when the real game had begun. She laughed and walked out.
In this story, loyalty is tested, there is hurt and strategy. Go ahead and read this novel on how One Direction won, when they lost at the same time...
© All rights reserved Errrrrrin and Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


18. The Escape


 Nialls p.o.v.

 I watched the video as everyone else cared for Lily. There has to be a message. Somewhere. I spent 2 hours watching the video over and over again. I figured it out! Every first letter of a word says it! (It really doesnt sorry.) Its says The One With The Key, Can Unlock The Heart. Whatever that is supposed to mean. I walked in to the living room and before I could anything. I stopped. Lily, she was wearing a neclace. With a key.

"Lily, van I have your neclace please?" I asked.

"Why? Its the only good thing I have left from my fath-FATHER! OH MY GOD NIALL IS THIS A CLUE?!"

"I think it might be." She rushed up and ripped off her neclace.

"I just dont know what it goes to..." I said.

"Well maybe there is a key hole on the machine thingy." Lily said running to the room.

She looked all over the switch type thing. Nothing. We searched every inch of this place looking for a key hole. We gave up. I layed on the floor feeling hopeless, closing my eyes, thinking.

I openned my eyes and they focused on the ceiling. Lily layed next to me. Immediatly she struck up.

"Niall whats that?" She said pointing on a spot on the ceiling.

I grabbed a chair and stood on it. standing about 2 and a half feet from the thing. I jumped and almost fell off the chair.

"ITS A KEY WHOLE!" I said laughing, full of joy.

I slid the key in, slowly turning it, now faithful hoping it was a switch to stop  the madness. The apparent door slammed down. Hitting me in the head. Everyone rushed to my side as I lay on the floor rubbing my head.

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