Trapped ➳ O.D.

"We`re stuck?" He asked scared. "I think we are. We`ll figure it out. I promise." She grabbed him into a hug as the others began to worry. "Your all stuck. I promised your father I would carry on after him." the woman chuckled. Then Niall stood up.
"If you even dare to think that you can hurt ANY of these people, these people that are close to me, your dead. Go ahead. Try me." And at that moment the woman had a look of fear in her eyes. Then it was gone. And thats when the real game had begun. She laughed and walked out.
In this story, loyalty is tested, there is hurt and strategy. Go ahead and read this novel on how One Direction won, when they lost at the same time...
© All rights reserved Errrrrrin and Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


23. Notes.

Lily's p.o.v.

When is this nightmare going to end? I felt myself gag as I ran upstairs to the bathroom to puke. After I finished I wiped my mouth as I went to the sink to brush the nasty taste out of my mouth I splashed water onto my face making me more wide awake. I could feel someone starring at me as I turned to see Niall leaning on the door frame starring at me with tears in his eyes. I walked over to Niall wrapping my arms around him.

"When's this all going to be over?" I cired into his chest.

"I don't know but were going to find out!" He said as his voice cracked. I pulled away from his chest to look up at him with tears streaming down my face.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I need you to thin long and hard if your dad would want you to go anywhere if he had a place he would keep stuff in!" He said holding me at arms length. I sat there and thought until it popped into my brain.

"Of course!" I whispered.

"Come on let's go but don't tell anybody were leaving will leave them a note when everyone's asleep!" I said pulling Niall to his room to write the note and to wait for everyone to go back to sleep.

After a whole lot of waiting everyone was finally asleep and we placed the note on the coffee table and Niall and I slipped into the night.

Mac's p.o.v. 

I woke up before everybody did I turned over to notice Lily not in the bed. Maybe she was in Niall's room because she was scared? I walked into Niall's room to find it completely empty. I was confused so I walked down the stairs to find a note setting on the table. I read it slowly.

"GUYS GET UP NOW!" I screamed. All the boys rushed down the stairs and the four new girls too.

"What's wrong?" The boys asked in sync. As the words left their mouth I read the note out loud.



Niall and I have some new information but we needed to leave to find it. Please don't worry we will be fine just promise us to stay there and protect each other. Don't think we are leaving you we will be back. We will be back as soon as possible. 

Love always, Niall and Lilly.

Everybody stood with their mouths wide open. What did Lilly and Niall know? Why couldn't we all go? 

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