step lightly

A young woman owns a gym In her smallish town. She found it hard to find the right guy in a romantic way, who would make her feel like a princess, love her for her, treat her with respect and do anything in his power to make her smile and laugh. Instead one gets forced on her who treats her in anyway he pleases. will she be saved and by who or stuck with an abusive and dangerous "relationship" with someone she barely knows or loves.


2. the beginning of the end

my face throbbing in pain i broke down with my back against the door. jeorgia was in the bathroom throwing up as she was completely wasted, she must of either drank really fast or she's just a light weight. its probably the first one.

i went to the kitchen to clean up so that she didn't notice i had been crying. i washed my face in the sink and use the kitchen roll to wipe all the mascara from under my eyes. by the time she got up from the kitchen floor i looked ok... i made her some dry toast to soak up some of the alcohol she had consumed. then i put on G.I. JOE with some ice cream and we sat on the sofa watching it. well i did she passed out 20 minutes in to the film.

i could really sleep, all i kept thinking about was HIM and a way out but i don't think there is one. the only one i can think off is moving country but i haven't got the money to do such a move and with his amount of money he could probably find me eventually. id be watching my back day and night. i guess the only way out is... death! i dont do that though just because of some crazy douche.

the next morning i snuck out while jeorgia was still passed out and locking the door behind me to go and get some coffee from starbucks for when she wakes up. i have so many good memories in starbucks. i wish i could go back to those times.

i got in line feeling so happy and relaxed but then that feeling ended when someone put their hand on my shoulder. i grabbed the hand and twisted it as far as i could.

"aw aw aw! its ok nicole its me..... Thomas"

"oh im so.. sorry!" i said letting go of his arm

i should explain; thomas also known as TC to his friends was one of my BEST friends in the world, until he moved away.

"what you doing here?"

"how about i get us some drinks and we can catch up?" *wink*


he laughed. we got our drinks, sat down and he told me EVERYTHING! he had so many amazing storys to tell me and i could listen to the all day if i could.

"so anything new going on with you. you know apart from the new boyfriend" he laughed

"i dont have a boyfriend?"

"really? then may i ask how you got those" he said pointing to my neck

i put my hand over the bruises the hide them.

"just some guy trying to get my attention" i said laughing

"same old nicole, got all the guys chasing her" *wink*

"haha yeah! but you cant say much bachelor boy"

we both laughed at each other. he looked deep in to my eyes and intertwined his fingers with mine while reminiscing about our past relationship mistakes.


"hello nicole!"

i turned my head to see a very angry harry. he looked down to my hand which was holding thomas's. i let go straight away.

"is this him?" thomas asked sternly, i nodded

"yeah im her boyfriend!" harry said clenching his fists

"well according to HER! she doesnt have one" thomas said getting up in harry's face

"thomas dont!"

he looked down at me with worried eyes

"yeah, thomas! i think you better listen to her" harry said with a grin

"harry!" i yelled giving him a glair

"yes love?"

"dont call her that! she has a name"

"ill call her what ever i damn well please!"

"thomas" i whispered. he looked back at me as i mouthed 'please dont'

thomas turned to sit back down. harry started laughing which triggered thomas to spin round and right hook harry in the face.

*gasp* "thomas no!" i got up and stood in front of him. harry slowly looked back at me


"no! harry he didnt mean it"

"yes i did!"

i turned around to face thomas

"thomas please leave! before you get hurt" i whispered

"no! im not leaving you here with him"

"its ok, come round mine later and i promise ill be fine!" i said still whispering so that harry could hear me. so thomas walked away slowly still glairing at harry. i slowly turned to face him.

"who was he!"

"a mate, what cant i friends!"

"not him you cant!"

"your not my boyfriend, you cant tell me what to do or who to be friends with! if you took them MANY hints you would of known that" i said turning and walking away. when i got out the doors i RAN! home as fast as possible. i checked on jeorgia and she was STILL passed out but on my bed this time. so i shut the door so she could sleep it off more.

*knock* *knock*

i opened the door to see thomas again

"see i told you id be fine" i smiled

"yeah i guess your tougher than i remember"

"well the last time you saw me i was only fifteen"

"haha yeah your not the same girl i had to protect" he sort of smile

"yeah.. but thank you for standing up for me, you were very brave and that was one hell of a punch! have you been working out?" i said grabbing his arm and pulling him inside

"in fact i have" he smile

we talked for hours and hours about non-sense and eventually jeorgia woke up. she was shocked to see him and then we all started catching up and chatting. i really do miss this and now ive got my best friend back.

jeorgia and thomas left around 10 o'clock and we exchanged numbers.

"are you sure you'll be ok?"

"yes go on go home" i laughed

2 minutes after they left i got a text from thomas saying

'we need to hang out again, come over mine tomoz?'

'well.. ill need to check my calendar im extremely busy ;)'

'haha XD ill text you the address when i get home'

*knock* *knock* without thinking i went over and opened the door

"thomas i said id be ok!" but it wasnt thomas



the next day i woke up in a dark room. my head banging, bleeding and bruised. then i remembered. i ran to the door but it was locked. where am i? whats going on?

Thomas's POV

last night was amazing. it was so nice to see her again and catch up but i feel so bad for her having to put up with that jerk of a guy trying to control her. ha! she can take care fo herself and him! i should text her.

'heeya nicole hope your still coming over tonight! heres you address ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'

whats taking her so long to reply back? shes probably still asleep i guess. then i got a call, its her.

"heeya nicole you ok sleepy head" i laughed

"im sorry but nicole cant take your call at the moment she....... a bit occupied" said a deep creepy voice down the phone

i froze, i could breath and clenched my fists tighter than i ever have.

'whos this and wheres nicole?'

'as i said she occupied and non of your business'


'you'll what!?! YOUVE GOT NOTHING. YOUR JUST ALL MOUTH AND NO RISK YOU STUPID KID. YOUR WAY OUT OF YOUR DEPTH CHILD! you should of listened to her and just left. so anything that happens to her is all on you' the voice said laughing and hung up.i ran out my house, in to my car and drove off to her apartment.

i got out the car but getting my revolver from the glove compartment. The door was a jar (slightly open) i slowly stepped inside. the place was trashed, everything was smashed, crashed or in pieces. she must of fought so hard.

i hope with all my heart shes ok and i promise ill do everything to find her, policemen's word!

ok the first thing i need to do is look around for relevant evidence. i looked extremely carefully so that i didnt miss anything that would be of importance and bagged it all. then i called in my team of special investigators to hep me out. we are unbeatable when we are together.

the team was together within 15 minutes.

"heeya thomas, so whats the low down?"

"ok team, you know that girl i told you all about?"

"haha how could we forget! you don't stop talking about her" everyone laughed

"yeah well, she's been taken!"

everything went silent

"this is her place ... and i was the last to see her"

"oh, i'm so sorry man!"

"its ok, lets get to work and me and jade will go to the station to get my statement." i said walking out the door. i tried to stay strong when in fact it was killing me inside not knowing if she was alive or not.

"um.. Thomas this isn't the way to the station?"

"i know!"

"then would you like t tell me where we are going?"

"i think i know who did this! but i need your help to find him"

"why me?"

"your daughter still likes one direction right?"

"yeah why?"

"call her up, we need to know where harry styles will be next!"

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