Holland Ryes is a popular, beautiful girl. She can get any guy she wants and every guy wants her. One day, she gets paired up with Harry Styles, the nerd of the whole school. He wore wide-rimmed glasses and collared shirts buttoned all the way to the top. What happens when holland sees Harry outside of school and he looks incredibly sexy, and he demands she speaks of this to no one? Is he just someone who doesn't want attention? Or is he... Undercover?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2



"Honey?" I hear a soft voice. "Holland wake up." I roll over, signaling no. "I have food." My eyes open and let out a scream at my mom's face right in mine. She jumps backwards and starts cracking up. 

"Mom! That wasn't funny!" I hold back laughs. She slaps her knees and rolls on the ground laughing and nodding. Then I start cracking up too, both of us out of breath and staring at the ceiling. 

My mom and I are like sisters. Which we actually could be, considering she had me at fifteen. But she did a great job of raising me on her own even after my dad dumped her and my grandparents kicked her out. Now she is actually really successful.

She jumps up. "I have your favorite." She walks to the kitchen. I push myself off the couch. I walk into the kitchen, a familiar smell wafting through the air. I breath it in. 

"Mmm.. Nando's?" I ask answering my own question by opening the bag. She nods. I take out my food and start to dig in. 

"How was the first day of school?" She asks, taking a bag of chips and eating them. I swallow my bite.

"It was normal, you know the usual. We already have a project in Mrs. Plowsworth's class." I explain, shoveling more food into my mouth. 

She nods, chewing as well. "Do you know who your partners are yet?" She questions a hopeful glint in her eye. Probably wanting me to be with a guy and then me dump Josh and be with him. She never liked Josh.

"No we find out tomorrow. But I'm hoping for Rachel." I say, taking the last bite of my food. I slurp up the last of my drink.

"Maybe it'd be good for you to be paired up with someone else for a change," she glances around, casually shrugging her shoulders. "Maybe a boy," she shrugs again, popping a grape from the middle of the table into her mouth. 

"Mom, for the last time. I'm with Josh." I sigh, taking grape as well.

"I know sweetie but I just don't think he's good for you." She says sadly. "He reminds me too much of your father." I sigh.

"Maybe it'd be good to get out of my comfort zone." I say. She smiles brightly. 

Yeah right.


"Hey Holland!" Rachel says happily as she comes up to my side. I glance at her with a 'its too early for this' look on my face. "Sorry," she apologizes. 

"It's okay. I'm just super tired. I stayed up all night virtual touring colleges." I sigh. She sighs too. We were both really stressed about college. "I just, God there are so many-" I get cut off by turning around and slamming into someone. My butt hits the floor and I screech. "Watch where you're going asswipe." I curse. I look up to a hand in my face offering to help me up. "Thanks," I get pulled up and I see the slicked back hair and wide rimmed glasses of Harry Styles. "Oh, uh sorry for running into you again." I say, trying to be nice.

I start to walk away and jump from his voice, again at how deep and manly it is. "It's okay, you know it was my fault, too." I turn and nod and keep walking. 

"What was that all about?" I turn around to be faced with none other than Josh himself. 

"Oh I just ran into that kid that's all." I say, kissing his cheek. "See you after class." 

"Wait," he says abruptly, grabbing my wrist. "Did he knock you over?" He asks roughly.

"Josh that hurts!" I whine. I try and pry his hand off me but no such luck.

"Did. He. Knock. You. Down." He says through gritted teeth. "Did he hurt you?" He says, with a wild look in his eye. 

"No! But you are!" I screech. His eyes widen and he lets go. My arm flings to my chest as I rub it. I look at it and a bruise was forming. "You know Josh I think we should take a break." I say with a huff and walks away. 

"Holland!" He yells after me, but I just walk faster, holding back tears. I see people looking at me weird but I just shoot them a glare and they cower. 

I run into the classroom and fall into my desk next to Rachel. She looks up with a start. I look at her in a huff. She shoots me a 'what happened' look. I just shake my head. Mrs. Plowsworth claps her hands, signaling we are going to start. "Okay class! Time to announce partners!" She says excitedly while everyone else groans. Then her smile turns to a scowl and she starts murmuring things about "stupid kids" and "I need a real job". 

"Well, we need a real teacher." Someone in the back says. 

Mrs. P. looks up immediately. "Who said that?" All you hear is snickers. She looks down again, mumbling to herself again. She lifts up the papers and starts reading off them. After a few names, "Rachel G. And," she clears her throat. "Michael H." 

You hear some 'ooooos' from the back and also you hear a slap on the back and someone says, "Good job, dude, she's hot." Rachel fumes in her seat. I send her a sympathetic look but I also go back to myself, nervous on who I was going to get.

"Holland R. and," she drops her papers right then. Thanks for building the tension. It takes her like five minutes to gather all of her papers again, only heightening my nervs. "Holland R. and Harry S."

Mumbles ripple through the classroom. I glance over to Harry who is staring straight ahead with a petrified look on his face. Another voice in the back of the class, "Dude, why does the nerd get the hottest girl?" My ears burn red and so do Harry's. 

I don't know how the rest of class went, I wasn't paying attention. I was too distracted by his face when he found out that we were partners. Why would he be so scared? I shrug it off and head out of the classroom just as Mrs. Plowsworth yells that the outline of the project was due the next week.

I wait for Rachel outside the door and fill her in on what happened with Josh. She nods and hugs me. The next few classes I try to ignore Josh, even though he kept throwing notes at me during class. I finally had my free period. I go and sit on a bench just outside the door. I sit there and lean my head against the wall, just thinking. I didn't really know what about, just thinking. 

After school I walk home, pouring myself a bowl of cereal. I crunch my way through it. I decided to go out tonight. 

I was going to forget about Josh, tonight.

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