Holland Ryes is a popular, beautiful girl. She can get any guy she wants and every guy wants her. One day, she gets paired up with Harry Styles, the nerd of the whole school. He wore wide-rimmed glasses and collared shirts buttoned all the way to the top. What happens when holland sees Harry outside of school and he looks incredibly sexy, and he demands she speaks of this to no one? Is he just someone who doesn't want attention? Or is he... Undercover?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"First Day"


I push open the doors to the school, books in one hand, a bag slung over the opposite shoulder. I walk through the halls, and people part like the Red Sea to let me pass. Excited chatter begins a ripple through the crowd. Everyone turns to look. That's what happens when you are the most popular girl in school. It was the first day of Junior Year, but I already had all the Seniors at my feet. 

I strut to my locker, and my best friend slide into the slot next to me. She stuffs her books in her locker, and then turns to me. 

"Hi Holland!" She screeches. My hands fly to my ears, and I take a step back, only resulting in me bumping into someone. 

"Oh, sorry," I start. I turn around only to be greeted with the face of the all-round nerd, Harry Styles. I had to look up, cause he was quite tall, but i was short. He was a senior, but he looked petrified. His eyes widen, he closes his locker door, and scoots his wide-rimmed glasses up his nose before scurrying away. I turn around to a smirking best friend as I puff hair out of my face, still clutching books. "Why is everyone so afraid of me, Rachel?" 

She turns to her locker, thinking about what books to get out of her locker then answering my question. "Well, you are kinda like the," she taps her lips with her pencil. Her face lifts up as she finds the words she was looking for. "Queen Bee! That's it. You're dating the quarterback of the football team, and hunk, Josh Evans. You're kinda like," she shrugs. "Gorgeous!" She yells. I look at her blankly. "Holly, you're like, numba wah at this school." She finishes with a deep breath. 

I raise an eyebrow. "Don't call me Holly." I say, before grabbing her arm and walking to our first class. Our feet walk in rhythm, but she's looking at the papers in her hand, probably one of the over summer assignments. I look over the crowd of people, all the people staring at us, but once they catch my eye, they immediately look away. I stand up straighter with my chin up. Now I know who rules this school. 

As we make our way to our first period class, I see Josh his head peeking over the crowd because of his height. I let go of Rachel's arm, causing her to look up. I point to Josh and she nods and keeps on walking. I head over to him, reaching my arm up to tap him on the shoulder. He turns around and looks down at me. He smiles and leans towards me and grabs my hips and kisses me. He continues the make out session for a couple of minutes before I pull away. 

"I'm going to be late." I whine. He sticks his bottom lip out, pouting. I go onto my tippy toes, planting one last kiss on his lips before strutting off to class.

I walk into the classroom, setting my books down into the desk next to Rachel's. all the seats were taken, except the one to my right. I hoped this would be everyone and no one else would come. I was wrong. In comes an out of breath Harry Styles. I inwardly groan, causing a few people to turn around, but once they realize it was me, quickly turn back around. 

He scans the rows with his eyes, finally settling on the seat next to mine. Then his eyes flicker to me and his smile fades. His eyes meet mine, and he keeps the contact for a while, longer than I expected, but I did realize what a pretty shade of green his eyes are. 

"Uhm, Mrs. Plowsworth?" He clears his throat. I jump at the sound of his voice, it's a lot deeper than I expected. She looks up from her desk, eyeing him over the top of her glasses.

"Yes?" She asks sweetly, but is obviously angry about being bothered. 

He either doesn't notice that she's angry with him, or he doesn't care. "Are there any other seats avaiable?" I am once again startled by his voice. But then his words register inside my head. He doesn't want to sit by me. I didn't know why, but it stung. 

She looks at him like he was insane. Which everyone in this room knew she was the only one insane in here. "Yes sir. Right there." She points to the seat next to me. He sighs, but starts walking towards it. I look over towards Rachel. 

She mouths some words but I couldn't understand her, she was never good with mouthing words. 'What?' I mouth back. She rolls her eyes and begins to act it out.

She shrugs her shoulders, mouthing 'What'. I nod, signaling I understood. She continues. She jabs a finger in Harry's direction mouthing 'His'. I nod again. She brings her hands up to her head, making circular motions on each side, mouthing the word 'Problem'. What's his problem?

I look over to him, face buried in the book, looking no where else. I look back to my friend. I roll my eyes and shrug, 'Who knows?' 

We are interrupted by Mrs. Plowsworth clapping her hands. "Okay. We are going to start off the year by doing a project." Murmurs start to fill the classroom. I look at Rachel, and we nod, knowing we'd choose each other. "Ladies you can stop looking at each other, I'm picking partners." Everyone in the room sighs. Then she just blabs on and on about how we will have to do it outside of school so we can't work during school. "I will be choosing partners tomorrow!" She yells after everyone leaving after the bell rings. 

Rachel and I are greeted by Josh and his friend Fletch. I grab Josh's hand, his overly large one on top of mine. We all walked the the next class, because we had the same class together. 

The next periods were beyond slow. Finally, I had free period. None of my friends had it with me, but I was grateful for that. It was my time for peace and quiet. I roam the halls, looking for something to grab my interest. I was about to turn the corner when I hear a voice. I stop abruptly, listening. The voice sounded familiar and deep. 

"I'm trying," they say. I feel the jolt in my stomach and know who it is. It's Harry. He's on the phone with someone, someone important. "I know sir. I know. I'm trying. I remember," he waits a longer period of time to answer, they must be saying something long. "I'll keep that in mind sir. Okay, good day sir." 

I hear him sigh a sigh of relief. I start walking again and turn the corner. He loos up as I pass but just looks back down to his phone. The next period was lunch so I waited outside of Rachel's classroom, waiting for her. We ate at our normal table, the one right in the middle of the room, and Josh and Fletch join soon after. 

"So Daniel,"Rachel starts. Fletch's real name is Daniel Fletching. But everyone just calls him Fletch. "Have you thought about what college you are going to attend?" I zone out right there, poking at my food.

At the end of the day I'm so eager to get home I make Josh drive me. He drops me off with a kiss and I head inside. My mom wasn't home from work yet, so I decided to take a nap. I fall onto the couch and I go into a slumber within minutes.

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